Sunday, September 05, 2010

I love it when the clients get clever!

Tonight on twitter is was business as usual: biting wit, some discussion of The Wire, SundaySoup, and welcoming Kathleen Ortiz back from Florida.

Then here came Kari Dell. You will remember her as the author of the hilarious blog Montana for Real. She tweeted this:

For your Sunday afternoon amusement, the next four or five tweets shall comprise the best shark joke ever, in honor of You Know Who. (that would be me)
Father and son sharks come upon a bunch of shipwreck survivors thrashing around in the water. Father says, "Follow my lead."
"First, swim a bunch of circles around them with just your fin showing."
They did.
The people thrashed harder and screamed a lot.
Then the father said, "Okay, now we can eat them."
And they did.
Afterward, the son said, "Why did we have to swim circles around them?"

"Because they taste better without all the crap inside."

Well, of course I thought that was the funniest thing I'd seen since someone chastised me for responding to an email query sent to me with the wrong agent's name on it.

And now here's Kari's final tweet, and the real punchline:
I've gotta say it: Now we know why you circle the lobby 5 times before settling in to take conference pitches. #waitstodie

I'm still laughing.

Of course there's only one thing to say now: Alaska Here I Come!


Anonymous said...

I bet the dry-cleaning staff at the conference hotels despise you. Just sayin'.

Janet Reid said...

maybe but the housekeeping staff love me (well, as much as they love any one) cause I read Elaine Viets book about hotel housekeepers and now I tip VERY VERY well from Day One of the stay.

Maybe I should start tipping the laundry service providers...just as a preventative measure.

Steve Stubbs said...

That is the funniest joke I have read in years.

Er, that is a joke, isn't it?

You don't really do that, do you?

Under Cover Editor said...

I'm beginning to think it's impossible to work at any tipped job without immediately boosting how much you tip for said service.

SundaySoup said...

I was going to slack off on the SS post this week, but you inspired me to write one. Especially since I skipped last week, not TV!

dolorah said...

Too funny.


Kathleen Ortiz said...

Aww! ::hugs self::