Thursday, July 02, 2020


This is Jade, a sweet collection of bulbous leaves and thick stems that has been with me since Nov. 1972.

Yup, she's 48 years old.

 Jade was a gift for a store opening I considered an endeavor of dreams. The dreams drifted away but Jade and her companion Snakey lasted. Snakey the snake plant, or as some call her (mother-in-laws-tongue),is five feet tall and shy. She does not photograph well but be assured she is loved.

Yes boys and girls one can love a plant as tenderly as pets.--CarolynnWith2Ns

Blog hiatus update: Still no cooking gas which means I'm doubly excited about ditching my beloved apartment for a week to head over to hang out with Intern Ty. Now I just need to find where I put the laser pen for safekeeping.

PS Cuddles was very glad to see today's post.



Carolynnwith2Ns said...

“Ah the inside garden.” Jade says.
“We don’t bark, meow, slither or swim. Sure we don’t feed the multitudes or line your sidewalk but don’t hold that against us. We contribute to cleaning your air and enhancing your living spaces. All we ask is light and water and a little pinch now and then. I do like my miracle grow cocktail once is a while though.”
“Houseplants unite!”

Cheryl said...

Oh yes, it is possible to love plants that much. I have a ficus benjamina that I bought to decorate my first dorm room in 1991. It's been moved and repotted so many times and each time I worry it won't survive.

nightsmusic said...

Oh, this is wonderful!! I haven't managed to keep a houseplant alive that long, but I do have a climbing rose bush, gifted to me, that's been around over 100 years now. I absolutely love it and it shows the most beautiful roses...If loving a plant is wrong, I don't want to be right ;)

Joseph S. said...


I'm impressed you've kept Jade alive for 48 years. That's long-term loving care.

She looks great.

Brenda said...

Son and granddaughter are plant-mad here. New plants sprouting daily. I’m strictly forbidden to lay my any-other-cooler-than-green thumb anywhere near them.

NLiu said...

Yay, plant! Jade is lovely. She looks like a forest for Lego minifigures to discover dinosaurs in. Also, I can't believe she is 48 years old!! Good job keeping her looking so spry.

Barbara Etlin said...

What a beautiful, lush plant! 2Ns, you may know that the jade plant is supposed to bring luck and prosperity to its owner, according to Feng Shui.

We also have a plant that's survived since 1970 and belonged to Michael's grandmother. I was very fond of the dieffenbachia plant until it became top-heavy and keeled over. We had to cut the offending branch into pieces to throw it out. Big mistake! We knew it was poisonous and over the years made sure Echo didn't nibble on it. We didn't know that just touching a cut branch would make our hands itch and turn red!

Luralee said...

Yay! A jade plant! So lovely. And cuddles is adorable with that downturned stem/ Leaf—? What do we call that?

I am the one people go to when they have houseplants they don’t want to keep, no longer have room for, or can’t take with them when they move. At this time I have at least 9 hand me down houseplants and one trash day rescue orchid. That’s on top of the plants I buy for myself, because when you spot an orchid cactus at the grocery store, you bring it home. At least, I do.

Katja said...

There'll be a big fat party in 2 years' time, Jade!!!

Emma said...

THAT's what that plant is? I have one of them! Mine got all leggy and twisty and is invading other plant spaces, but I generally let it do what it wants. I have a philodendron that's probably twenty-two or so, and I've made at least three or four cuttings from it so it has children all over the house, including in my office, where it keeps me a very viney company.

Lennon Faris said...

Hi Jade (and Cuddles)! Wow, 48 years. Congratulations! May you thrive another half a century.

AJ Blythe said...

I have been reading everyone's pet posts, but because we had to say a final farewell to our gorgeous boy last week, I couldn't bring myself to post. I'm finally adjusting to our new normal, and Jade is the perfect post to start back with.

2Ns, Jade is lovely. I have a "Jade" (no idea of what the plant actually is) that we inherited with the house. Except at the time she was planted in the garden in the totally wrong spot. So I transplanted her and now she's doing wonderfully on my deck in a pot. Planning on bringing her inside for summer.

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

While I myself am VERY bad at plants, the rest of my family tends to be very good. So maybe I pay the price for their luck? I'll take it.

There was a snake plant that had been in my grandparents' garage that my dad revived when I was little, and then (I think??) is still going strong now. My dad also had a cactus that he took over from somebody that got so happy that IT BLOOMED. Not a Christmas cactus either a far more fat-succulent-y style cactus that we absolutely did not know would do that.

oh actually I did accidentally grown GIANT marigolds once, but now that I'm thinking about it, I planted them where I'd buried my dearly departed hermit crabs, and I wonder if they, er, contributed to that success.