Saturday, October 30, 2021

New and Improved!


I'm re-releasing my first book with a new cover, some minor edits, and bonus content but I'm getting tripped up with whether I need to call this a second edition or a revised edition. Is there a difference? What do second editions usually entail and are they usually seen in the fiction world?
I've only run into second editions in non-fiction, where information in the first edition needs to be changed. When the USSR collapsed, all geography books needed new editions!
But the collapse of the USSR doesn't really impact a novel that's already published.
I'd call this a revised edition rather than a second edition. The basic book is the same.
And of course, there's the question of whether you need a new copyright registration:
Here's what the US Copyright office says:
How much do I have to change in my own work to make a new claim of copyright?

You may make a new claim in your work if the changes are substantial and creative, something more than just editorial changes or minor changes. This would qualify as a new derivative work. For instance, simply making spelling corrections throughout a work does not warrant a new registration, but adding an additional chapter would. See Circular 14, Copyright Registration in Derivative Works and Compilations, for further information.


I've seen notices on the copyright page that say something like "an earlier version of this book was published in X." 


Luralee asked:
I think I’m a little confused about what first edition means. If a book says it’s a first edition doesn’t that mean it’s the first printing?

Editions are revisions to the whole book

Here's a photo of the cover of my trusty Merriam Webster.

Notice it's the 11th edition. 
11th edition

That means that this dictionary has been revised and updated 11 times.

You want the eleventh, not the seventh, edition so you'll know what hashtag now means!

And here's a picture from the copyright page.

Notice it's the 22nd printing. 

22nd printing

That means this edition (#11) has been run through the printing presses 22 times.
Each print run is a printing.

Printings and the size of the print run do not bear any relation to the content of the book.
It's a function of demand for the book.

If no one buys the 22nd printing (saturated market) there won't be a 23rd printing.

If aliens arrive and lots of new words enter our vocabulary, there will be a 12th edition.

Any questions?


Katja said...

I have nothing to add, OP, just wishing you that you find the right answer for you here on the blog!

I do have a little something-else to add, dear Reef: Fiancé has upgraded to Hubby 3 days ago. I still can’t quite believe I am someone’s wife now. Like… I used to hear so much criticism about my personality (and OCD!) from my parents and also brother… and so I never believed anyone would want to TRULY be with me. But now there he is: Husband wants to be with me foreverrrrr. 😍

It was a bit of a DIY-wedding, lol. I had done both our hairs (been cutting his hair since the beginning of the pandemic) and also took the pictures in front of a big fat tree myself, using my own camera and the self-timer, always sprinting next to Hubby and then smiiiile. I didn’t wear jeans but not a white gown either – just a dress. We have no car so we took a bus to get to the registration office. Like WHO does that, right?!

We don’t have many friends here in this English town but we did select two nice witnesses. Well, one got lost and managed to drive to the wrong town (and I have NO idea how this could happen, he is a LOCAL boy, but anyway), so we needed to grab a stranger from the road.

For lunch, we went with the ‘last remaining witness’ (title for a novel?) to a remote place. It was my first time out in public socialising since February 2020 and I was still Covid-nervous but I felt we needed to do SOMETHING for our wedding.

By 3pm, we decided to stroll home and had tea and German-style Stollen. Then Hubby had to go back to work on Thursday.

Now having an English husband also means that I have a new last name, hurrah!

Mrs [English name] 🤓

(Thank you for reading my little wedding story! ❤)

Steve Forti said...

Congrats Katja!

Luralee said...

I think I’m a little confused about what first edition means. If a book says it’s a first edition doesn’t that mean it’s the first printing?

Also congratulations Katja!

Colin Smith said...

Katja: Congrats again! Our wedding was a bit DIY too. My wife's aunt, a former seamstress, made her dress, a friend made the cake, and we had people bring food for after. I think it helped make the occasion more personal. Certainly helped with costs! 😀 Some friends paid for us to honeymoon for a few days in York, which, BTW, has to be on everyone's "visit" list if you go to England.

Colin Smith said...

Luralee: My understanding is, technically, yes, the first edition would also be the first printing since it's the first time the book has been in print. That first edition may, however, have multiple print runs. So, for example, you could have a first edition third printing. A second edition usually implies changes to the first. For example, a new introduction, or added appendices.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Janet! 😀

Colin Smith said...

Note to self: Refresh the page before responding. Good to see I was correct... I think. 😁

Katja said...

Thank you, Steve, Luralee and Colin. Aw, we didn't have a cake made by anyone. We bought it on the way home at Sainsbury's for £3, I think - a Christmas Stollen. 🤷‍♀️

We've been in York in May 2019 for 2 nights so it won't be our honeymoon destination. Instead we are going to Zurich (in December for Christmas and New Year), which is also where we met. 😁
We're even staying until January because there was no ferry available for the return in December, and my plan is to apply for a part-time job in the area where Johanna Spyri's Swiss classic Heidi was set. I can't wait. 🙃😊

Luralee said...

Thank you, Janet for the explanation. And thank you too, Colin. Now I’m looking through my first editions looking for the print run. If it doesn’t say which printing is that the first? What about books that don’t give an edition number only a copyright date?

Craig F said...

Congrats Katja, may you be happy ever after.

I have seen second editions of bestseller with things like "bonus content", but those are all I have noticed. I think I would have written a different book, but I'm drowning in ideas for books.

That Merriam-Webster 11th edition makes me feel old, I am using a Webster's New World, second edition that I got in college.

Gingermollymarilyn said...

Congratulations MRS. Katja!

John Davis Frain said...

Congratulations, Katja. Look up "happy" in Merriam-Webster, and I bet the definition hasn't changed with any new edition.

I liked your smiiiiiiiiile. I could see it like you were holding up the photo!

AJ Blythe said...

This was quite a fascinating read. I also assumed First edition meant first printing - because you hear so much about the much-valued "first edition" book.

Katja, Congratulations on now being Mrs [English Name]. I wish you a lifetime of joy together.

Katja said...

Aw, thanks so much, guys! 💙 John Davis Frain, yeah, some of the photos turned out quite well, actually. I'd attach one here if it was possible.

Also, I shall nudge our Professor Joseph S. to comment on editions, because I'm sure he knows this. But we actually already do, given Janet's words but why not have him confirm it one more time. 😉

Kathleen Marple Kalb said...

Many congratulations, Katja. May you have a long, healthy and joyful life together!