Sunday, September 13, 2020



I'm looking for a new couch.

The snot green couch has sprung one too many springs to be comfy any longer.

So, I'm looking at furniture store websites.

The fabric for couches is touted as good for "40,000 rubs" 

The question they DON'T answer is: what is a rub: one sit? What if I don't get up for like...100 hours?

Does that still count as just one?

Somehow, I've restrained myself from emailing or online chatting with customer service about this question.

Given I assume a polar bear pose on the couch most days...maybe I should just invest in the stone ledge.

How's your Sunday going?


Craig F said...

The Rub sounds like some soft porn thing from a fan fiction of a fan fiction. You know the one.

Wet day. Tropical Storm Sally is passing by. Hope she just stays an TS, but oddsmakers say she won't.

Hope everyone is safe today.

Katja said...

I started out like that polar bear....
staying in bed, sick.

It's been only a few weeks since my back spasms and I thought that was it for a while, but no.
I've got strep throat, or whatever they call it. Fiancé has had a good three days, since I wasn't able to talk much at all, but now I'm beginning to chat again, so..

Antibiotics, a throat spray, paracetamol AND ibuprofen as a combination finally do work.

I really haven't been happy with this country recently for a few reasons, but frankly, the NHS service via phone and availability even on a SUNDAY for both doctor and pharmacy is something to praise and to be proud of. I made sure I did tell Fiancé this! :)

Yeah, so I'm slightly better already, and the couch I'm on right now has roughly the same colour and fabric, Janet, so I'd recommend it.
*thumbs up*

nightsmusic said...

We got back a couple hours ago from a four day trip to Caseville/Port Austin at the tip of the thumb on beautiful Lake Huron. If you've never been and would like a look, go here: scroll to the bottom of the page and click the down arrow. Then pick Caseville and you'll see our little slice of heaven. It takes a shot every other second so it's a bit like stop photography.

If you look, the island to the right of the breakwater is Charity Island and yes, you can VRBO there for around $200 a night. No internet, no TV, no way on or off except by boat, the electricity is solar and the water is in a 500 gallon retaining tank. And you are on your own. Straight off the breakwater and far, far out is another island. There are 3200 islands in Lake Huron alone. Many you can stay on. Many are like survivalist vacations.

We stay in a cabin on the beach down the road from the breakwater ;)

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

Couch shopping is both exciting and a drag! Happy hunting.

Sunday here was dog park with Ulrike's best friend for about 2 hours (at one point, they became mesmerized by a flock of tiny sparrows, and that was a quiet and enchanting interlude from the run-and-wrestle), and then Chinese food (contact-free delivery) for lunch, and now doing some final spackling and smoothing of Run With the Hunted 3: [subtitle needed] now that my proofreader has worked his magic. Maybe also some short story work; as always, I've got a few of those irons in the fire.

Brenda said...

Or is a rub a squirm, as in squirm with delight, horror, or avaricious glee?
And is it waterproof, what with fins and all? You could always do the little old lady type of plastic cover. My grandma’s never came off either the sofa or the dining table. Grandpa was allowed one easy chair with a small table alongside for his pipe and cribbage.

CynthiaMc said...

Hubby is slowly on the mend from his surgeries. I go back to work tomorrow with Son (who thankfully lives nearby) popping in to check on him and the dogs.

The weather has been atrocious (tropical storm spinoff), which is okay since I'm playing catch up from his week in the hospital (and mine running back and forth) and it's keeping me in the house.

Enjoy the new couch!

Adele said...

Yes, it's one sit-down-and-stand-up-again cycle. I got a new sofa 6 years ago and the upholstery was good for 85000 rubs - the fabric still looks new (mind you, it's just me: no spills, no kids, no pets).

KAClaytor said...

Have been couchless since mid-July. Moved from house of 20+ years, downsized to an apartment, left the old couches behind for the new homeowner in an equal mix of "good riddance" and "what were we thinking".

Our days of Archie Bunker redux is coming to a close, so they tease, on Tuesday.

My hopes are up. I have been couch coveting for months. You betcha the new couch will get it's 40,000 rubs in during one, long, consecutive, tv binge watching extravaganza.

Sure hope it fits through the front door.

Weekend plans involved a wander in The Nature, as there are blue skies and a breeze. Three deer strolled by to say hello, the aster and goldenrod are in full bloom. It was rather lovely.

Mister Furkles said...

Adele has the info on couch rub. They rub the fabric so many thousand times before it gets thin. But that is in a lab without a dog. More important than the rub count is how well the couch holds up. You can get a couch reupholstered for a thousand dollars or so. How well the couch holds up is much more important.

One American furniture firm which was once famous for the sturdy construction of its product has since gotten all of its wood sub-assemblies from China. A friend's sister worked in their factory and said they must throw a quarter of them in the trash and the reset are not well constructed either.

So, rub is about the fabric and you want a couch that will stand the test of time.

NLiu said...

We have a leather sofa in an exciting shade of green (possibly snot coloured depending on how much alien DNA you possess), which the kids have decided is actually a trampoline in disguise. I can vouch for it being extremely durable.

AJ Blythe said...

Halfway through Monday here. Totally gorgeous spring day out the window and I am itching to join it. But instead I am sitting at my desk trying (rather unsuccessfully) to stay focused on work *sigh*.

Fearless Reider said...

I have so many questions. Is there an industry standard for the width and density of the posterior that's doing the rubbing? What if one cheek is slightly dominant? What qualifications do I need to launch my new career as a couch fondler?

Speaking of new gigs, my day job now is shepherding a little pandemic pod of five-year-olds through distance-learning kindergarten. It's going about as well as you'd expect. I'm glad to have a new argument at my disposal when I try once more to explain why it's not OK to climb on the couches. The upholstery is not rated for feet, no matter how small and cute they are.

CynthiaMc, I'm glad to hear your husband is healing!