Saturday, February 02, 2019

My publisher is teetering

My publisher (small, indie) is in a state of flux to say the least and many of the authors are taking flight like a flock of birds after a gunshot!

Unfortunately, I have a lot invested in this publisher with 5 1/2 books (2 series) published by them. I'm trying to be patient with them and squeak out the 6th which is all edited and ready to go...

Here's my question: If things take a turn for the worse and I have to reclaim my rights, should I/could I re-query my series? I'm realistic that most agents want shiny, new novels. But is there a place, a way, a hope to have my series picked up? Especially since I've written a screenplay and am in the process of writing the next books in each series, as well as a new novel...

Most likely an agent and larger pubisher will not be interested in these books as initial offerings.

You can hold on to them for later, when you have a new publisher, and a new book. Truthfully you'll have to be very successful for the publisher to be willing to publish backlist like this.

But that is not the only option available to you.
There are digital only publishers who republish back list.
And you can self-pub digitally as well.

This is the reason you build a robust mailing list. You can lose your publisher and still be able to tell your fans how to buy your book.

This is a really rough experience you're having.
It's not limited to small indie presses either.
Two of my clients are dealing with publisher shuffles and changes. It's the absolute pits.


Tara Tyler said...

I guess it’s just one of the many hurtles for writers... ch-ch-ch-changes!!

thanks for the great advice — I will pass it along!

Beth Carpenter said...

It's a little scary to see how many things can go wrong in a writing career. Hoping for the best case for you, OP.

Anne said...

I went through the same thing. One day six boxes of my books showed up on my doorstep. Next day a bankruptcy notice regarding my (midsize) indie publisher and instructions not to communicate with then under any circumstances. Bad experience for first book. I will not publish now without an agent...I had no recourse and no one to turn to for next steps.

Brenda said...

Stories like this, and reports of mayhem, discourage neophytes like myself. Books have been around a long time, though, so we have to trust that they’ll hang on a little longer.
Google plus tells me they are closing out all accounts, so I will be appearing in another form shortly.

John Davis Frain said...

Good luck, OP. I hope things work out with the current publisher. If not, at least you have alternatives and things can work out that way.

Yeah, BrendaLynn, I saw that about Google+. Nothing is more constant than change these days.

On a reading note, I'm two-thirds through THE CHALK MAN, a 2018 debut from C.J. Tudor, and it's fantastic. If you're looking for a first-rate suspense/thriller, you'll find it here. If I'm not mistaken, someone from the most recent flash contest took home the latest CJ Tudor work, which I'll have to find at my local bookstore soon.

Keep writing!

Brenda said...

Thanks John, I was looking for a new read.

Craig F said...

OP: I feel for you and hope that sometime soon you can look back and laugh about it.

AJ Blythe said...

Ugh, this career is never a safe one. Those trials and tribulations are always just around the corner, whether you are working on your first book or 100th. Best of luck, OP.

Sherry Howard said...

It’s a scary journey, and anybody involved has experienced bumps. Sorry, OP!