Saturday, December 05, 2009

Another entry on "instant rejection"

There are now six ways to be instantly rejected.

The new, sixth, one is this:

The novel isn't finished. Finishing a novel is just the first part of writing it. After you finish, you edit. Then you let it sit for a while. Then you edit again.

If you think you're going to be done soon when you've only written 85% of the book, you're wrong. And you're also getting a rejection.

Query ONLY when you can send the fully finished and carefully edited novel as soon as I request it.


Steena Holmes said...

who knew a finished novel was so necessary? LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, so NOW you agents want FINISHED novels, too?! You're so unreasonable and demanding! There's no pleasing you!


Stephanie said...

LOL at the above poster!!!

I still am in complete shock that people try to pitch something that is not finished. Even in the very beginning, when I knew absolutely nothing...I never ever had any desire to seek publication till my novel was finished. (it sucked, but at least it was finished!)