Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Win The Dollhouse by Fiona Davis

I loved it. And maybe you will too!

I'm a total sucker for girl comes to NYC stories, this was right up my alley.

The Dollhouse by Fiona Davis is told in alternative time periods, but in the same geographical location.  You'd probably find it on the bookshelf in the women's fiction section of a bookstore, but I think gents would enjoy this book as well.

So, let's try the same thing we did yesterday. Persuade me you should get this book in fewer than 50 words in the comment column.

Other comments are welcome.
US residents are eligible to win; everyone can enter.

There are no prompt words.

And don't expect the reasons I picked yesterday's winners to apply today.
I like to change things up frequently (remember, I'm the one who moves the furniture once a month!)



12hours from right NOW.

Sorry! The window of opportunity has closed!


Steve Forti said...

I'm probably not the target demographic, but I do love me some stories told in alternate timelines. Hell, my first novel was one.

But I'd love to win because I've come *this* close more times than I can count on this blog, yet never brought home the trophy. Plus, I just got laid off after 11 years and could use something good to read besides job listings.

Good luck all!

BJ Muntain said...

First! Unfortunately, I'm not in the running. I shall drown my sorrows in song this morning, as my Christmas choir winds up another season.

I haven't been on much lately, as our choir was kind of busy. We sing at seniors' homes throughout the city. Thursday was our out-of-town tour - 6 seniors homes in 4 communities in 1 day. So much fun!

Here's hoping everyone has a very enjoyable Christmas, New Year, and holiday season. Congrats to yesterday's winners and today's winners, as well!

BJ Muntain said...

Dang! Missed it by THAT much!

Susan said...

I'm not good at asking for what I want--mostly because I feel undeserving. The last few years have been Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs personified, and I've been firmly stuck in the bottom two/three tiers. I've learned a lot about want versus need, but I'm also learning it's OK to want once the needs are met. And asking for what you want? That's a particular skill I'm trying to hone.

So here goes: I would like to read this book.

Yep. Still feels gross.

Susan said...

Steve: So sorry to hear that! Speaking of needs, I hope all yours are being met in the meantime and something fruitful comes your way soon.

MA Hudson said...

I was long past being a girl when I visited New York. My best friend and I went there to celebrate our 40th birthdays. At first I was perplexed at all the stalls selling I Love NY tshirts and caps. I thought, why would anyone buy into that stereotypical tourist trap crap? But after a day or so I caught myself thinking, I love New York, I actually really LOVE New York.
Didn't buy the tshirt though. I have my principles.

Steve - Good luck with the job hunt. It seems a bit mean to lay someone off at this time of the year.

Lisa Bodenheim said...

I could be a Darby (except for my age) in the present era. Midwest. A bit clueless at times, needing someone to take me under their wings.

This is on my TBR pile from the library. I’m number 16 in the queue.

Allison Newchurch said...

Sadly I'm not a US resident :( But I do have a US mailing address :)

Off topic:

Thanks to you, Janet, and all those in the shark infested blogosphere for the thrills, the laughs, the tears and the teachings over the past year.

Merry Christmas from Down Under.

kathy joyce said...

Not to take anything away from this book, which I will read, but my fave girl-to-NY story is Colm Toibin's Brooklyn.

Steve, I'm sorry for you. I keep hearing words that the economy is improving, but I don't see it. What kind of work do you do and where? Maybe one of us can help.

Colin Smith said...

This sounds like a great book, and one I'd like to read. In fact, I'm sure you've plugged it before Janet--the cover and premise ring a bell. Maybe it was on your FB page? As to why *I* should get this book and not someone else else? Gah! Sorry... can't do it. As much as I'd love to read it, I can't even give a humorous reason, especially when I'm blessed with a beautiful wife and family, shelves of books, great friends (off- and online), and an income. I don't deserve what I have, let alone this book.

Steve: I'm so sorry, from the very depths of my heart. More than a book, I pray you find employment very soon. I also pray you can meet your needs. You will keep us posted on how things are going with you, won't you? :-\

Kitty said...

Give the book to Steve,

Lisa Bodenheim said...

Steve: So sorry to hear about the job layoff. I wish you well in finding another.

Stephen Park: from yesterday evening's comments. If you still need a Christmas song, how about All I Want for Christmas?

Colin Smith said...

Amen to what Kitty said. I was laid off and out of work for three months before I landed my current job. It's not a happy place to be, especially if you have dependents. Steve's need for a lift is definitely much greater than mine.

Steve Forti said...

Wow! Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts. A swarm in just a few short minutes. This is why I love this community. Thanks for warming my morning :)

We'll be good for a while. They gave me advance notice, so I'm around a few more weeks, plus severance. Following a few leads and crossing fingers. Maybe when my head clears, the free time will be a chance to write a little more.

Linda Strader said...

Buying a new book is completely out of my realm and has been since I lost my job in 2008. Self-employment is a tough road, but it's all I've been able to manage....which is why I used up all of my trade credits at my local bookstore to buy books for gifts..it was the only way I could GIVE gifts this year.
So, it would be a really nice Christmas gift to me to have a new book to read...thank you for running this contest, Janet!

S.P. Bowers said...

This one looks fabulous, too. Good luck to everyone entering.

Megan V said...

Steve— sorry to hear about the layoff. Best luck to you in finding a new job. I know it can be a rough road, but I'm sure you'll be able to navigate it!

E.M. Goldsmith said...

Well, I already bought this book for my daughter who wants to move to New York more than anything and is on target to do so next Spring. I started reading this Sunday night and have to finish it by Christmas Eve so I can wrap it up for my daughter. It is excellent and captivating. I love the juxtaposition of the two time periods. I think my daughter will too.

RachelErin said...

I would read it to prepare for my own ‘Girl Goes to New York’ story.
I've visited and love many things about NYC, but it's nerve-wracking to move there with a large-ish family and start over (again).
A good story helps a journey go well.

french sojourn said...

I ordered it on Amazon.uk for my daughter. She's in her second year of university in Bordeaux, and I think it will intrigue her. Thanks for the recommendation and like E.M., I will borrow it prior to giving it to Caleigh.


french sojourn said...

Steve, I hope this new year blesses you.

Megan V said...

I could use a great finish for my 2016 resolution, or a grand start to 2017. The goal: read one more book than last year. I’m 9 books away, but have 8 books queued and was prescribed glasses for the first time last week. Apparently, reading ruins eyesight.

Dena Pawling said...

My Christmas tree fell over and we don't even have a cat. One minute it was standing there, all regal and twinkly and festive. Then it just fell over. No warning. No reason. Just FWOMP down it went, along with the stand. Water everywhere. Scared the dog. What fun!

Steve – many years ago my husband was laid off the week before Christmas. It wasn't fun then and I'm sure it's not fun now. I wish you much success.

Kregger said...

I am a gent.

Most of my characters are similarly bent.

Of the few who are opposite and abet,

They lack a genderly and womanly filigree.

Although, I try to apply flesh and vigor.

Most my readers agree,

A cardboard silhouette,

My woman be.

Someday, to a woman's point of view,

Albeit de rigueur.

But for now, I will hove,

Let me win this treasure trove.

God, that was hard.

something, something, something...bard.

Cheryl said...

I'm not eligible, but this is exactly the kind of book I love. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's on my Overdrive wishlist.

The only way it could be more my catnip is if it was set in Cornwall and had the word garden in the title.

Samantha Albert said...

Dialysis is long
Blood out
Blood in
5 times, 10, 20
I sit tethered
For hours
Watching the pump turn
While the machine transforms
Me one blood cell at a time
and I dream of escape
Though I'm in Canada, I'd happily pay postage for a gripping distraction

Anonymous said...

This is FlashFriday's mother.

Don't send her the book. She craves it, as she craves all books, devious, grasping child that she is; but I entirely disapprove.

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

No more deserving than anyone else, but I'll plead my case. We're bound to a herd of rescue horses (and dogs, cats, pigs) - 25 years now. Committed 24/7/365. Our last vacation was 15 years ago. Tough to get away, so reading is my escape. Not complaining. It's the life we've willingly chosen. I do have one travel dream: to see NYC. What a treat it would be to win this book.

Steve: So glad to hear you'll be getting a severance to ease the burden. All the best to you...

Timothy Lowe said...

I don't deserve it. I am feeling very thankful this morning. Best to all for happy New Years!

Sherry Howard said...

I am fascinated with New York, a city I'll probably not visit because of health issues. My family visits often and tells such wonderful stories! It was the last city my husband visited before he died, so it holds a special place in my heart, The book sounds wonderful!

french sojourn said...

Cheryl; I was reading comments and something about yours struck me as...well it kind of made my mind itch. After reading it a few more times it struck me. You had a pair of words that created a rather beautiful concept.

word garden

sorry about that, back to what you were doing.

Bethany Elizabeth said...

What a cool giveaway! I didn’t see the Terry Shames contest since I spent the last few days in the hospital (chest pain). I need surgery in 2 weeks and don’t have any family within a 1500 mile radius, so a good book could keep me company while I recover.

Steve - I'm sorry to hear about your job. I hope worry and anxiety give you a break over the holidays and they're full of love and encouragement. Best of luck with the upcoming job search!

Julie Weathers said...

Steve I am so sorry to hear about the layoff. It's such a tough bit of news and especially this time of year. I remember one year we hit a snag and I had to return most of the Christmas gifts. It was gut-wrenching. I had hoped for some kind of miracle so kids could keep them, but it never appeared.

I hope you find another job very quickly.

I'm not entering as there are so many people who deserve it and my bookshelves overfloweth, but it does look like a fun read. Oddly enough, NYC makes an appearance in Cowgirls.

For those of you short on reading material, Amazon always has a bunch of free kindle books. They also do promotionals from time to time on well known authors. Lots of romance by authors I don't recognize, but there's other stuff. I've probably ordered over 100 Civil War books that are free on kindle. While glancing through it just a minute ago, I notice a diary from a mountain man I had to order.

Anyway, time to tip the hourglass and spill words onto the page out out of my soul.

E.M. Goldsmith said...

Steve - so sorry to hear about your layoff. I pray you find a new one quickly. That is tough. Happened to my brother a few years back two days before Christmas. It was rough going for a while. Hope it will be easier for you.

Claire Bobrow said...

Steve: sorry to hear about the job. I hope 2017 brings a new one, and good cheer.

Samantha and Bethany: yowza. I'm thinking of you both, and hoping good health and good books come your way in the new year.

LynnRodz said...

I'll be spending the next few months with my mom, a 94-year-old Rosie-the-Riveter, who up until a short time ago was as feisty as ever. She's now in the first stages of dementia. Between me and my 2 sisters, we'll keep her home as long as possible.

I'd love to escape in this book while she's napping.

CynthiaMc said...

There has to be a special place in hell for those who lay people off at Christmas. When I've lost a job, the next one has always been better. Wishing the same for you, Steve.

Sounds like a great book. Putting it on my read list. I do not need another book. I have a zillion. On that note, any of you who want books and for whatever reason can't get them, let me know. I'll be happy to share the abundance. People give me books or I find them cheap at Goodwill. I usually read them and pass them on. Would be happy to pass them on to you.

Wishing health and happiness to all.

Cheryl said...

Hank, that is a very nice concept. It would be nice to think "word garden" describes the inside of my head, but that's far too romantic a picture. The inside of my head is more like a word hoarder house.

I have a game app (sort of like Boggle, but you have to find specific words) and some of the pairs it comes up with are startlingly evocative.

Shaunna said...

I don't deserve a new book any more than any of the other blog readers -- probably less than some. But if I somehow won a copy, I'd start a new type of chain mail with it: after I read it, I'd write my name and location in the front cover. Then I'd send it to someone I know with the same instruction: write your name and location in the front cover and regift it when you're finished reading it. In fact, that's such a good idea that I'm going to go peruse my bookshelves right now and see what other books I have that I can start chains with!

S.D.King said...

My WIP is also told in multiple time lines from the same location- a regalia factory 100 years ago, now a regalia museum (with a few side trips to Tsarist Russia.)

I would love to read an example where it is done well.

Brian Schwarz said...

I’m a Carkoonian exile who beguiles inquisition with a vicious contrition that requires some inhibition and you don’t need a logician to wile a premonition, nor a mathematician or even a magician, to compile a file on all my lengthy prohibitions ‘cause I see exile as my more natural disposition.

Theresa said...

My votes go to Bethany Elizabeth and Melanie Sue Bowles.

Hope all goes well with the surgery, BE.

Steve, here's hoping 2017 will be a smashing, fully-employed year.

Beth said...

Reasons to send me The Dollhouse:
#1 - New York City is on my bucket list, but the closest I've ever been is changing planes in Newwark.
#2 - Contrary to popular belief, Alaska is one of the United States and is on the same continent as the lower 48.

However, there are many Reiders much more deserving than I, so I respectfully withdraw my bid and will put the book on my TBR list instead.

Merry Christmas, all. Here's hoping 2017 will be the year to make dreams come true.

Colin Smith said...

Dear Mr. Schwarz:

Re. your exposition of your exiled disposition, I must bring to your cognition the latest deposition from the Office of Sedition that your plea for recognition must be viewed with opposition and in keeping with tradition you will face an expedition to the Palace of Perdition where your soul will face detrition while your body gives nutrition to our insect coalition.

Sincerely, with repetition,

Doofus Q. Competition
Chief Examiner,
Carkoon Correctional Facility

Verna Austen said...

I grew up in a town full of small minded people but dreamed of a place of diverse ideas with others who looked nothing alike and spoke different languages. NYC is that crystal city, a magic place full of others like me who journeyed together to find their home.

*So I would love to win and read this book. When I finally get to NYC I will be a real writer <3

Steve Forti said...

Give the book to Bethany! Yowza, get well soon and good luck with the surgery!

Brian Schwarz said...

Hahaha! I love this Colin! :)

RosannaM said...

Do you want a cup of coffee? No, I’m caffeined out.

Do you want a cupcake? No, I’m cutting carbs, and I’m gluten-free.

Do you want to see a movie? Maybe. What’s playing?

Do you want a book? Yes. Always yes. The only possible answer to that question.

Mark Ellis said...


RosannaM said...

Just finished reading all the comments (I'm slow and on the west coast, don't judge!)

Best wishes to:
Steve-I predict you will find a job quickly and the severance can be considered a signing bonus!
Samantha If there were a way I could get your address, I would gladly send you a book (Canadian address and all!) Those are too many hours to spend bored!
Bethany my prayers to you for a speedy recovery!
Lynn the next months will be at times so difficult, but precious. I am glad you have sisters to share the load.

And to all the rest of the gang, Merry Christmas!

Susan said...

Lynn: I feel for you and your family. I watched my mom go through that with her mother when I was young, and just this October we had to place my dad's mom in a community. It's the best thing for her and she's happy there, but the transition has been more than difficult. Please don't forget to take care of yourself as you're caring for your mother. That's a vital part of the equation.

Samantha: My heart is with you, too. As someone who was bed bound for months, I understand the need for distractions--especially when they come in the form of good stories! I hope the new year brings lots of peace and good health!

To everyone facing their own obstacles and challenges, I hope you navigate them with ease and never forget how strong you are.

I'm also echoing Cynthia's sentiments...I emailed a couple of you privately, but if anyone is ever in need of books to read for themselves or their families--for whatever reason--please don't hesitate to reach out. I have a fairly large donation pile and am always eager to pay kindness forward with the magic of books.

Happy holidays, all!

Lennon Faris said...

Sounds like a great book.

Steve - I hope you find employment soon. Maybe you can find an even better situation than you had, sometimes it works out that way.

Bethany - sending some prayers and virtual hugs. Wishing you well!

And to all you other Reiders!

LynnRodz said...

Yikes, I just read some of the comments, my vote goes to either Samantha or Bethany. I hope you both get well soon.

Rosanna, thank you for your kind words. I may be making several trips back and forth across the pond, but as you said, every moment spent with my mum will be precious.

Susan, thank you for your kind words as well. I'm glad your grandmother is happy. I'll heed your advice, apparently, it's a lot harder than one imagines. My older sister was watching her, then my younger sister took over. They both told me to prepare myself.

Janet, you wouldn't happen to be doing a conference in or around the Pittsburgh area the first months of 2017, would you? (I can always hope.)

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone for your well-wishes and prayers! I've never been hospitalized before, so it was a pretty scary experience. Luckily the nurses were amazing (nurses are amazing period, but these nurses went above and beyond)! I'll let you all know how the surgery goes when it's done. It'll be a relief to not be in pain anymore.

Lynn, Samantha, Steve, and any other Reiders who're having a hard time this holiday season - you'll all be in my prayers and I hope it's not too dark a season for you. This is such a supportive community and I'm so grateful for it.

Gretta said...

Becauuuuuse I love Stefanie Lieberman, the agent who reps this book. I've subbed my own alternative time periods historical fiction to her and, although she hasn't bitten yet, she's been extremely encouraging. I want to read the book that made her bite(insert polite crunching sound here).

Eileen said...

I have this book so I'm just weighing in to say it was pretty awesome. I loved the two different timelines and it made me fall in love with the city all over again.

Kathryn said...

Illness doesn’t take holiday and neither will my husband. He’s scheduled to work at the hospital both Christmas Eve and Christmas. My toddler and I will have to enjoy the Grinch without him. I love Dr. Seuss, but it’d be nice to read something else after the little’s bedtime.

Julie Weathers said...


That had to be scarey. I hope you had someone with you and wish you great success with the surgery. You must know you have many friends here who will be thinking of you and praying.


Just Jan said...

Holidays can be stressful. I’ve seen death by chocolate (literally), death by snowplow, and death by Auntie Em’s pitbull. But having to diagnosis a pet with a terminal illness is particularly odious right before Christmas.

At the end of my shifts, I need an escape. NYC sounds perfect!

Scott G said...

I bought books by Gary Corby, Patrick Lee and Jeff Somers to give as Christmas gifts this year (after I read them of course).


Gretta said...

Yes, I rush to enter before reading all the other comments, so I would like to echo RosannaM when she said all those nice things and wishes and:

"Just finished reading all the comments (I'm slow and on the west coast, don't judge!)"

I am also slow, and on the west coast, but I know people love to judge, so go ahead. I don't mind.

Steve Stubbs said...

Doing my spring cleaning
Even though it is only winter.
I feel like I live in a dog house.
So please send me THE DOLLHOUSE
Before I go berserk
And write a gritty crime novel
You might want to rep.