Monday, August 31, 2020

Yea Monday, right, I forgot

what I should be doing

What I am doing

What are you doing today? What should you be doing?


nightsmusic said...

I have to go to the grocery store.

I don't wanna go to the grocery store.

I hate going to the grocery store.

(cute kitty!)

french sojourn said...

The vineyard has been harvested (mechanically) and the renovations are complete. All my tools, equipment, and material are in a frightful array.

I should be re-organizing my two workshops, I'm admiring another person's cool cat!

NLiu said...

Should be doing: writing.

Actually doing: reading.

It still counts, right?

Theresa said...

Finishing ch. 6, which I should be doing. I kind of want to be doing it, too, but also want to be sitting on a beach somewhere, staring at the ocean.

Happy Monday, everyone!

E.M. Goldsmith said...

Working. Always working. It never ends anymore. Do not check work email during weekend. Lesson learned. I should be writing. I should be living.

Love the cat.

CynthiaMc said...

At the hospital with Hubby for 1 of 2 of his surgeries scheduled this week.

Virtual hugs to all.

Brigid said...

Should be doing roughly what I am, nursing a wee person and figuring out the ten thousand small, important pieces that make up my day.

I had a dream that I wrote a romance novel (not my genre) and got signed by Holly Root. Then I worried the novel wasn't good enough to start a career on but decided Holly would tell me.

I miss writing.

P.S. CynthiaMc, hope the surgeries are smooth and recovery is swift.

Donnaeve said...

Should be editing.

Instead I'm reading about Feety-Thingies. Hilarious!

Fearless Reider said...

Should be: revising Chapter Two
Am: knitting a baby dress (gotta finish before the baby is out of newborn size), baking banana muffins, returning emails, checking the latest polls, and prepping for "school" tomorrow. I'm guiding a tiny pandemic pod of five-year-olds through online kindergarten. Last week was our first run and, oh, my goodness, I forgot what little perpetual motion machines five-year-olds are. The best preparation would be a lengthy nap and a supply of industrial strength cold brew. I am on it.

Adele said...

Should be: de-cluttering, in short bursts, punctuated with writing
Am: waiting to take a "free" webinar. You know the deal: 15 minutes of actual information buried in an hour of advertising for their multi-thousand-dollar program-that-will-change-your-life. But I want that 15 minutes and you never know, they might be having a 1-cent sale.

Brenda said...

Making masks. Should be writing.

KariV said...

After homeschooling the kiddos all morning, I should be writing while they watch a movie. Instead, I napped while they watched a movie.

Cest la vie.

The Noise In Space said...

Oof, very relatable. At least I've managed to be somewhat productive this afternoon, but the morning was a non-started.

CynthiaMC, , I hope the surgeries go well. Please keep us updated.

Lennon Faris said...

I saw this post 2 hours ago and thought, I am putzing around on Twitter when I should be writing. Then I realized my mom called yesterday and I never called her back because I hate talking on the phone. But then I thought, that's probably what I should *really* be doing, and got off my computer and called her.

Cynthia, I also am wishing your husband a speedy recovery for both.

AJ Blythe said...

My work day has just finished so I should be getting dinner prep under way, but instead I am here.

Cynthia, wishing your husband a speedy recovery.

Karen McCoy said...

Posting a day late, but I had a very lazy day before I had to work a 3pm-9pm shift. I'm watching a lot of Chadwick Boseman movies.

Kae Ridwyn said...

Should be: well, I'm at home not at work because my boy's got the sniffles and school sent him home on Monday. We have virtually no COVID-19 in Queensland, Australia, but that's the policy, and Hubby couldn't have the day off so I am. But, all things being equal (not sure when that has EVER applied!) I *should* probably be at work.

Am: sitting down to a late lunch after just sending my son to bed. [Well, he's theoretically sick, yes?] and enjoying a few minutes to myself before tackling the inbox and unpacking the dishwasher, sorting the two loads of clothes I've put on, and then doing some shopping before collecting the two daughters from school. Sigh. At least I've caught up somewhat... I think?