Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kristin Nelson MEME'd me..

1. First thing you did when you woke up today?
Took a shower (cursed the upstairs neighbor for flushing), made coffee, read my email.

2. Last book you read for pleasure or are currently reading for pleasure?
Allegra Goodman INTUITION is just brilliant writing. And she has four children. I’d hate her but I like her too much.

3. Something you're excited about in your job today?
Mailing royalty checks to two first time authors!

4. Something you're dreading?
Trying to figure out the royalty statement from a publisher I hadn’t sold to before.

5. The worst conversation you ever had with an editor?
There’ve been so many... “no” “no” and “you’re kidding, right”. Actually, the ones I really hate are those when they say ‘no’ and it’s something I thought they’d really like.

6. The happiest conversation you ever had with an editor?
“yes, and we’re leading the list with this”.

7. A habit you'd like to quit?
Correcting people’s grammar and syntax in conversation. It’s so rude, and it just pops out. I hate that.

8. A habit you'd like to acquire?
Going to the Met or MoMA weekly.
I always plan to, and then I get busy and put it off.

9. Greatest strength as an agent?
Optimism, and an ability to talk to people.

10. Greatest weakness?
Failure to recognize that my taste is not always that of the market.

11. Favorite book of the past year?
Anansi Boys by Neil Gaimon

12. If you weren't agenting you might be...
looking for a job..what a terrifying idea!

13. You tag??
I don’t know any other agents who blog except Kristin..and she tagged me.


Anonymous said...

You done good, Janet.


Anonymous said...

That's exactly right, Cindy. She done real good!