Monday, December 19, 2016

Win Sam Craddock!

I've got two copies of the new Terry Shames novel sitting right here on my desk. (Yes, it's good to be me today!)

I always hate those drawings to win a free book that are based on chance. I think people who really WANT the book should get it!

So, tell me why you've earned this brand new Sam Craddock novel. State your case in the comment column of this blog post.

Only US entries can win (I'm sorry!) but everyone can enter!

Limit your plea to 50 words. (There are no word prompts)

And of course, we'll need to hear from the blog readers on who they think should win.

12 hours, starting NOW!

Contest over, sorry!


Kathy Joyce said...

Up until 1:30a.m. writing proposal (due 9:00a.m.)

Awake again 5:30a.m.

Son sick, neighbors didn’t shovel, dangerous for daughter to walk alone, I’ll drive to bus

Defroster broken, thawing windshield otherwise, 6 degrees, not working

Missed bus…oops, not really…oops, too late now

Risk drive to school?

Deserve something; early for wine

Colin Smith said...

We have a new house, and I now have a mortgage which is eating up my book budget. I enjoyed the first Craddock novel, and would love another, but my wife is too busy to do paid work, and my youngest is too big to climb chimneys.

Timothy Lowe said...

Year-on-year stats:

Number of 11th grade students – 75

Total word count per student, according to – 5,000

Total junior word count – 375,000

Number of 9th grade students – 40

Total freshman word count – 160,000

535,000 total for the year

Not quite War and Peace (587,000 words)

*I need something to read!*

E.M. Goldsmith said...

I am an undeserving sod. I have a 500+ page first draft mess. I managed to wrangle 10 pages of revisions over the weekend. So slow.

I must admit that I have not read Terry Shames before. I love finding new authors and reading new stuff helps me clear my mental palette. Ok, I got nothing but I would read it happily.

Sharyn Ekbergh said...

I think Kathy Joyce deserves it.
Though my 85 year old mystery devouring mother would love it.
She was just in the hospital for an unexpected stay. The nurse gave her a NY Times Best Selling author's latest thriller and Mom said.
"It's not written very well."

Linda Strader said...

I used all of my trade credits from the local bookstore to buy books for Christmas gifts leaving me with nothing to read...I'd love to read a new book for a change!

Dena Pawling said...

My water heater broke.

My daughter sprained her ankle.

BrianRSchwarz laughed at me when I wrote 35 degrees in SoCal was COLD.

I saw Dixie Dupree at my local grocery store as a book of the month.

I have the hiccups.

Today the electoral college votes for president.

Colin Smith said...

Dena's link to DAN (Donna's Awesome Novel):

Donnaeve said...

I’m a lover of even numbers. Having odd numbers upsets my little internal universe and the latest uneven count = my TBR pile. It's at 81.



I've sworn off buying more books - because - 81!

Unevenness. Unnerving unevenness.




That book = balance restored!


Donnaeve said...

Thanks y'all!!!

stacy said...

Me --> POA
Mom --> nursing home
Niece --> with me --> couch, four months
Me --> three jobs
Me --> sell Mom's house, cover overlap
Us --> Columbus, OH (October)
Me --> Barely enough for move
2017 --> reset (hopefully)

Lisa Bodenheim said...

I completed a good draft of my MS. Finally.

A car hit my car in the parking lot while I was being treated to a birthday lunch.

My furnace isn't firing on all cylinders (but temps are up to 9 degrees. Above zero.)

If not me, I second Kathy Joyce.

Jennie Camacho said...

Being a mother of six kids, all under thirteen, and five months pregnant with my seventh child, I have no time to go to a bookstore to search for a new book, let alone the money to buy one. Plus, library cards cost $430 here. Reading is my only escape.

Anonymous said...

This book unsettles.


Wriggles right between stomach and soul like thick Texas chili that someone ignorantly added beans to.

Shames dares--DARES!--shove everyday crime aside to meddle in the sick underbelly of the human heart.

Want this book??

It’s upsetting. Unsafe!

(oh mercy)


Help me; I do.

Brian Schwarz said...

Dena speaks the truth! ;)

Here's my case:

Over the last four days it's been warmer in the following places than Minnesota:

Nearly All of Russia
Half of Canada
Most of Greenland
Antarctica - yep. Antarctica
Oh, and parts of Mars

A good book would make a good (cough*combustable*cough) distraction. Send firewood.

Colin Smith said...

Who should win? Who deserves this book? I wish Janet had enough copies to give to all the regulars. This is such a great community of writers, and everyone has shown a lot of love and forbearance (as well as the usual wit and wisdom) over the past year. Some have had some remarkable highs (Donna, Sam), and others have had some pretty stinky lows. But here we all are, looking forward to 2017. And we're still writing, and helping each other along. :)

If you're looking for last minute book gifts, and you want to bless Janet and some of the Reiders, don't forget to check out the books by Janet's clients (see list of clients on the right). I've reviewed some of their books on my blog if that helps. Otherwise, if you can't decide, just buy Gary Corby. ;) Also, don't forget the list of Reider's Published Works in the Treasure Chest.

Karen McCoy said...

Crime fiction isn't a habit of mine--

Though I wouldn't reject a Berkeley author who seems divine.

Which is why this choice

Should go to Stacy, Jennie, Timothy or Joyce

And I'll wait until YA Fantasy fruit hangs low on the vine.

Jared X said...

If I won this book, I’d send you a witty e-mail of thanks. You’d forward my wit on to Ms. Shames, who’d obviously want to start a correspondence with me. The next Craddock book would then feature a wise-cracking sidekick with New York sensibilities modeled wholly after me.

Everybody wins.

Karen McCoy said... in Kathy Joyce...

Kitty said...

While I live in upstate NY, I am an honorary Texan, as commissioned by then-Governor Rick Perry himself in 2004, and I am certain he wants me to have the book.

John Davis Frain said...

Now I know why you don't read the comments first during contest days. My operating furnace alone eliminates me from winning.

Then again, Janet has two copies of Terry Shames' new novel, and she bombed unsuspecting residents with her AC unit. So from an appliance standpoint, I should be eligible.

I'll reserve the right to delete this comment and return after I've forgotten everything I read...

french sojourn said...

“Say, you don’t suppose that guys tryin to break into that S.U.V.?”

“Wouldn’t surprise me.”

“Why not?”

“There’s a copy of Craddock’s latest, I just bought it on Kindle.”

“Thought maybe, he was just cold.”

“Well it’s colder than a witches’ teat in the Yukon.”

“Pretty sure that’s an Escalade.”

Eileen said...

Third grade: me vs. popular underdog Eric Wenz in an epic spelling-bee showdown. Even Sister Mary Judgement smiles when Eric remembers the “h” in spaghetti. My word - the absurdly simple “hood.” Relieved, I blunder “H-U.” Too late; no backsies. I must finish. H-U-D-E. I haven’t won anything since.

Karen McCoy said...

Eileen--great story! Reminds me of the time I forgot the middle a in magazine. "Magzine." Didn't go to the 5th grade school-wide championship that year...

Elissa M said...

There's no reason I should win over anyone else.


I live over 100 miles from the nearest bookstore and I find browsing online for new books and authors frustrating. Many of my purchases occur because of mentions on this very blog. I'd love to win one though.

Craig F said...

Because this year I have come so close.

I got sub-headers

I got great sentences

I got on the long list


I wrote what might have been a wiener

But the world got in the way

And sensibilities were shaken that day said...

If I win, I will relinquish my claim to #1texgirl, if Terry has the nerve to claim it after having moved to the far Texas outpost of California. I am pretty sure #2texgirl is better than #1calgirl. Sachet? (Same as touché but sweeter.)

julieweathers said...


"Wriggles right between stomach and soul like thick Texas chili that someone ignorantly added beans to."

Praise the Lord and pass the taters, someone realizes how wrong this is. Every time I see a recipe from some famous chef or restaurant about their Texas chili with huge chunks of bell pepper and kidney beans I want to throttle them. Call it New York chili or whatever you want, but that isn't Texas chili.


"BrianRSchwarz laughed at me when I wrote 35 degrees in SoCal was COLD." As well he should. I had to get AAA out to jump my car yesterday because I missed a day of starting in in the -20 degree weather.

I'm voting for Jennie. With 6 1/2 kids she needs something to read and holy moly where do you live that library cards cost that much?

Colin If your youngest is too big for chimneys that simply means it's time to have another. Come one man, get with the program. Chimneys are waiting.

Kitty There is a NY flag in the Alamo, which is sacred ground in Texas. Eight New Yorkers died defending the Alamo. Though they had come to Texas to settle, they are still honored by Texas and NY as New Yorkers.

I'm not entering. I'm going to cheer everyone else on. It looks like a great book, but there are others who need new reading material much worse than I do.

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

A drawing, held last week - oh folly - the prize was my book.

Today, enduring the shame of JR’s withering look.

While memoir is my bailiwick, fiction calls from the swell.

A mystery, complete, suffers in query hell.

Tortuous pain! Ne’er ease?

Perhaps a seraphic Shark win. Oh, yes please.

Colin Smith said...

I too would like to know where Jennie lives that she has to pay $420 for a library card!

Julie: HA! We only just found a house we can afford that fits the 8 of us and all our cats and books!! :)

Colin Smith said...

$430, sorry! :-O

BJ Muntain said...

I won't get the book, but I think I should, just for surviving this last year. It's been a terrible, rotten year. I think the world deserves a much better 2017. And I think I deserve a publishing contract. (I deserve the book too, but, Canada.)

Brian Schwarz: I think I live in the other half of Canada. It's been getting darn close to the -40s this last couple of weeks. Although it's supposed to get almost up to freezing this week... so I'll take that as my prize (since I can't win this book, anyway.)

Funny thing is, it's been such a beautiful winter up until a couple weeks ago, that everyone is complaining so hard about these temps, when these are fairly normal temps for December (as normal as anything gets in Saskatchewan).

Brian Schwarz said...

Julie Weathers, you won't believe this.

A friend sent me an image from a Texas news broadcast (San Antonio I believe) that threw around terms like canned foods, nuts, pastries, a gallon of water a day for 3 days per person, coffee can furnace...

The low was 36 degrees for the day and the high was 53...

I'm sorry, that's what a Minnesotan calls T-shirt wearing Spring. I promise the coffee can furnace is unnecessary...

Nate Wilson said...

Until just now, I’d never even heard of Terry Shames or Sam Craddock. It’s an egregious lapse, I know. The surest remedy: Get this book in front of me, stat.

Afterward, I’ll pass it along to a similarly afflicted Reider. To continue the healing.

Claire B. said...

Jennie Camacho gets my vote for winning one of Terry Shames' books from Janet. $430 to get a library card?! I can't think of a worse tale of woe than that! True, I had a colonoscopy this morning (and trust me, that's a tale of woe -- or rather, a tail of woe), but seriously, I can go to a library for free where no one would dream of charging me anything.

Beth said...

So many deserving readers, but IMO Jennie NEEDS the escape of a great story. Preferably in a nice bubble bath. With the bathroom door locked.

Sorry about the cold, everyone. Anchorage popped up above freezing yesterday because all our weather got rerouted. We need more snow for skiing. Please return to sender.

Janice Grinyer said...

I grew up in a rural area; the county library had a bookmobile.

Starting at age 9, I patiently waited in the field where the bookmobile parked every month.

I read everything I could from that bus for years.

I live in a remote area now.

Please be my bookmobile?

Susan said...

I don't read crime fiction, so I'm sadly removing myself from the running. But if I could add my vote...

Linda: Because she bought books for Christmas gifts and there's no better way to pay it forward than a gift of books.


Jennie: Holy crap on a cracker--$400+ for library cards?! And six kids under 13? Reading sounds more like a blessing! :) If you'd like, I'd be happy to send you a copy of my MG book for your kids. You also have my vote for Janet's giveaway.

Colin: I echo your sentiments. This community has been an amazing source of inspiration, strength, and new friendships this past year. I remain so grateful for everyone in it.

Lennon Faris said...

I wish I personally knew Santa so I could put in a word to send a copy to all these Reiders.

Brian Schwarz - your first comment really made me chuckle!

Sharyn Ekbergh said...

I think it would be fun to know where everyone lives.
And whoever wins the book could write their name in it and pass it on the next person.

Colin Smith said...

Lennon: Brian Schwarz - your first comment really made me chuckle! This could be said of me, too. Trouble is, my first comment here was in 2011. They've been going downhill ever since. ;)

Sharyn: Janet knows where I live. That's scary enough! 8-O

John Davis Frain said...


That is indeed a tail of woe. I hate laughing at someone else's pain, but you left me no choice. Ouch! Ha!

And after that, to nominate someone else for the prize. You're gonna be on somebody's Nice list, no mystery there.

I second (or third or fourth) Colin's original statement about what a great neighborhood we all live in here. And let's be real, the landlord is pretty cool too, even when she doesn't hand out books.

Also, 50 words is not many.

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to Jennie as well. Although I suspect she doesn't live in the US if she has to pay $430 for a library card. Good lord.

I'm disqualifying myself, as I already have more to read than I'll ever get to. Never mind that I'm supposed to be writing, not reading. Plus, I've gone completely over to the digital side and wouldn't know what to do with a paper book anymore.

But I had to comment just to say: what a gorgeous cover! Congrats on the new release, Terry!

S.P. Bowers said...

Mom of three adopted kids (7, 6, 5) and a writer in my spare time (ha). Youngest faced trauma and neglect before adoption. Sometimes I need to escape. Our raise-the-kids and build-a-house-in-Colorado (yes, we are crazy, thank you) budget doesn’t include books for my 100-books-a-year reading habit. Send help.

T. Monson said...

Please, Janet. I love your blog, your wit, and think you are totally awesome!

(P.S. Happy Holidays!)

Claire Bobrow said...

I'm voting for a multiplier on the giveaway book so that Kathy, Dena, Stacy, and Jennie can all have one. Oh, and Claire B. When I saw her comment I thought: did I have a colonoscopy this morning? I mean, they knock you out and stuff, but this is ridiculous. And then I remembered - ah, the other Claire B., my doppelganger here on the Reef. Whew!! But I sympathize. Been there, done that.

If you miss out on the giveaway, here's a charming antidote that relates to yesterday's topic:
Santa Claws - Simon's Cat

AAGreene said...

Thank you for another book recommendation! I want to start at the beginning of this series. I've been stockpiling books as Christmas presents to myself and I can't wait to dive in!

I'm wondering about the cover choice of this one - it doesn't match the others in the series. Is there a reason for this?

Just Jan said...

Dear Santa Shark,

I've been very good this year. My WIP is almost complete. All I want for Christmas is this book.

Your chum,


R. Bacon said...

As I sat down last night to wrap four volumes of Christopher Fowler's 'A Peculiar Crimes Unit' mystery series, a revelation struck me. I have yet to read a Christopher Fowler work. Only to further my education of the writing craft, I dutifully pulled a volume from its tissue tomb and selflessly ceased my wrapping duties to sit back and see what this award winning, English storyteller had to offer. Now that I am halfway through the first, I realize that I cannot both, finish four books, and send them in time for Christmas. I fear that if you do not send me another tale to distract me from Bryant and May, my beloved sibling will be without a gift. Oh please, won't you save Christmas for my poor, old sister?

Steve Stubbs said...

This the winter of my discontent,
Make glorious spring with this child of Craddock,
By giving it to someone else.
I have too much to read.

RosannaM said...

Chance n. a possibility or probability of anything happening
Luck n. a force that brings good fortune or adversity
Opportunity n. situation favorable for attainment of a goal

I have earned the book by recognizing that this contest is a chance opportunity for me to enjoy some Monday good luck.

Julie Weathers said...


I know people in the frozen north mock Texas news reports that tell people how to prepare for winter emergencies, but they really can be emergencies. Every year people freeze to death when it drops below freezing, especially in the high humidity areas. I don't know the scientific reason for this.

When the ice storms hit knocking out power lines and closing roads, most Texas cities don't have the equipment to adequately clear roads quickly. It doesn't happen often enough to justify the millions of dollars in the budget. So it is with most southern cities. You budget for what you have to deal with most often.

Many southern cities have emergency funds for air conditioners for the elderly and sick as they are not luxuries.

And earlier this year more than 20,000 cattle froze to death in Texas in a freak storm. Stuff happens and it happens quickly when a norther blows in.

Not chastising. I'm in Wisconsin freezing my butt on in the -20 below, but I understand what happens in Texas also.

RosannaM said...

I make it a habit to never read the posts/comments/entries until after I have posted. Because I am chicken? Probably. But also there is a deliciousness in waiting, cozying down and reading.

I wrote my entry while I was waiting for a pharmacy refill. And then a little before and after some Christmas shopping. Both situations requiring much patience and endurance. Butttttt…..

I have heat. In my house and car. And our lows are now above freezing.
And I did not suffer through any medical/surgical procedures today.
And unless I am seriously forgetful, I never pay to check out library books.

So, I totally vote for Jennie for one copy and I can't make up my mind who the other deserving recipient should be. Good luck to all!

John Davis Frain said...

Good thing I have one comment left, because now I want to nominate the heart-giving, patience-bearing, Colorado-dwelling, 100-book-a-year-reading, child-rearing S P Bowers.

Lemme know when you write your memoir, I'm sure it'll be a hoot with a heavy heart.

Cipher said...

Books, no matter the where or the how or the why, always make the world a better place. Always.

S.P. Bowers said...

Aw, thanks John Davis Frain. Don't know if I'll ever be coherent or sane enough to write a memoir but bits and themes keep showing up in my novels.

Her Grace, Heidi, the Duchess of Kneale said...

I'm sitting in the dark feeling physically miserable with minor complications post-surgery.


Minor physical pain is nothing compared to heartbreak. I'll take it over emotional misery any day.

I'm grateful it's only a swollen lower esophageal sphincter and not a stomach rupture.

I'm grateful I don't have to shovel snow, and that my A/C is working well in the 100+F degree weather Australia experiences at this time of year.

I'm grateful I can check out ebooks from my local library from my home computer For FREE, and thus have plenty to read.

While I am all about reading to expand one's horizons, someone else other than me deserves this book more.

If y'all wanna make me feel like a winner, treat your good selves to one of my books instead. I write escapist fiction so you can abandon Reality for a few hours.

(I wish this headache would abandon me. )

Julie Weathers said...


I should clear off my bookshelves and flood you.