Sunday, August 15, 2004

Blog glossary

CAPCHA/Re-Capcha: the tool used by Blogger to filter out spam-bot comments. Some blog readers get pictures. Some get "check that you are not a robot."  It's often an off-topic comment about trying to figure out "what is ice cream" and "what is a cupcake" when it's clear Blogger does Not Know.

CARKOON: desert planet where QOTKU banishes/exiles commenters [in good humor] who question or disagree with her advice or her sanity, or suggest she should do MORE than she already does for the benefit of writers

FELIX BUTTONWEEZER [with various spellings]: a fictitious writer/agent/reader/all-around fun person to make the butt of lame jokes or blame for everything that goes wrong. There are references also to various members of the Buttonweezer family.

NORMAN: the designation for agents who utilize the loathsome "NO Response MeANs no" policy, coined by Colin Smith, and used now by many commenters.

OP:  Original Poster (also, the asker of the question that blog post is answering that day)
Opie: See OP above

QOTKU: Queen Of The Known Universe, AKA the Shark, AKA Janet Reid, the all-knowing [except to brianrschwarz] owner of this blog

TYFATKYFW: Things You Fret About That Keep You From Writing (acronym from blog reader Matt Adams),  specifically things that you fret about that are outside a writer's control and often fretted about instead of plot holes and structural problems in the novel (ie things you DO have control over)

VOMMENT: Originally a typo (of comment) it is now blog lingo as follows:

It's a hard word to define.

Like someone said here not long ago, there's a fine line between funny and stupid.

Vomment: that which balances on the fine line between literary expression and OMG-did-I-really-just-say-that? Yup.

Vomment: A spit it out and hit enter comment.

Vomment: A projectile comment, once expressed, makes you feel better momentarily but leaves behind the lingering air of nincompoop.

These definitions are fine examples of vomments.
 (courtesy of CarolynnWith2Ns)

WOODLAND CREATURES:  writers/authors who scurry around trying to make sense of things, AKA all of us

2NNs (or 2Ns): blog commenter CarolynnWith2Ns.

If you see a term you don't recognize, and can't intuit the meaning from context, it's very OK to ask in the comment section of the post about what that term means. We'll add it here, as needed.


DLM said...

... and my migraine-induced typo gains immortality before I do. Not unlike my cat. :D

Kitty said...

What does Forti-esque mean?

Janet Reid said...

Steve Forti is my nemeisis.
He thwarts my evil machinations by always using the prompt
words in interesting and unusual ways.

Anyone who does that is now Forti-esque.