Friday, November 02, 2007

You should be HERE tonight... 20 West 44th

I'm pleased as (passion fruit vodka) punch to help the NY Center for Independent Publishing fete Sean Ferrell, winner of the Fulton Prize for Short Fiction. BUILDING AN ELEPHANT was described as a cross between Alice Munro and Stephen King. If that description boggles your mind, wait till you actually hear the story.

Sean's a pretty amazing writer and if I have anything to say about it, you'll be hearing more from him in the years to come. Just think, you can say "I knew him before he was famous!"

Three of the finalists and semi finalists, Christine Foster, Jan Garden Castro And Joan Dempsey, will also read their stories.

The Fulton Prize is sponsored by the Adirondack Review, edited by Diane Goettel.

The reading, and reception to follow, are at the NYCIP (formerly the Small Press Center) at 20 West 44th, starting at 7pm.

No reservations needed, just come on down and get blown away by this amazing array of talent. We won't even charge you one thin dime to attend.

The New York Center for Independent Publishing is part of the General Society for Mechanics and Tradesmen and is a pretty cool organization. If you're not on their mailing list, you're missing out. (


Sean Ferrell said...

Wait a second... I'm reading tonight?!

Janet Reid said...

oh geeze, did I forget to mention it?
I hope you've written something fabulous and prize winning. If you haven't you've got..oh..five hours.

Type grasshopper type!

Sean Ferrell said...

I think I've got a book of Mark Twain stories lying around somewhere... I'll just plagiarize from that.

Mags said...

I have a mad crush on Alice Munro. The thought of crossing her with Stephen King is alarming and a touch sordid. That's damn delightful!

I will need to read Mr. Farrell's story to see if I have a mad crush on him now, too (hang tight, Mr. Farrell), but I definitely have one brewing for whoever came up with that description.

Janet Reid, ma'am, if you've got any Jean Rhys crossed with Douglas Adams hiding in your list, could you blog 'em, please?

Mindy Tarquini said...

Congratulations, Sean! That's just grand!