Monday, August 19, 2013

It's a small world writing contest results!

I'm having so much fun with these! I hope you are too! I really love how inventive you're getting with words and form. 

Herewith the results for this week's contest

Special recognition for entries that gave me the shivers:
Elliot 10:02pm
Carolynnwith2Ns 10:22am
Curtis Moser 11:57pm

Special recognition for entries that experimented with form (a particular love of mine!):
Jaz 10:04am
Tara Tyler 10:30am (love love love this one but not quite a story)

Special recognition for entries that cracked me up:
Kitty 10:06am
Craig 10:16am
JD Paradise 11:13am
Kathryn Leonard-Peck 9:11am

Special recognition for entries with lines that really stand out:
French sojourn 10:39am
Are your pants around your ankles… are you balancing cashews on your dick?
Because you’re fucking… nuts!

Tanisha Payne 7:40pm
There are 3 things my mother hates most: one of them is me.

Fiercely Yours 11:15pm
she was a Chum at three buckets tall, well above the three-thimble requirement

Jenzie 9:39am
I wasn’t going to tell him more because I didn’t want him to kill me.

Special recognition for inventive uses of prompt words!
Curt David 11:18am catechumen

Lenny Liang 12:16pm 

These are the entries that weren't quite a story but close
Myra King 6:18pm
CHLamb 7:25pm

Here are the finalists:

(1) Claire Gregory 10:11am
I couldn’t help staring at his trailer whenever I mowed the park lawns. Every window covered in tinfoil? Jesus. The old coot watched from a lawn chair, can in hand, and his chainsaw voice ripped out. “Hey, chump! Pull up your goddamned pants!”

One week, he wasn’t there. Inside, I found him sprawled in Hoarders paradise, gasping. Grinning. “Been waiting to kick the bucket since ’83.”

On the paisley walls hung framed business degrees. A wedding photo.

After the funeral, I crammed my MFA in the closet.

His last words were the first I typed. “Life’s what you make it.”

(2) Sisi 10:17am
@newtonsbucket: Anybody hiring? Degrees in philosophy and math. Can start today. #hardworker #needajob

@bigboy1009: **future employer pants with excitement** #sarcasm

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@snowflake: Aw poor baby. up :-) #missyou

@newtonsbucket: Seriously, I’ll take any job anything getting desperate here

@jaxrwild: Texas Hold’em tonite. You in?

@kneecapper: 2 more days, chump. See you soon

(3) Steven 11:29am
My heart stopped 3 minutes ago. My vibrantly youthful wife tossed my wasting body beyond the brass railing like chum from a bloody bucket. Sea temperatures of forty-degrees consume me long before any great beasts can feast.

Actually, the private anniversary excursion had been my proposal. A two-year confinement in our home, as Lou Gehrig’s leisurely yet diligently ravaged my muscles, makes a man yearn for salty air.

Embedded pain finally retreats as crimson sludge stills in my paper veins. I now want to halt this irrevocable release as my flickering synapses recall the suicide note’s still in my pants.

(4) Amy Schaefer 3:33pm
“I got 3 degrees of stinking chum bucket on my pants!”

Two pristine figures led the sooty child away. The little boy’s eyes rolled like marbles.

“Robbie were always that way.” Bernice stuffed another cigarette in her wrinkled mouth. “Child Services paid extra fer broken ones.”

“You left him in the fire?”

“I don’t get paid t’be Wonder Woman. Where’ll they send my checks now?”

“No more checks, Bernice.” I opened the door behind me. The sudden heat blasted her cigarette to ashes. A biting, burning horde swarmed the screaming woman. “Welcome to hell, madam.”

I do love my job.

(5) S.C.Kirk 10:54pm
I dropped the bucket of "chum" in the pool, shocking the pearl and linen draped guests. The penguined waiter crashed a tray of Bellinis; champagne splashed the pants of bow-tied men. My wife lasered her eyes, heating my skin to 3 hundred degrees. "I know about you and Phil," I shouted. "Just like our wedding. You ruin everything," she hissed. In my departure, a razor-nosed woman remarked, "Wonder where he got the chum." I passed through the stables, stalled by the wood chipper, and trailed my finger in blood still dripping from the blade. That ain't chum, lady. That's Phil.

(6) Terri Lynn Coop 1:09am
Jocks are such losers. Chum the waters with girls in librarian glasses and their wallets fly out of their pants.

Cal Poly costs a bucket of cash. Bartending here dropped my GPA to 3.98, but it's worth it. My tech degrees are paying off.

These uncredible hulks don’t realize that every time they flip their credit card I hack a buck into my account.

Hang on.

“Ten beers? VISA or Mastercard? Yeah, I’m from Poly. Wow. You’re funny.”

Where was I?

Revenge is sweet and profitable. It's not my fault they’re too dumb to beware of geeks bearing grifts.

(7) Scott G  8:09am
I’m watching.

She slinks into apartment 3B. The one I’m in right now. She doesn’t know I’m here.

I’m watching.

She slips off her shoes and proceeds into varying degrees of undress. Her blouse. Her pants. A robe.

I’m watching.

She fills a bucket with water and bleach. She opens the bathroom door. A layer of bloody chum covers the walls and floor. I gasp. She stops and turns her head.

I’m watching.

She smiles and two-steps into the kitchen. A convenient knife lies on the counter. She grabs it as she passes by. She finds me.

I’m next.

And the winner is : Sisi 10:17am for a masterpiece of form and story telling and hilarity all in one.

Sisi, drop me and email and let me know what you like to read.  We'll figure out a great prize for a great entry.

Thanks to all who entered. This was a great deal of fun!  Next contest will be next weekend! 


french sojourn said...

WOW SISI, took me a couple reads yesterday, then the light went on (Wattmieser) Hit the ball out of the park with 3 men on base. NICE.

The talent is increasing weekly, this writing seminar is great..Thank Madam Shark.

As usual the varsity was represented, T.L.C., claire, myra, J.D.P. Amy...etc.

Claire G said...

SO excited to be a finalist this week! Thanks Janet! These contests are switching on lightbulbs in my writing brain in so many good ways- I'm looking forward to every weekend to see the next prompt.

Love reading everyone's work- congratulations Sisi, other finalists, honourable mentions, and everyone who entered :)

Colin Smith said...

Congratulation, SiSi! And well done to all the finalists. I was particularly impressed with Amy Schaefer's entry for using all 5 words in the first line--excellent!

Thanks, Janet, for another great contest. :)

Lenny Liang said...

Congratulations SiSi,

Your work was inventive, creative, and a real work of craft.

I also really appreciated Terri Lynn Coop's piece. I really admire her writing voice and use of clever wordplay. I would be very interested to read more with her story's character.

LynnRodz said...

Congratulations Sisi and all the finalists! I'd like to mention I enjoyed jwillett's bucket POV and Durango Writer, your entry was hilarious - I loved it!

Janet, I'm glad you're having as much fun doing these contests as we are partaking in them. It's a great learning experience for all of us that has nothing to do in reference to sports.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Sisi! That definitely was soooo creative! I'm blown away every week by the entries. It's astounding how many different ways contestants think of ways to use the prompt words. I think this shows how difficult it must be to weed through full length ms's...b/c even choosing a winner here can't be easy!

Well done to all who got a special recognition too!! I'm hooked. Which is weird... hooked by a shark. Who'd have guessed.

Anonymous said...

Sisi, so so good. Congratulations to Sisi, finalists and all who entered. Art harder for me. Thanks again Janet for your time and high standards.

Terri Lynn Coop said...

*bows to SiSi*

Perfect slow burn, took a couple of reads and then BAM, like a BOSS.

Thanks for the shoutout as well. What a group this week. These contests are a grad school seminar in writing and I appreciate them so much.

I'll be at Killer Nashville next weekend, but guess what I'll be doing on Saturday night? So, everyone, same bat time, same bat channel.


Steven D. said...

Congratulations, Sisi. Another great round by all. It's great to be a finalist. Thank you, Ms. Reid for another enjoyable experience.

Cindy C said...

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words! Every week I'm so glad I don't have to select a winner--so much talent and creativity here. You've all pushed me to stretch my creative muscles.

Thank you so much, Janet, for the time and energy you put into these contests and your blog in general. I feel like I'm getting a free education on how to write!

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Sisi, you are too much, really, too, too much, congrats.

Thanks for the 'shivers' shout-out Janet. The variety of thought and execution on these 100 word babies is staggering. Love it.

Madseasongirl said...

Congrats Sisi and to everyone else! I enjoyed all the entries and I'm so glad J Reid does these. It really helps to get the creative juices flowing :)

Can't wait til the next one!

jwillett said...

Congrats SiSi! This was my first attempt to write a 100 word story. It was definitely a challenge, but also a lot of fun. I look forward to trying again (sleeves are rolled up and pen is ready to go!).

Scott G said...

Thank you, Janet. These contests are amazing in so many ways. I never thought I could learn so much just by writing 100 words.These stories are a tremendous help in learning how to find a voice. I also learn by reading all of the other great entries. Thanks again.

Mr. Christmas Closet said...

Janet, thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Great fun and great practice. Congratulations to the other finalists, and especially to Sisi the winner. I have to give props to Scott G. for making my spine shiver with his excellent "I'm next" ending.

Kitty said...

First of all, CONGRATS to Sisi! And congrats to all the finalists!

I love reading what people enter for these contests. It's amazing how everyone comes up with a different twist.

Soooo, when's the next one?

Kitty said...

Okay, never mind. If I had read the entire post, right through your last line, I would see that the next one is next weekend. YEAH!

Just sign me "Emily Litella"

Scott G said...

S.C. Kirk - YOUR spine shivered? Holy cow. I was thinking about buying a wood chipper, because I have a lot of trees and I need some mulch. Uh, don't think so.

Tara Tyler said...

way to go winners!! I'm always impressed by how much is said in so few words!

and yeah for honorable mention!!

I assume you knew the answer to the riddle =)

Michael Seese said...

Good job, everyone. And a special AWESOME JOB to the finalists and winner.

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

So many fabulous entries! Thank you for hosting these.

Lance said...

Congratulations, SiSi! Great job. Well done to the finalists and call outs. Absolutely fantastic contest. Thank you, Ms. Janet, for taking the time and trouble for this incredible series.