Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meredith and Suzie get Vultured

Yes, well now you know why ZERO work got done here on Monday afternoon.

I was abandoned by both Meredith


The Suzenator!

However, the bribe was delicious!


_*rachel*_ said...

AAAAAAAAGH! You got a copy already? How did you get a copy already? The hold list at the library is 77 people long!

I'll probably have to part with a couple hours' wages to get a copy, assuming the bookstore doesn't run out by Saturday. *groan*

Christine Tripp said...

Just saw MJ displayed on the shelves here in Canada and will be picking up a copy for my Grandson very soon.
Say what one will about Twilight but it was THE book that finally got this 16 year old to pick up and open one, let alone love it. When he received T for Christmas, his face glared distain and disappointment," a BOOK?!"
Now he's devouring and raving about Hunger Games and the rest of S.C's works is on his 18th BD wish list!