Sunday, September 16, 2012

Best time to go to the flickers in NYC!

The 10:30am showing is pretty much a private screening!

This is a Times Square multiplex too!

For this showing I saw Ted starring Mark Wahlberg (yes I'm a besotted fan) and then I zipped across the street to see Bourne at 1pm. Not quite empty but fewer than ten people in the theatre!


Don said...

I've always been fond of the first matinee showing on a weekday myself.

Michael Seese said...

That's a movie theater, isn't it? My wife and I used to frequent those in the BC days. (BC = Before Children.)

Apropos of nothing, we saw the movie "Dogma" on Christmas Eve one year. It looked about like that.

Judith Gonda said...

I thought Ted was very funny.

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

The Bourne movies are some of my all time favourites! It may not be the same without Matt damon, but it's on my list.