Saturday, June 15, 2013

Five Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink

I got an advance reader's edition of FIVE DAYS AT MEMORIAL by Sheri Fink at the BEA Buzz Panel.  The presentation by her editor Vanessa Mobley led me to instruct  Trusty Minion Lizz to grab this one first.

I'm pretty sure this book will be on my year-end list of sox-knockers, and I'm only up to page 152 so far.

Here are a couple things to know:

1. I've had to stop reading it in public places like on the train to DC and the hotel breakfast cafe cause it's embarrassing to start weeping in public.

2. It made me want to  learn to fly helicopters.

3. It made me want to take up triage as a profession.

4:  "Green stood up and walked over to another patient.  She couldn't stand to watch this lady die on the ground, in a parking garage, in an American city, because nobody came to get her.  She didn't want to know this lady's name."


BP said...

Ack! No fair! Why do you always get all the good books in advance!? :D Thanks for sharing...fantastic

Anonymous said...

My wobbly to be read pile thanks you.

french sojourn said...

Yeah, sounds like a must read. Thanks

Terri Lynn Coop said...

I don't do triage for a living, but I work with first responders, many of whom were at Katrina . . . OKC . . . Joplin . . . Greensburg (there are some amazing stories out of there, I am trying to convince the head of the little rural health clinic to write a book or tell her tales to a ghostwriter), and so on. I can't wait to read this.