Tuesday, August 09, 2022

RIP Snot-Green couch

The Snot-Green couch at the start of her life

The Snot-Green couch after the "facelift"

The snot-green couch (may it RIP) finally had to be evicted.
One too many prong pokes from the bedraggled cushions.

After getting my second booster shot, I came home on the bus and got off right across from the furniture store where I’d bought SNC lo! these many years ago.

In I went and said “sell me a couch.”
If you ever need to feel loved, say that in a furniture store.

Bare-chested nubile young men arrived bearing chairs, coffee service, and a tray of delicacies.

A pleasant hour transpired while I viewed the options,  sat and re-sat, picked the one I wanted, pronounced it suitable, and handed over wads of cash.

Next day two hefty men who could clearly bench press a building arrived carrying the couch as thought it was a purse.

Up three flights of stairs in 90+ degree weather. More wads of cash into their mitts to say thanks.

Assembly ensued and now I sit on the new couch with nary a prod, prong or problem.

I'm now working on developing lolling as a fine art. 



New couch on Day One



nightsmusic said...

Awww! That's like the passing of an old friend! I hope you love your new couch as much as you loved the SNG.

Mister Furkles said...

When a frame is solid and in good repair, refinishers can refurbish a couch or easy chair to new condition for less (usually). Of course, in NYC where labor rates are very high, it might cost less to buy new furniture made where rates are lower.

Beth Carpenter said...

Well hello, evening blue couch. You look like a perfect reading spot.

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

RIP snot green couch, you served us well ("us")

We're sort of lazily in the market for a new couch....our sectional is considerably worse for the wear after seeing two consecutive Dobermans into adulthood and after I've written.......7? novels? and 8 novellas and dozens of short stories parked in that one spot. Whoops.

E.M. Goldsmith said...

The snot green served its time well. Welcome new blue. Looks fabulous.

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

Ah... I love the grey/blue color. Calming. But where are the side tables? Where do you set your cocktails?

Claire Bobrow said...

Fond farewell, snot-green couch. The new one looks lovely and cozy!

LynnRodz said...

I love the new look! I need to show this post to my husband. He's been carrying on a love affair with our couch for way too many years. It's high time he has a later-life crises and falls for a new, younger version.

John Davis Frain said...

One could conquer many a book while in the grasp of True Blue.

Katja said...

I needed to look up the word 'wad(s)'. Well I could guess its meaning from the context here but still double-checked because I wonder why you carried so much cash 💸 💰 ?! I literally hardly ever even have £2 in cash these days as we pay by card or bank transfer.

But then I thought I had the answer: it was the reward for getting your second booster shot, what an incentive wow, great country/state! 👏🤣
When's my appointment, please?

Welcome to our lives, New Couch! 🤗

KDJames said...

Awww, pouring one out for the old girl. Well, maybe pouring out half, no need to be wasteful. Raising the other half in a toast to many years of comfy lolling.

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

So, where did SGC end up?

Was it carried down three flights of stairs by the same hefty men who carried Bluey up, and was SGC hauled away by them?

(Run-on sentence alert)
I had to pay extra to have two, of the three delivery men, who delivered my new couch carry it up two steps and through my front door into the living room, carry my old one out the front door and then down those two steps, only to leave it on the front lawn until I could have it taken to the dump.

Craig F said...

The color and dimensions of the new one fit your space well.

There is something about old coaches though. You know all of the lumps and soft spots for those Saturday afternoon naps.

I am currently looking for a new recliner but don't want leather or that micro-fleece that is overly popular right now. Not having the best of luck, but I don't want something the cats can make look old in a day or two.

AJ Blythe said...

Definitely looks like lolling length!

NLiu said...

Farewell, Snot Green. You will always be in our---

ryan field said...

That's so much nicer. But do it up right. You place those pillows on either end and give them both a good karate chop in the middle.