Monday, September 07, 2020

oh wait, was this Monday?

cause I've been moving furniture in my apt.
I have new plant friends who need to be in the correct spot for the amount of light they need.

I have Bright Direct for my herb seedlings

I have Bright Indirect for my philodendruns, and my palm.

And I have Recluse Dim for my ZZ plant!

It was either more plants or a puppy and I haven't taken leave (leaf!) of my senses...yet.

I'm caught up on my queries, and almost all of my requested fulls.

I'm feeling quite smug...which means the roof is going to develop a leak sometime in the middle of the night!

Have you made headway on a big project this summer?


Lisa Bodenheim said...

Not feeling smug so much as sore muscles. Our big project was getting gardens sorted so each has blooms each season. Except winter. It's Minnesota, after all.

But yesterday I tackled the rose in the back corner. We thought it would look beautiful there among the phlox, peonies, etc, but it got out of control (and no flowers as the Japanese beetles reduced leaves to filigree) and it's now running into 2 of my neighbor's yards. Hoymalloy...those roots. The rose is now in another place. In quarantine! The corner it came from...empty. Until we know we've got all the roots.

AJ Blythe said...

As we've just finished winter (7 days into spring), my big project, as it is every year, is surviving winter.

I'm very pleased to say I made it, but it was a tough one this year. To be fair, I work from home and we can't afford to run heating when it is just me at home, so I have a teeny foot heater and that's all (21'F - 46'F kind of range for me). Cold enough without heating for someone who has lived most of their life in the sub-tropics.

Kitty said...

I finished a story which began as a germ of an idea sometime around 2005. Story research took time, and flash fiction interrupted me (and helped my writing immensely), but I finally declared my story done this summer. The most important thing is, I like it. At 12,500+ words, it’s the longest piece I’ve ever completed. I googled the word count and discovered it’s considered a novelette. Ça sonne tellement français! With that accomplishment under my belt, I’m working on another novelette. This one is destined to be even longer.

LynnRodz said...

Repainted the kitchen because wine splattered all over. (Don't ask!) Which reminds me, I'm surprised, Janet, you haven't painted your apartment several times since your confinement.

Mister Furkles said...

Janet, you've the same calendar my daughter gave me. But it's now the seventh.
If you get a real kitty, make certain none of the plants are toxic. We had a kitty who loved to eat roses. -- okay, this's all off topic, so bye for now.

Katja said...

Errrr... I have started a shop with lots of writer and reader items this summer. Not sure how much of a headway (I take it this means progress?) it's been if sales would be part of this.

But yes, made lots of headway regarding drawing my designs. And of course, I totally love them.

There is even a book reading another book - isn't it cool?! ;)

Yeah, so if anyone would like to take a look... ahem, and the pricing is what it is only because Etsy and my suppliers take quite a chunk...


nightsmusic said...

No really big projects for me. I need to start pulling the garden because we're hitting the beach for a few days this week, but that's about it. Most of our big projects this year were during lockdown.

On a side note, my aunt and uncle lived in the Century building there in NYC. They had a poodle (miserable dog but a story for another time.) My aunt always enjoyed walking the dog three times a day until winter came. Then it became my uncle's job to walk it. I think he was very happy when the dog passed.

Lisa, the Japanese beetles decimated my roses this year as well. I think this is one of the worst years we've had for them. I feel your pain.

Sherry Howard said...

Yes, Janet, Monday! But it is a holiday! So, enjoy!

My summer accomplishments:
I didn’t murder the people who empty my full pantries. (Too lucky to have a full pantry!)
I didn’t burn down my kitchen although my frequent smoke alarms would make you think I did. (Sensitive alarm, right?)
I didn’t pack bags full of dirty laundry and sneak them into the garbage instead of washing, drying, folding, and putting away. (Naked is not flattering.)

I did sit on my porch every chance I got.
I did totally enjoy my writing community,
I did shrug off worries as much as possible and appreciate what we still have!
I did wear a mask (since March when you couldn’t find them)!

Probably more proud of the didn’t column.

John Davis Frain said...

Katja, you're setting up the old joke, so I'll take the bait.

"What's a headway?"

"Oh, about 5 kilograms."

(See that, I customized it for ya. Here in the states, we'd actually say "about 11 pounds.")

Me? I've made limited headway on my humor-writing class.

Craig F said...

My work is about creating big projects. I just finished modifying something so it can be rotomolded.

For fun projects I am going to build a shelving unit in our back room, just bought the lumber.

I am also almost finished with rebuilding the transom of a neighbor's powerboat, ditto on my john-boat.

Still have the inside of our French doors to paint, but the pool tiles are regrouted, the deck painted, and the rest of the outside of the house is freshly painted, including some whimsy on the carport.

Brittany said...

I got my sewing table moved out of the office (where it was much too big to fit properly) and into the basement (where it... also doesn't fit quite right but is better). I also got myself an adjustable dress form and spent ages messing with the pads to make it an accurate reflection of me in all my lumpy glory.

I guess this means I have no excuses not to be sewing again, huh.

Katja said...

LOL, John Davis Frain, I'm not sure I get it - sometimes I'm just so dim. You mean you lost 5 kilograms of weight? I don't know that old joke.
Will have to show Fiancé what you wrote. Maybe he can 'translate' it for me. No, not into German, into Dim-speak, ha ha.

I do see what you did there, yes! You translated pounds into kilograms for me, thank you! Which is just how it's done in Germany, yes! Not here, though. In the UK, they weigh in pounds, ounces and STONES! 🥴

*goes to seek translation from Fiancé now...*

Katja said...

Oh my.... John I just got the explanation: he said I could spell headway head-weigh.

So yeah, mine will be 2.5 kilograms. Nothing in it, LOL.

See, I told you I was dim.

Or you could try again. Next joke?

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

I gave up on big projects this summer/pandemic and ‘settled’ for smaller ones that moved me forward and fed my writing-gene. Now I’m back to big made bigger and I hope better. I am taking my “quiet” novel and making it shiver and scream.

But that’s not answering the question is it? I reorganized the huge closet in my tiny house. And Janet, babe, new plants and no new paint. Girl you are breaking my Sherwin Williams heart.

Kae Ridwyn said...

I love youz guys - I always smile at these comments!

Me, no headway on big projects. Not writing ones, any way. Too inundated with baby budgies. We had 8 inside, not in the aviary, the night before last. 3 of whom were still at feeding-through-syringe stage! Sigh :(

KDJames said...

I've been hesitant to mention this, but . . . I'm building a house. I mean, obviously *I* am not building it, it is being built for me (downsizing and all that jazz). But it turns out I'm working with a semi-custom builder and that means I'm having to make ALL THE DECISIONS. More decisions than I ever imagined were involved with building a house. At the start of this process, I thought it'd be no big deal as I couldn't imagine having opinions either way on even half of this stuff. I can assure you I have never before spent a moment considering the profile edge of a countertop or the style of interior door panels or the location/number of overhead light fixtures, to name a few. Reader, it turns out I have so many opinions. I'm not even going to talk about my new best frenemy, Sherwin-Williams.

It's fun and exciting (and intimidating), but mostly it has just been A LOT. Soon, I get to pick out lighting fixtures, decide how many electrical outlets I want and where, and approve the direction doors open/close. Did I mention it's a lot? But we are indeed making headway on this very big project. Someday, maybe even someday soon [uncontrollable, slightly unhinged, laughter], I'll write again.

nightsmusic said...

KD! Take it from someone who has walked in your shoes to the point, I was pounding nails along with the building crew. You can never, ever have enough outlets. I don't care what each one will set you back, if there's even the remotest possibility that you'll want to plug something in at some point 'over there' or 'over in that corner' put an outlet there. I know it all seems overwhelming, but the pride in the finished product and knowing you had a ton of input on it...priceless. I still miss that house. Really miss that house.

KDJames said...

NM, I've heard that same advice about outlets from SO MANY PEOPLE. Well, from women. Apparently men never need to plug stuff in? It has been amazing -- for me and the builder, I think -- to realize how a few slight adjustments from "the way we've always done things" can make a huge difference in practicality and ease of use. I'm lucky that they're so willing to listen and make changes.

Craig F said...

Oh, cool. KD

Definitive answer on outlets, six to eight more than you can think of.

Double up on the can lights. They make the ceiling line look higher because they don't put speed bumps in your perusal of the ceiling, they also make it look bigger.

A simple round over is the easiest to clean. Any ideas to make cleaning easier is great.

Have fun!

Kitty said...

John Davis Frain ... What's that in the road, a head?

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

Well, I didn't finish it as soon as I wanted (silly me, I thought it'd be done in April for sure), but Run With the Hunted 3: [subtitle to be determined] is finished, and edited for typos, and now needs some spackling and sanding (and a subtitle and a finished blurb) before it's ready for preorders.

I finished two other short stories that I've been submitting, and have two others well under way. One just needs a bridge between what I've got and where I want it to go (maybe a few sentences? maybe a page? who knows) and the other I'm still finding my way in the dark.

I've also got a NaNoWriMo idea, which could be a sequel to the novel I'm querying...and oh yeah, still querying. Synopsis written, though, so that broadens my horizons some.

Pericula Ludus said...

I too have gotten housemates of the leafy variety. The miracles a year of not traveling (usually I'm on the road about half the time) will achieve. I've had two academic papers published and a third is currently under review. I've taken up knitting and finished two blankets. Nothing big, but I've kept myself out of trouble for the most part.