Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Win Marcus Sakey!

Marcus Sakey's Brilliance Trilogy

Yup, all three books!

Same set up we've  had all this week:

In the comments column of this blog post, tell me why I should send these books to you.

50 words or fewer.
No prompt words.

You've got 10 hours starting NOW!


Sorry, the deadline has passed.


Lennon Faris said...

...Because I've been refreshing your blog page ever since I sat down to breakfast? :)

Colin Smith said...

Carkoon-English Translator ©Buttonweezer Industries

Salutations, Ms. Waterplant:

Our aural appendages have been alerted to your propertying reserves by Earth composer Marcus Sakey. These composings are beneath the glory of our ruler. We approve you delivering them to manytimes exile Colin Smith. We spit on his inglory.

Poothfaar Parqway

Susan S said...

1) I'm a writer whose own "Brilliance" needs to feed nom nom
2)My world would be "A Better World" if I got fabulous free books
3)My lust to read them is "Written in Fire"
And I'm not above begging please, please

E.M. Goldsmith said...

I too refreshed blog page through my morning meeting. And if I don't win these books, I will go further into debt and buy them. And then I won't be able to provide appropriate holiday cheer at my Lost Souls Christmas Eve games and adult beverages feast. It's books or whiskey. I don't want to have to make that choice.

Janet Reid said...

Yup I was late this morning, sorry guyz. I changed the prize three times.
Finally remembered I had the Marcus Sakey books from Murder & Mayhem tucked away. Three books seemed like a good idea today!

Susan said...

I once believed in a better world.

Then I grew older and the world whispered its secrets, revealing her deepest scars.

So I dreamed of a better world.

Then along came loss and illness, scattering hope with the slightest touch, all those castles crumbling to the ground.

So I fought for a better world.

Then those scars turned to armor, shielding me from the darkness but blocking out the light.

So I decided to build a better world:

Shedding my defenses, I wandered the world, collecting stray bits of hope to lay beside other castles.

But when I arrived, hope was already there.

Dena Pawling said...

One. Two. Three books!

That was exhausting. (Lawyers aren't known for their math skills. I even had to remove a shoe to finish the calculation.) I need to lie down.

Lay down?

I need to recline. Relax. Rest. Be horizontal.

Which means I need books (three!) to read.


Timothy Lowe said...

I’d like to think
A world written in fire would burn with brilliance,
A sun of its own imagining.

But a better world might be one written in frost,
Etched with icy glyphs,
A Triton of dim recollections.

RachelErin said...

I have two pleas, one for my husband and one for me:

1. Ms. Reid, your sharkly heart will twitch for my husband: he loves thrillers, but with a YA fantasy author. Magic, love triangles, and hastily sketched maps abound. Law school confines him to the wrong kind of library. Please help.

2. I know I should read widely. I do. In genre, out of genre, between genres. But when faced with books, only magical young adults end up in my bag. I think I’m cursed. My prophecy says: thrillers thrice told, thrice sold, or writing will mold. Release me!

Craig F said...

No, I refuse to be a hypocrite and suck up. Just because I enjoyed his Hidden City series is not reason for me to do it. Nope. Ain't goona happen.

Julie Weathers said...

I'm still voting for Steve and Bethany. Does the peanut gallery get a vote?

I've decided to clear out most of my "fiction novels" this year. So, some of the Reiders as well as Books for Soldiers, and the VA hospital may get those. Research books, of course, I need to keep.

When I tell Will, the youngest Weatherskin, all this will be his someday he mutters things like stop threatening him.

It may be time to follow Janet's suit.

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

Up before dawn, feeding donkeys and pigs.
The horses were next, 40 bales in the rig.

It’s raining.

And freezing.

Scurried back to the house, stepped on the head of a mouse.

I’m wailing.

And swearing.

Coffee. Computer. Books! Times three?
Yes, please! Pick me…?

Steve Forti said...

Steve said something so superb, so sensational, Senorita Shark simply succumbed. Shell-shocked, she sent Steve several splendid stories. Steve’s subsequent soft, satisfied susurrus shall signify studious scrutiny.

Surely Supreme Sharkliness senses Steve’s significant soliciting. She shares such sentiment. She’s sold. Steve scores!

Megan V said...

Today I gain a new niece or nephew. To my nieces and nephews I’m the book lady. This new addition makes child number seven I'll be purchasing books for. I’d love to tell this amazing child the story of how their birth was the reason I received books.

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Late last night my housemate and I hobbled out of the house, through a foot of snow, and into a B&N to complete our yearly tradition of spending the first 50$ of our bonus checks on books. (An excellent pick-me-up.) I'm finally going to read King's The Stand, so I'm well-covered on reading material for a little while. :)

Are we doing nominations? Can we? :) I nominate Steve and Dena!

jenny said...

I owe my library a sixty-cent late fee (I'm a skunk, I know). One of the librarians lives in my neighborhood and I swear she gives me dirty looks whenever I drive past her house. I'll donate the books and repay my debt to the library after I've read them.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, y’all, and THANK YOU THANK YOU, dear brave Janet, for defying my mother with me yesterday. Thanks to everyone else for your kind words too. I look forward to learning many more devious plots courtesy of Ms. Davis in the days ahead.

As for today: I cast an impassioned vote for Steve Forti. Not only is he the Master of Hiding Prompts, but on this glorious first day of Winter, surely there’s no better time to end the long winter of his non-winningness by awarding him gold-silver-bronze in one fell* swoop.

*Given this is Marcus Sakey, emphasis on fell.

Kelli Mahan said...

Because tomorrow is my birthday! :)

Claire Bobrow said...

Aw heck, pick Steve Forti. Unless of course the Reef needs a Susan Lucci character, in which case, don't.

My second vote is for Dena, who made me laugh :-)

I'm behind on my to-be-read stack and, sadly, don't need more books at the moment. These 3 sound excellent, though.

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

I sank into the first 6 pages of BRILLIANCE in the Amazon preview and it leaves off in the middle of a sentence. My across the hall coworker heard my howl of despair and had to make sure I was okay.

Catalog says it's on the shelf downstairs. I might have to trot down and get it. My library doesn't own books two and three.

Julie Weathers said...

OK, changing my vote to Melanie. The last winter I was on the ranch it averaged -40 for two weeks with wind chill of -80. Snow was so deep we couldn't feed with tractors and we had loose hay that had to be forked off the stacks. We fed with a team of horses. Even reminding myself to keep moving my fingers, my hands were froze to the lines by the time we got to the house so someone would have to break them loose.

That's how I wound up in Texas, it was as far south as I could go and stay in the US.

Feeding and watering animals in the cold and rain is miserable. It has to be done whether you feel good or not. Forty bales. I'm not sure what kind of bales she has, grass, timothy, or alfalfa, but that's 60-100 pounds each.

I used to wake up in the middle of the night from a dream that I'd forgotten to feed animals and they were starving, jerk my clothes on and race out to feed. Dogs would wave their stubby tails and follow me out to the fat mares who would glance up, "Yes, out for another nocturnal stroll?"

That's how animal caregivers roll. Other people have nightmares about Freddy Kruger, we have nightmares about hungry animals.

Steve Forti said...

Lol at Claire. I've been called a lot of things in my time, but Susan Lucci is a new one! Thanks!

Colin Smith said...

Julie: I had to feed our outdoor cats this morning. Hauled some Meow Mix into their bowls. Was at least a few degrees below freezing--there was a layer of ice on their water! It was a brutal minute outdoors.

Not the same? Oh... okay... ;)

RachelErin said...

See, despite my own pleas, (which I do mean!) I kinda have to vote for Steve, too. Unforced alliteration while unemployed.

Julie Weathers said...

Colin I brought back some of the pick axes from the gold mine. Would you like one for breaking the ice? Did I mention we also had to break ice in the stock dams so they could get water?

If Steve will email me, I have some books I'd be happy to send his way. I used to buy up everything I could afford on the bargain tables at book stores when I was sending care packages to soldiers. It's time to clear some book cases. I don't even have all these boxes of books unpacked and that's ridiculous.

Kathryn said...

I vote for Steve Forti, the Leonardo DiCaprio of shark awards.

John Davis Frain said...

Hold on, Kathryn, he's not Leonardo yet...

Janice Grinyer said...


“I dreamt I was trying to get a porcupine out of the basement with a broom.”


“I dreamt that a T-rex was trying to get into the house,”


“I was trying to shoot it in its tiny little eye.”


“You win.”

Janice Grinyer said...

If Jennifer D. can add books two and three to her {hopefully) public library, then I think she has my vote.

Public libraries are the best thing America has. Really, think about it. A place where you can borrow books for free on the honor system and then exchange for more when you are finished. Ethics in its finest form. And everyone benefits, young, old, rich. poor.

All the knowledge for the learning and experiencing. And the bonus of having Librarians like Jennifer there to be helpful.

Like I said before, if I did not have a public county library where they cared about children when I was young, I certainly wouldn't be having vivid T-rex dreams in the middle of nowhere now. And know where to shoot.

So Jennifer, if you would willingly add those books to the public library after you are done reading them, my vote's for you!

Rachel McCauley said...

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl all year. Even though I’m not five anymore, I still believe in your Christmas magic. So, when you have a moment could you convince Ms. Reid to give me the Marcus Sakey’s Brilliance trilogy?

Your faithful believer,


Rachel McCauley said...

I'm sorry Steve about your unemployment. I was in the same situation this time last year, so I understand completely. I wish a Christmas miracle for you.

Karen McCoy said...

Because there is always suspicion of people who are clever.

A better world.
An illusion that we can all fit within the same mold.

Written in fire.
A decree to welcome the nuances of change.

I'd also like to put in a vote for Steve, a fellow in the unemployment trenches. Plus, alliteration.

Sara said...

My mom keeps telling me I need to read this trilogy, but the local library doesn't have them. If I win these books, I have no excuse not to listen to my mom. I know I should probably buy them, but I can't afford my reading habits!

Daniel Bennett said...

Absolutely no reason you should. So feel free to do so out of spite.

Miri Baker said...

I've never heard of these books, or the author. I don't know what genre they are, though I could probably make a ballpark guess. But if you send them to me, I'll read them, and I'll pass them on. Horizons broadened, and not just mine.

Miri Baker said...

But failing that I vote for Steve.

Sharyn Ekbergh said...

You can get heated food servers for outdoor kitties.
I have a Dining Hall for my Wild Kitty but she is sadly AWOL. Today I may have seen a paw print so I'm going to dig the snow out from the Hall and put out some food.
I hope you have some shelters for them, filled with straw.

RosannaM said...

Three tomes to the trickiest testimonial that tendered their try to the toothiest temptress that tormented the team today.

(ie. I vote for Steve)

Just Jan said...

Today I deserve these books because I was at work when this contest was posted, and I'll still be at work when the contest ends!

french sojourn said...

And this is why Jetreid is the first site listed on my bookmarks bar. This community is just sublime. It's better than Cheers!....where everyone knows your name, and never is heard a disparaging word...e-i-e-i-f-ing-OH!

Go to the comment section of any other site and read the vile comments. This place really is Heaven. Cheers and thank you to all of you.

*exit...stage left even*

Jo Connolly said...

Written on paper, written in fire
The electors’ ballots have made us their prey.

Our country’s great freedom’s on top of the pyre.
The brilliance of a better world’s so far away.

Three books I need. Things are now dire.
An escape plan I need. Please send them my way.

Lucy Crowe said...

Hubby says "Don't you dare!" The accumulated weight of my shelved novels has caused a noticeable sag on the east end of my living room floor. I could read from now until next year this time, without ever once rereading. Which is actually pretty awesome, since I am currently off-duty (firefighter/EMS) with both wrists broken at our last house fire.(And yes, still stubbornly typing, lol!) I agree with Janice - any donation made to a public library is wonderful. When my kids were little and I was a single mother working part time at a convenience store, we practically lived at our library.

Anonymous said...

Many worthy entries again today. I'm selfishly requesting that you wait until the LAST DAY of book giveaways to choose Steve and Colin (but do please choose them then). I'm having too much fun reading their entries.

And now I want to know-- what were the three prizes you changed your mind about?

Sending strong vibes to all who need them: good jobs, good health, warm hands and feet, improved circumstances.

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

I'm just getting in from evening chores. Earlier today I was up at the water station filling troughs... close to 1000 gals of water... while I was waiting around I found three pennies, one after the other. In a silly-fun superstitious way, I thought, "Ooooh, THREE pennies. Maybe I'll win those THREE books."

I just read through the new comments added after my morning entry. Steve wins. Yep. Definitely.

Lucy Crowe: (Off topic) I earned my living as a firefighter/medic. The first female to make it through our academy... waaay back in the 80's. I'm retired now, but it's fun to meet other women in the same profession. So sorry about your injuries. UGH!

Elissa M said...

And so, I'm going to look these up online and put them on my wish list (like The Dollhouse) because I already won a copy of the Sam Craddock. I'm loving this because (as I said on Monday) I don't have the luxury of browsing a real bookstore whenever I get an urge. Having bought and read a number of books by Janet's clients (as well as others mentioned on this blog) I know I can totally rely on Janet's taste in books.

John Davis Frain said...

It's an ironic thing that had Susan Lucci won an Emmy award after her fourth or fifth nomination, none of us would know her name. Only because she was nominated nineteen (19) times did we all learn about her. I could not identify another daytime actress even if you burned me with a match till I came up with a name.

Therefore, it is only out of sheer benevolence that I suggest you give Steve Forti his much-deserved fame by bestowing today's books upon ... me. It is the best favor I can do for the man.

Steve, you'll thank me as soon as you've finished cursing me. I'll grudgingly read all three works and send you a book report on each. The least I could do.

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

Janice, Yes, I do work in a public library ^^ I would happily do such a thing, should my boss accept the donation for them to be added to our collection! We've got a foot in the door, owning book one, and since the other books are already in the library system, there wouldn't be any extra process to have a record added to the database, so that's another positive.

Colin Smith said...

*double-checks rules* *doesn't see anything about multiple entries*

All I want is a better world for everyone. And the brilliance of my plan lies in its simplicity. I must be better read. But not books with tepid words of vacuous intent, but with words written in fire. Bold. Passionate.

These three should do the trick. :D

(Sorry, couldn't resist trying something with the titles)

Steve Forti said...

Thank you Manuscript. That made me laugh :)