Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Parade of Pets Day 15

I may be the only one who has enough critters to literally make a parade, including a dozen or so barn cats, one house cat, two dogs, twelve horses and about four hundred cows. Now if I could just get them all to wear their reindeer ears.


french sojourn said...

Beautiful lighting on the barn cats (Our cat that adopted us we named Barney due to his skillset at patrolling the barn.) The horse is magnificent, looks like a much younger lighter version of my wifes horse. We also have two ponies and a donkey, although he behaves more like an ass.

What a cute calf, reminds me of Groucho Marx's line in "A night at the opera." during the barn scene..."heffer cow is better than none." Really cool collection of souls.

Happy New Year to all, cheers Hank.

nightsmusic said...

Would this be Melanie?

I love these photos! All of them are wonderful. And a baby coo :) If I had the acreage, I'd have Highland Coos. Alas, I only have three acres and the zoning doesn't allow them under 10.

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

Not me, Nightsmusic. We're in heavily treed Georgia - this appears to be the Great Plains out west. And we don't have cows.

OP, reveal yourself. Because, horses! We need to be friends.

Hey y'all... I just posted a video on FB of a fifteen year old girl opening a gift I'd sent her. Her mother had recently emailed telling me that her daughter had been reading my books since she was nine years old. She reads them over and over. Mom asked if I'd send Whitney (the daughter) a simple note or something with my signature on it. I did better than that. Having your books touch someone like this - made me cry. And it's worth all the struggle of writing and getting published.

Onward! It's a new year.

Rosemary Boyd said...

How blessed you are!

Julie Weathers said...

Hey Kari Lynn!!!!!!!

Did you get rid of the Longhorn roping cattle and get Corrientes or am I just getting senile?

Love the horse. Love it all. Beautiful cats, dogs, mamas and baby, mountains, and of course, the stylish insulated coveralls.

When's the next book coming out?

Claire Bobrow said...

OP: I was going to say you have "an embarrassment of riches," but it's not embarrassing - it's fabulous! Then I looked up antonyms of embarrassment and discovered... there don't seem to be any (at least any good ones).

These photos remind me of a picture book I read over and over to our kids - Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm, by the legendary Alice and Martin Provensen. It's a delightful and hilarious tribute to each character on the farm.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Elissa M said...

Every time I trudge out to the barn in the snow and wind to take care of my single horse, I'm glad that even though I live in ranch country, I'm not actually a rancher. Or a farmer. Or a lineman. Or any of the other myriads of professions that put people out in the most horrible weather to take care of people, animals, and things in trouble.

But I am infinitely grateful for those who do put food on the table, keep the power running, the roads passable, and me safe.

Lennon Faris said...

Looks like a spectacular alien landscape with lots of interesting characters...

I especially love the dogs' manic expressions. "Must-be-good-must-sit-still-Mom-is-telling-us-to-smile" kind of mania.

Sherry Howard said...

I thought immediately of Melanie, too! Wow! Another animal keeper among us!

Melanie, I saw that video, and it was amazing. What a wonderful remembrance of how you touch lives!

Janet Reid said...

These photos are from Kari Lynn Dell in Montana.
I had the great good fortune to be her first agent, then when we realized
she was writing romance,she got traded to Root Literary for a keg of beer and a poet to be named later. She's now a best selling author, and honestly I could not be happier for her. I KNEW she was great!

She's also one of the funniest writers ever
Here's one of my favorites: Kari Lynn Dell's best post EVER

Happy New Year to all y'all.

Konnie Enos said...

Okay, so our over stuffed house with more fur people than human people won't win the prize for most "pets". But in my defense we live smack dab in the middle of a large city (Sin City to be exact), and we're harboring more canine people than the law allows as it is.

Beth Carpenter said...

Sadly, that blog post is hilarious! Today's critters are beautiful, though. I don't know how Kari finds time to write between caring for all of them, but I'm so glad she does.

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Julie W: We didn't replace the Longhorns, just started cross-breeding them with my cousin's Corriente bull when we decided to get serious about team roping a few years back. Thus the calves that are slightly smaller than my largest cow dog.

And the dogs look manic because Spike always looks manic, and that's Max's backseat driver face. For the record, they're both females. My son is not a big believer in gender-specific names so we get whatever his latest favorite cartoon character might be. Thank God we got them both before he got into his current Annoying Orange phase.

Julie Weathers said...


Love the cattle. They are gorgeous. Longhorns truly are a heritage and beautiful breed. They're sure in good shape. Isn't that baby the cutest thing ever?

Is it wrong I see lovely rugs? I know, sacrilege.

*ducking off before the lynching*

Theresa said...

Kari, what lovely photos.

Happy New Year, everyone. Here's hoping that 2019 makes all our writerly dreams come true.

Joseph S. said...

Great New Year's pet parade, Kari Lynn.

Happy 2019 Y'all

Brigid said...

What fun to see your parade, Kari Lynn! Coincidentally, I just checked out your latest 3 from the library. Looking forward to devouring them when my tiny book pirate isn't up to demand "wead-it Monkey Deorge!" every thirty-five seconds, or worse yet make me read my book to her. She's a quick study and is currently repeating choice phrases from my last audiobook. So glad I stopped playing Hillbilly Elegy when she's around!

KDJames said...

Great pics, as always, Kari! The top two make me think I want to have a ranch with a barn . . . until I remember what a city girl I am. And the way various barns smell (although horse barns aren't bad). My ancestors -- farmers, not ranchers -- are cringing.

I'd forgotten how funny that sheep post is, and I don't think I'd read the comments before today. Still smiling.

Happy New Year, all!

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

They are all lovely! I love the look of manic working dogs ^^

When I was little I YEARNED for horses, and dogs, and a place to keep ALLLL of my horses and dogs. I really wanted to be a horse racer, raiser, breeder, trainer, and owner (I knew these could be different roles, based on the Walter Farley Black Stallion books). Now I know what horses cost, and land, and feed, and and and

Craig F said...

Very nice Kari Lynn

The dogs look like you did try to get reindeer ears on them.

Happy New Year, y'all.