Saturday, June 06, 2009

The blog author speaks

The blog author wishes to inform you that speaking of yourself in the third person in a query letter is both pretentious and ill-advised.

The blog author finds it off-putting to be merrily reading along about some captivating sure to be a best seller, better than Dan Brown and that miserable DaVinci Code thing, novel and suddenly discover she's being addressed by an omniscient narrator.

The blog author doesn't like to be off-put in a query letter.

No sirree bubba she doesn't like it at all.

Stop it.


Scott said...

Did you ever watch Project Runway when one of the contestants spoke about himself in the third person all the time? Absolutely drove me nuts. : ) Oh, and it drove the judges nuts as well.

: )

Lumpy Dog said...

The dog believes it appropriate to speak in third person with dealing with a company representative who is willing to do the same.

Stephanie said...


Jenna said...

This is also becoming a trend in resumes (I work in HR). It's unbelievably annoying and pretentious. You can't sell yourself in the third person, people! Love the first person, embrace the first person.