Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Doll House WINNER

Today's give away was The Dollhouse by Fiona Davis.

The first entry, from Steve Forti, almost prompted me to declare the contest over before it really started and just send the book to him!
I'm probably not the target demographic, but I do love me some stories told in alternate timelines. Hell, my first novel was one.

But I'd love to win because I've come *this* close more times than I can count on this blog, yet never brought home the trophy. Plus, I just got laid off after 11 years and could use something good to read besides job listings.

Getting laid off at the holidays, even with severance is so Grinch-like, it even made ME feel bad. And we all know how much I love to torment writers.

And Kitty agreed too:
Give the book to Steve,

And Colin Smith too:
Amen to what Kitty said. I was laid off and out of work for three months before I landed my current job. It's not a happy place to be, especially if you have dependents. Steve's need for a lift is definitely much greater than mine.

Then Steve took himsel out of the running!
Give the book to Bethany! Yowza, get well soon and good luck with the surgery! 

It turns out E.M. Goldsmith also does what I do (read the books before wrapping!)
Well, I already bought this book for my daughter who wants to move to New York more than anything and is on target to do so next Spring. I started reading this Sunday night and have to finish it by Christmas Eve so I can wrap it up for my daughter. It is excellent and captivating. I love the juxtaposition of the two time periods. I think my daughter will too.

And Hank joins our merry-band of "early readers"
I ordered it on Amazon.uk for my daughter. She's in her second year of university in Bordeaux, and I think it will intrigue her. Thanks for the recommendation and like E.M., I will borrow it prior to giving it to Caleigh.

As did Scott G (who demonstrates EXCEPTIONALLY good taste)
I bought books by Gary Corby, Patrick Lee and Jeff Somers to give as Christmas gifts this year (after I read them of course).

I loved Shaunna's idea a lot!
I don't deserve a new book any more than any of the other blog readers -- probably less than some. But if I somehow won a copy, I'd start a new type of chain mail with it: after I read it, I'd write my name and location in the front cover. Then I'd send it to someone I know with the same instruction: write your name and location in the front cover and regift it when you're finished reading it. In fact, that's such a good idea that I'm going to go peruse my bookshelves right now and see what other books I have that I can start chains with!

LynnRodz asked:
Janet, you wouldn't happen to be doing a conference in or around the Pittsburgh area the first months of 2017, would you? (I can always hope.)
Sorry, I'm not. I will be in Phoenix Arizona in February 2017 for a Sisters in Crime workshop. Gents are welcome at these events too.

Steve Stubbs snuck in just under the wire with the runner up entry:
Doing my spring cleaning
Even though it is only winter.
I feel like I live in a dog house.
So please send me THE DOLLHOUSE
Before I go berserk
And write a gritty crime novel
You might want to rep.

But in the end it was the entry that went against the grain, that surprised me, that I had to recognize as the prize-winner.


This is FlashFriday's mother.

Don't send her the book. She craves it, as she craves all books, devious, grasping child that she is; but I entirely disapprove.

Of course I already have Flash's address since she's snagged a couple flash fiction contest wins!

Thanks to all of you who took the time to write a comment to enter, and those of you who commented on the comments. It made for a very lovely break in the day to see what you all are up to!

And of course, this is so much fun, we really must do it again tomorrow!

Stay tuned!


Susan said...

Another chance tomorrow?!

Janet, I feel like you're the writer community's Ellen! Thanks for always being so generous--and with books!

flashfriday's entry made me chuckle. I needed that chuckle.

Karen McCoy Books said...

Blurg, I'm sorry I missed this one! Looking forward to tomorrow's.

Understand Steve Forti's boat. I've been scrolling through job listings since April, and I think my eyes are about ready to fall out.

Brian Schwarz said...

Ooh! Contrarian for the win! :)

Congrats flashfriday! :)

RosannaM said...

Yep, I laughed at flashfriday's entry.

Another one tomorrow???

Ain't Santa grand?

E.M. Goldsmith said...

I love these books even if I do not win because well, books. Books are grand. I should probably write one or something.

Steve Forti said...

Ooh, I talked myself out of a prize! Congrats flashfriday!
Thanks again for everyone's kind words today. Best of luck to everyone else having a tough time, and those who are doing well, too. See you tomorrow's funny pages.

John Davis Frain said...

I'm showing up so late today I haven't even seen the entries yet. Congrats to flashfriday.

Steve Forti, and anyone else with the necessity to peruse the job listings, I'm pulling for you. The new year brings new budgets and folks looking for new help. Be strong. Enjoy the holiday, and then get to work on 2017.

Janet, you make a mighty fine Kris Kringle. I bet all the kids were hoping you'd pull their name.

Janice Grinyer said...

Congrats Flash - well deserved as always!

And Steve F. - :( not a good thing, but hopefully you can get some rest this holiday season and then obtain the employment of your dreams!

Megan V said...

Congrats Flash!

I was thrilled to see you'd be visiting Phoenix in February. Then I checked the dates. I truly wish I could attend as a Sister in Crime and all, but that's the one weekend I can't make it to Phoenix. Guess I'll have to drink some scotch to soothe my writer blues. That said, QOTKU, if you haven't ever had the opportunity, you should check out the Changing Hands Book Store and enjoy the First Draft Book Bar. Books and Booze. It doesn't get much better.

Donnaeve said...

Dang it! I hate I missed this - but now I'm glad I did, cause I had nothing compared to some of these.

Steve, my brother had been looking for a job too - after 40+ years working at a drugstore chain, he "retired," and then after a year, decided to go back to work. For just about every job he interviewed, he was overqualified. It took him a while...but he found one. I hope it will happen fast for you. Good luck.

And congrats to flashfriday! THAT was hilarious. (and yes, devious)

french sojourn said...

Congrats Flashfriday.

Who ever thought up the idea of a literary advent calendar, or a book menorah, or a festivus novel pole...heavens!

Her Grace, Heidi, the Duchess of Kneale said...

Shaunna, I love your idea very much. I must send some of my books out into the world to roam as wanderers forever. Wonder if I could Geotag them and drop them off in the nearest geocache?

Lisa Bodenheim said...

Congrats flashfriday.

And I like Her Grace's idea, building upon Shaunna's. Sending books out into the world with a Geotag! Maybe those little free mini-libraries (do other countries besides the States have these?) should develop wings!

Colin Smith said...

Congrats, Rebekah (flashfriday)! :)

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

I miss you guys. I miss all these chances to achieve greatness in the eyes of, of, of, well me I guess. This is the forum.

Work, long hours, work, exhaustion, work, family, work, holiday obligations. My fringes are so full I don't even have the edges in which to write.

BTW the entries I have gotten to read on the fly are awesome.
By all.
Have a nice day. And I mean that.

kathy joyce said...

Maybe we could start by sending books to people who have to pay big $$$ for library cards!

Kitty said...

Congrats flashfriday!