Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Monday, February 28, 2011

Au contraire, Mr. Woodrell!

In this interview Daniel Woodrell says "You want to hear an agent scream, say 'I'm thinking of a collection of short stories set in the Ozarks.'"

Mr Woodrell, I would buy any collection of yours, including your grocery lists most likely, as would all of your rabid fans.

And the quote of the day just has to be: "I was at a country picking thing the other day and some old boy said, ‘It’s [the Oscars] like the procession of the Sun King, buddy. You’ve got to go.’”


Kate Larkindale said...

I'd buy it.

Love him to bits!

Steve Ulfelder said...

Two words: TOMATO RED.

Haste yee back ;-) said...

We here in the Ozarks assume said Agent is screaming in delight???

Talk to the Wal-Mart "night people," they come out about Midnight... you wouldn't believe the yarnin' they spins!

Yes, Tater Head Tommy from Toad Suck holds court, ain't a toothless smile what's hid when he starts, "Way back, deep in dah woods, there's a...

Haste yee back ;-)

Lorelei Armstrong said...

I'd read that. I'm still waiting for the second half of Winter's Bone.