Monday, December 05, 2022

Contest results? Errr...slacker shark returns

 I totally forgot to work on the contest results.

Instead, I took a nose-dive onto the couch and hid from the world with the new Michael Connelly novel.

Look for the results here, later today. Today as in 12/5/22. 


AJ Blythe said...

I wanted to enter (as one of the followers of the emu in question), but the weekend got away from me. Summer, school holidays and Christmas all roll into one Down Under and it makes for a very silly season.

E.M. Goldsmith said...

One better than me. I forgot there was a contest. Depression has a vice grip on me right now. Enjoyed reading entries this morning.

NLiu said...

I only saw the post about the competition an hour after the contest closed! Gutted. Very much enjoyed reading all the entries, though. Looking forward to seeing who gets the sharkly crown of approval.

Cecilia Ortiz Luna said...

Wasn't able to join due to some Christmas related duties.

Elise, I hope you feel better.

I also enjoyed reading the entries. Looking forward to see who got Janet's nod.