Sunday, December 18, 2016

Kitten conversation



What are the kittens saying?


Linda Strader said...

Charlotte says, "Hmmm, I must go check that out..."
Fern says, "On the count of three, I will attack."

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Fem, "Should I or shouldn't I ?"

Charlotte, "WTF go for it, juuuuump!"

french sojourn said...

Charlotte: “You know Mamma’s song Fern?”

Fern: “Which one Charlotte?”

Charlotte: “Rock-a-bye baby.”

Fern: “Yeah, I love that one.”

Charlotte: “What happens after…When the wind blows, the cradle will rock?”

Fern: “I forget.” * jumps *

Charlotte: “Mamma, Ferns going for the ornaments again.”

Kregger said...

You distract her and I'll pull the tree down.

Theresa said...

Charlotte: "Cheese it, it's Santa."

Fern: "I don't care. I'm going in."

Lisa Bodenheim said...

Fern: Oooooooo!

Charlotte: Fern. Fern.

Fern: Shiny!

Charlotte: Ohoh. There's gonna be trouble...

CynthiaMc said...

Charlotte: "Hello, Santa. Is that for me?"

Fern: "Not if I get there first!"

Dena Pawling said...

Charlotte: This blog says "but I'll still answer every query."

Fern: This tree says "I dare you to come get me."

Charlotte: I wonder if that still applies if my query is "please come pet me."

Fern: NOW you tell me it wasn't attached to the ground.

Donnaeve said...

Charlotte, "I see all. Just not you. You are not on my list of interesting things."

Fern, "Is is! Be still! No one move!"

Julie Weathers said...

When do cats ever not go for it? Of course Charlotte is telling Fern to go for it.

Elissa M said...

Charlotte: "Soon, all the gifts will be mine."

Fern: "I see a kitten in that red ball! I must pounce first!"

Claire Bobrow said...

Charlotte: "I think I hear a duck."

Fern: "Found it."

Craig F said...

Charlotte: What the hell is that?

Fern: Food?

No, its not food it's...what the hell is that?

If it ain't food then it is a toy.

Maybe that is food at the top.

Maybe it is a racetrack. On three...One...Two...

Lennon Faris said...

Charlotte, on my right shoulder:
"Oooh, I don't know. I think we should first consider the pros and-"
-Fern, on my left.

Colin Smith said...

Fern: Hi fir, I'm Fern. Fir. Fern. Fir. Fern.
Charlotte: *sigh* Really?

Karen McCoy said...

Charlotte: "You know you're going to regret that later."

Fern: "Treeeee. Liiiiights. Duuuuuck on a striiiiing...."

Panda in Chief said...

Charlotte: what? Who me? I don't know who licked the butter. I bet it was Fern
Fern: Charlotte! I never! I...I don't want to live any more! I can't keep going with this cloud of suspician hanging over me.
Charlotte: if the flea collar fits...
Fern: I'm going to climb to the top of the tree, and then I'm going to jump! You can't stop me!
Charlotte: oh please...
Fern: goodbye cruel world!

Kathryn said...

Charlotte: Damn right not a creature was stirring.

Fern: Yikes. Found the mouse...

John Davis Frain said...

Charlotte: Before you leap, you might -


Charlotte: Well, Fern, that brings you down to three.

Fern: That was better than catnip. Think they'll put it up again?

Katie Loves Coffee said...

Charlotte: "Fern, I'm not sure that's a good---"
Fern: "I got this. Hold my nip."

roadkills-r-us said...

Fern thought, If this duck doesn't blink soon, my eyeballs are going to dry up and blow away, but I will NOT lose a staring contest to a duck!

Charlotte: "My strategy is to wait until Fern either gives up or goes blind, then dart in before that dratted duck blinks, and take it on while it's weak. Sorry, Fern; I'm going to let you take one for the team."

MA Hudson said...

Charlotte: Doggone, you're not!

Fern: Nah, I'm just kitten.

Gypmar said...

As the mother of these two lively felines, the words originally posted with the bottom photo were "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT." :)

LynnRodz said...

Charlotte: Maman Requin, Fern is going to pounce!

Maman Requin: Don't worry, petit chou, it's a hynosis technique. He'll be like that for hours.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte was hypnotized by the lights. "It's so beautiful. I don't know where to start."

"Imma start right here with this duck," said Fern. "Or maybe this big red ball."

"Won't we get in trouble?" asked Charlotte.

"We'll just blame the dog again. It worked at Thanksgiving."

Charlotte purred. "That turkey was delicious. Let's do this."

[Gypmar, your kittens are so cute! Hope they're not making too big a mess. Or reading these comments and getting ideas . . . ]

Beth said...

Fern: Hey Duck. You talkin' to me?

Charlotte: Is that the can opener?

Gorgeous kitties, Gypmar. Thanks for sharing them.

Gypmar said...

KdJames and Beth, the cute around our house is just about killing us. I definitely won't let the kittens read the blog. :)

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Charlotte, He grabbed me. The SOB grabbed me. He had no right. Just because he's rich he thinks he's the cat's meow to all females.

Fem, Don't worry I get him by attacking that tabby on his head. Here I gooooo....

AYL said...

Charlotte: Is this pose okay? Do I look stoic enough? Or should I point my ears a little more?

Fern: I am going to eat you know. It's time to make my belly full again.

Cipher said...

Charlotte: 'What do you mean I won't grow into my ears?'

Fern: 'Butters? The budgie? Haven't seen him. Pretty sure the tree ate him'