Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Told ya!

Back in 2008 I posted about a delightful unpublished writer named Sophie Littlefield.  [To  refresh your memory the post is here. ]

I was reminded of that post's prediction  when this arrived in the mail:

We love this cover ALOT!

This is the fourth!! Stella novel following A BAD DAY FOR (1) SORRY (2) PRETTY and (3) SCANDAL.

Since one of my mum's sayings is "My favorite interior decorating tool is the hammer" the cover appeals to me on several levels!

Congratulations Sophie Littlefield! And yes, your slithery agent Barbara Poelle can have 15% of the adoration!


Artemis Grey said...


Colin Smith said...

Thanks for the book tip, Janet. And I too would love an Alot, if the creator of yours is reading and trying to think of ways to make some extra cash. :)

Cindy C said...

I love Sophie Littlefield!