Sunday, February 03, 2019

Her Grace shares her wisdom

Happy Birthday Your Grace!

Friday afternoon, chez Yowl

Her Grace, the Duchess of Yowl: I'm working on my memoir.

Me: Of course you are. You just had a milestone birthday. Time to share your wisdom
with the world.

DoY: Exactly so.

Me: Is it in essay form?

DoY: No. That takes too long. 

Me: Haiku?

DoY:  Too limiting.

Me: Pithy sayings?

DoY: PURRY sayings, but yes.

Me: Excellent artistic choice. Can I hear one of them?

DoY: "A cat can never be too petted, or too pampered."

Me: That sounds a lot like The Duchess of Windsor.

DoY: Well, she was a duchess.

Me: Publishing is a very competitive. It's often described as "dog eat dog."

DoY: That's what I'm hoping.


nightsmusic said...

Happy Birthday, Your Grace!!!

(that's what I'm hoping... hahahah!)

MaggieJ said...

Jenny-Cat and I wish you a very Happy Birthday, Your Grace!

Uh . . . what milestone birthday was it? You have the wisdom of the ages combined with the beauty and vitality of youth!

Put us down for a copy of Purry Sayings when it comes out. It's sure to be a yowling success!

Janet, a comic strip featuring the Duchess and you would be delightful. Sort of in a "Garfield meets Calvin and Hobbs" style.

~ MaggieJ

Theresa said...

Happy, happy birthday to Her Grace, the DoY!

Beth Carpenter said...

Love the punchline, LOL.

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Happy Purrthday.

CynthiaMc said...

Happy birthday, Duchess!

We celebrated my daughter's birthday (which is tomorrow) yesterday because all our schedules coincided. She wanted one of her dad's steaks and my Millionaire bars. It was cloudy and supposed to rain. One lone cloud made an appearance right above the grill and kept Hubby cool for a minute while he cooked. We all had a good laugh about that.

Claire Bobrow said...

Happy Birthday, dear Duchess! You are the Dorothy Parker of Felines. I stand in awe of your razor-sharp wit (and your stunning beauty, of course). May you abound in tuna.

AJ Blythe said...

Can you imagine DoY on her birthday? I'm picturing demands for fresh salmon, non-stop petting and a private showing of the musical Cats.