Friday, October 01, 2010

10/10/ know it's going to be weird!

So of course, Jeff Somers will be part of a reading that night.

Here are the deets

When I put client events on my datebook, I also try to rally the troops:

Me to Sean Ferrell: Jeff is doing a reading on 10/10/10. You in? Drinks after I hope!

Sean: Sure! I'll go if Jeff will void the restraining order.

Me:(cc to Sean) Hey Jeff, can you call off the restraining order for one Ferrell, Sean? We need as many in the audience as possible, right? I'll make sure he wears pants so you don't have to.

Sean: I thought I told you pants were off the table. Speaking of which, who the hell took my pants off the table. They were freshly ironed.

Jeff: Can I get you guys to start chanting "Pants, pants, pants!" every time I try to speak?

Sean: The real question is, can you get us to stop?

(#gracetopia whispering from Twitter: I think they should both wear poodle skirts)

For this and other hilarity, mark your datebooks now!


Steve Stubbs said...

Pants, pants, pants.

So is he going to read aloud or is this one of those deals where the audience doesn't really know what he is reading and they have to bring along something to read themselves?

_*rachel*_ said...

Why can't any of this happen near me?

So, I'll do what I can to join in:

Pants! Pants! PANTS!

Jude said...

got room for one more?!