Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What part of "do not do this" is unclear?

A lot apparently.

Let's have a pop quiz:

When should you quote lovely glowing comments received from other agents in your query letter?

A: Always
B: Sometimes: if they're personal
C: Sometimes: if they're spot on
D. Never

Not sure?

Here, read a very calm, very cordial post on the subject by Jessica over at BookEndsLLC.

Want to take the test again?

When should you quote comments received from an agent in your query?

A: When you really want to connect with an agent
B: When you want to demonstrate other people have read and liked your work
C. When the agent said it was great, but didn't fit her list
D: When it clearly wasn't a form rejection, but a personal rejection
E: when you know the other agent you're querying is a friend of the one who made the comments
F: none of the above
G: never

Any questions?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I'm guessing good old G for "Good God, what was I thinking?"

Derek Whisman said...

Dear Random Agent:

I just wanted to let you know what Janet Reid said of manuscript. She may have rejected it, but she had these words to say: "If you don't stop quoting other agents in your query, I'll chomp you. And you can quote me on that."

As you can see, she told me I could quote her on it, so I have. Now buy my stuff. She messed up by passing.

Nevergon A. Happen

Tina Lynn said...

I'll pick H) When you want to be rejected again.

Lydia Sharp said...

Jessica made an excellent point in her final statement.

Lumpy Dog said...

Ah, but what if the rejecting agent says, "not for me, but reach out to this agent instead and tell them I sent you?"

Janet Reid said...

Lumpy Dog, you'll notice you're not quoting what the referring agent said about your book. You're quoting what s/he said to do.

See the difference?

Lumpy Dog said...

I do, though I'm also guilty of quoting an agent who referred to herself as "girlie-wussie."

Janet Reid said...

I'd be tempted to quote that too.

Josin L. McQuein said...

Dear Janet:

Don't bother telling me this is derivative, or non-commercial, or wrote bad, or ikke på engelsk. I've heard it all before and have.

Just get to the good part where I get to tell you you're smarter than the losers who said it.

Fed-up Writerman