Saturday, November 01, 2008

This cracks me up


I've itched to send the exact same letter.


djpaterson said...

You should.

Any writer must appreciate a personalised rejection over a stock letter.

Unless it says you're crazy, I suppose. Perhaps you wouldn't like that if you were actually crazy. Maybe this would make you more crazy. You might start to fixate some of that craziness on the person who sent that letter.

On second thoughts... shouldn't.

Unless you're crazy.

jnantz said...

Actually Ms. Reid, I thought that was much nicer than what you've been itching to say to some of the really crazy writers out there.

Funny though!

Catherine Haines said...

I really hope you never end up with someone querying you about "Sephiroth and Me: A Soulbonder's Story" or "I Am A Snape Wife".

Actually, I hope you do - now that would be amusing to see a form rejection for.

The Unbreakable Child said...

Ohh, that's a bit sad to me, but I guess a personalised reject is better than none... Still, glad you have your Calamine lotion on standby for itches, Janet!

Jane Smith said...

I loved it. But feel that the lovely Ms Reid could do even better if she were to put her mind to it.

I've read a lot of huff and puff online from writers who DID receive personalised rejection letters and still weren't happy. If I were still editing I don't think I'd personalise a single one any more. I was, for a time, stalked by a rejectee, and that was bad enough: but having BAD WRITERS writing to me trying to persuade me to read even more of their work... no.