Sunday, October 31, 2010

All advice isn't created equal, and some of it is stupid

I thought you'd found every single way you could make me snort coffee out my schnoz when I read queries.  (The posts labelled Query Pitfalls show the array.)

This new one though is really really funny.

You're querying an agent for representation.  You start the query in this format:

Word count:

And then you write:

Represented by:

No matter what you put there, it's wrong.  Your name?  Uh no.  My name? No no!  Another agent's name? REALLY no. Not represented?  duh!

For starters, you don't begin a query this way. And don't ever put Represented By in a query.  You shouldn't be querying anyone if you have an agent already. (There are exceptions but they aren't you.)

I'm getting the sneaking suspicion there's a website of "helpful ideas and templates" on querying out there that lists this format.  Ignore it.  You don't have to take what I say as gospel, but find ten websites about query letters and see what they all say.  Then decide.

If you don't know ten sites about writing queries, you aren't ready to query.

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Jan Markley said...

That one takes the cake ... the cupcake!