Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Flash fiction contest results---a little late, just like the election returns



 I'm writing this on Election Night at 10:47pm.

I'm beside myself.

The only thing to do was go read the flash fiction contest entries again.

And no doubt about it: Jennifer Rand is this week's winner

Jennifer Rand

The hole was deep.
Sandstone rocks piled high, ready to be cast by those without sin.
An old tradition resurrected. He was elated. He'd missed the old days.
"Why now?" he inquired of his remaining, honorable daughter.
"The teachings were a crock, my father. The community is woke now."
"What does that mean?" he asked as he selected a handful of rocks. "Are you mocking me?"
She didn't answer.
"Where are your stones, my daughter?"
The growing crowd flocked around them.
She took the stones from his hand and blocked his exit. "I'll just use yours. You won't need them."


Jennifer, email me with your preferred mailing address, and IF I am able to pry myself off the couch on Wednesday, I'll get your prize in the mail.


How are all y'all holding up?


nightsmusic said...

Congratulations, Jennifer!

That photo of Amber is just too adorable. "You don't see me..."

french sojourn said...

Congrats Jennifer!, I loved the edit, very constructive. A well deserved win.

Just watching the results from France. And working on refreshing our second room. Cheers! Hank.

Colin Smith said...

Congrats, Jennifer!!

I have updated the Contest Spreadsheet in the Treasure Chest.

Casual-T said...

Well done, Jennifer. Congrats!

NLiu said...

Aaaand the winner is.... JENNIFER!


(Re: holding up: I'd been wondering why I'd had trouble writing anything the last couple of days and instead found myself rewatching films I a) know off by heart and b) have no scary bits in. Then I remembered.

Looking forward to all this being over!

I'm not even American. And still.)

Craig F said...

Congrats, Jennifer; you're entry seems even more relevant today then last weekend.

Hanging in; with both hands, actually. It is not yet clear what lies below, so I'm hanging for dear life.

Brigid said...

Congratulations, Jennifer!

Lisa Bodenheim said...

Congrats Jennifer!

How am I doing? Not a lot of focusability so I'm putzing on projects around the house.

Amy Johnson said...

Congratulations, Jennifer! Look up. Here comes the confetti in an array of fall foliage colors. :)

I've been thinking about this story and the suggested edits. Of course, JR is the QOTKU -- goes without saying, but I'm saying it anyway. Stiiiilll, I think I may prefer the uncut version. I'm not sure I would have understood the story as well without the words that were cut. (I may be denser than others here.) I can't know for sure, because my first reading of the story included the additional words. I do know that, for me, the additional words made the story richer. I'm reminded that several years ago, at another site frequented by writers, someone would regularly comment that fewer words are always better. (I know that's not what Janet said.) After seeing the comment several times, every additional time I saw it, I would think of Harper Lee's wonderful words about the ladies with faces caked with make-up and perspiration. Oh, those words! Probably not necessary for the story, perhaps slowed down the story (not in a good way) for some readers. But Ms. Lee's words are smooth, rich, hot fudge. And I do like fudge.

Beth Carpenter said...

Congratulations, Jennifer! Well done!

You know, as writers, we really should take a moment to appreciate the masterful suspense of this election as votes trickle in. Trouble is, we don't know how far into the story we are.

Fearless Reider said...

Congratulations, Jennifer, on a well-earned victory and a wonderfully sinister story! And thank you to Amber for putting in an appearance. Hang in there, everyone!

Jennifer Rand said...

Wow! I'm so excited! I can't believe I won one of these. Thank you, Janet, for the win and doing these contests. Thank you, everyone, for you kind words!

Jennifer Rand said...

"your" kind words.

Stacy said...

Congrats, Jennifer!