Thursday, August 13, 2020

What are you digging around in?

As I dig in to my queries, requested fulls and my inbox I find myself googling some very odd things.

Here's the list from today:

5. Geology of Lake Titicaca
4. Dan Ackroyd's wife (Donna Dixon)
3. William O. Douglas
2. Charles McNary

and my fave:
1. How to pronounce Kamala.

What are you googling these days?
And if you want to tell us why, please do!

Lake Titicaca


AJ Blythe said...

I've always loved the name Titicaca. It flows off the tongue so well.

My googling this week has been very boring and completely for work. A series of environmental related themes I won't bore you with. But if I am allowed to go back a week or two my google history is full of poison research and is much more interesting!

Carolyn Haley said...

As a fiction editor, I spend nutso amount of time looking up most anything you can think of (because writers think of it all!).

Lookups aren't required as often when developmental editing, but when copyediting, I not only have to check spelling and capitalization of every proper noun but also fact check the weirdest range of details.

I can't imagine how copyeditors functioned in the era before the internet.

CaroGirl said...

Everything I learned about how to pronounce Kamala, I learned from SNL.

Things I google:

1. Modern Family
2. Baker's cyst
3. Umbrella Academy
4. How to make choux pastry

Lisa Bodenheim said...

I'm on vacation/staycation. So I'm googling:

Little Giant ladder
childhood stunting
delft blue and Uranian blue
first use of phrase "standing at attention"
"I Believe" signs
Labour party
refrigerator pickles
shoe storage bench

and just now...Lake Titicaca! And feeling envious of a couple of young friends who're vacationing in the UP. (Yes, I know the UP doesn't have mountains)

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

It was my father's dream to visit Lake Titicaca. He never made it there but he did buy a vacation home in Maine. Another dream a little closer to home. (Wish we still had it).

If anyone were to examine my Google searches I would indeed be considered a weird slacker who should get a life. I'm sure government helicopters are circling above my house. I'm convinced that men in camo without identifying name tags are Arte Johnsoning in the bushes along the perimeter of my property.

BTW if you know what Arte Johnsoning is then you are "very interesting," and old.

Steve Forti said...

My Google from the past 24 hours is filled with searches for student desk ideas to set up a remote learning space for my kids for the fall. Turns out, a ton of people already jumped on that and stock is getting scarce. Gotta get on that!

Kregger said...

I'm researching QAnon. I'm trying to figure out why these Flum Ducks believe that the deep state and Democrats are all pedophiles and why are there upwards of three million of them?
So, a typical day of light reading between clients.

nightsmusic said...

Some of my search history this week:
wixom station
giraffe cam live
purple admiral eggs
black and blue butterfly michigan
crystal spider lampshade
fluted lamp shade
where is the equalier on a note 9
why did chazz palminteri leave rizzoli and isles
ranch steak
core institute dr michaelson
where do you report spam emails
why am I suddenly on ozy's mailing list
whatever happened to the exercise guy with ponytail
extension cord

I don't need to look up Baker's Cyst. Hubs has one that has to be drained occasionally. Then again, he had osgood schlatter as a kid so his knees are shot anyway.

I just realized how...eclectic my list is.

Patriciamarw said...

I'm going to Google so many of the topics listed above. Here are a few of my recent searches:

Where is the actor who played Andy Barclay now?

Aphid deterrent

Who made Harry Potter and the deadly weapons?

Have a good week!

Sherry Howard said...

About Kamala—they are all over the place with pronunciation! She’s probably dealt with that her whole life and I expect her mom and dad even had beautifully different inflections. Isn’t it a wonderful name?

Richard Gibson said...

Because I make non-fiction posts on Facebook etc. about geology (Mineral Monday, Tectonic Tuesday, Waterfall Wednesday, etc.), yesterday I was digging into the history of Rabbit Island off Oahu (a young volcanic feature) and the meaning of its Hawaiian name, Manana. Plus a bunch of geology jargon etymologies you might roll your eyes at.

Emma said...

My search history:
Books to suggest for my book club
Books for me to read without the book club
Book blogs to reach out to because I have a book coming out
Book shops who might have online book launches (because I have a book...etc.)
COVID tests sites for my son so he can be deposited in his dorm on Sunday with a clean bill of health
Best practices for shipping delay messages on shopping cart
Paramedics and drowning victims

In other words, in the past week, I've been either staring down the gun barrel of my son moving out for the first time, or desperately distracting myself with books.

Craig F said...

Stars with known planets

Puff pastry the hard way

microbes-enzymes (bug farts)

chlorophyll A anatomy to make it blue

Puff pastry the easy way

studies of NH3 leaching

plasma augmented lasers

behind the smoke and mirrors of the current administration (the small stuff they are degrading, shower heads, et all), and different macros of gestalt for those)

choux pastry

alternate sources for adobo seasoning

Current Fla environmental regulations relaxment.

That is just off the top of my head, there might be more esoteric crap in another post. I already know of Titicaca from bull shark study.

B.I.Hirsch said...

Court rules on proofs of service (that's for my day job-Covid-19 has changed everything), Fencing treatises and railroad networks from the the 1870s, for a work in progress), and muffin recipes (for breakfast). I think we're making chocolate banana nut (muffins, I mean)-though I'm wondering if it's possible to make a banana split muffin and just how would I go about doing that. I think that'd still be breakfast, not for he work in progress. But if I can work it in later, I'll update you.

Beth Carpenter said...

Recipes for dilled carrots and snap peas, since I have dill and snap peas in the garden at the moment. (Steam veges, add butter, salt, dill. Delicious)
Sunset time in Palmer Alaska on August 20th for WIP
Women's names that mean Fire
Spelling of plural of coho
Who is that actress and why does she look familiar?
Check in procedure at veterinarian
Why won't my printer print black when only the yellow cartridge is empty?

BJ Muntain said...

2Ns: I've always loved Arte Johnson! He actually used to come to Saskatchewan for the Kinsman's annual Telemiracle telethon. When the telethon started accepting donations of grains, he just couldn't bring himself to say the word 'rapeseed' (it's now called canola). He'd say things like 'that awful one' or 'that terrible grain'. Such a sweetheart.

My Google searches are not nearly as 'interesting'. Mostly local restaurants (I'm trying to help the local economy by ordering from local restaurants once or twice a week), and the odd name I see mentioned on social media with no context.

RosannaM said...

How to plant raspberries
Fun things to do in Sandpoint, ID
How to dry calendula
Homeschool curriculum
top of foot pain
live web cam of Sturgis
how to make your own curry powder
ranches near me that sell meat

charlogo said...

Disturbing to see that most of my searches involve chocolate cake, homemade pizza, sugar cookies, and muffins. (Guess there’s no need to Google “sudden weight gain.” Think I figured it out myself.)

Janet Reid said...

Bug farts might just win the day.
You guyz are giving me Very Evil Ideas for flash fiction prompts.

And BJ thank you, I did not know that rape seed (I stumble over that like Arte Johnson!) is now called canola.

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

As Run With the Hunted 3: subtitle to be determined drew to a close, I found myself googling airports in Macau, airports in Vietnam, hotels in both, ferry travel times, and what time of year what weather happened.

Also: lyrics for songs by Julien Baker, who I've discovered through the miracle of NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts, the Youtube Algorithm, or both. And related: Lollar pickups, a company that makes pickups for electric guitars, and then Danelectro, a company that makes a type of pickup called "lipstick pickups" (they look like lipstick tubes and, originally, they were!), lyrics for songs by the band Silversun Pickups (the 'pickups' part of their name does not, I think, have to do with electric guitar parts), then youtube videos on those artist's "rig rundowns", i.e. the equipment that they use to perform, which also, in electric instances, includes their pedalboards. Pedalboards being whatever portable surface they affix their varying effects pedals to. Julien Baker has an effects pedal that makes her guitar sound like a choir is singing with her.

The electric guitar stuff is both interest because of my interest and quasi-proficiency in some musical things, and also for a short story that I am, I think, expanding into at least a novella that takes place in the same timeline/conceit as my short story "Surveillance Fatigue."

AJ Blythe said...

Craig F, only yesterday I made lecture notes for next week with a case study on microbial enzymes... I have just updated said notes to include "bug farts" *grin*

Fearless Reider said...

Oh, my -- these are too much fun. I foresee many writing prompts, and this would be a great exercise in character sketching.

The searches I didn't have to redact to protect the innocent:

can dogs have peaches
sheep's heid edinburgh
venmo vs cash app
mn academic standards kindergarten
best read aloud chapter books for kindergartners
conflict management kindergarten
asatru folk assembly [ick!]
volunteer to drive voters to polls
st. olaf dorm floor plans
rice county mn current covid cases
french horn practice mute
what did I forget to tell my college freshman

BJ Muntain said...

Okay. Because I can never not doubt myself, rapeseed is not exactly canola. Canola is developed from rapeseed, to get rid of a couple things that aren't exactly healthy. From Wikipedia:

"Canola was bred from rapeseed cultivars of B. napus and B. rapa at the University of Manitoba, Canada, by Keith Downey and Baldur R. Stefansson in the early 1970s,[3][4] having then a different nutritional profile than present-day oil in addition to much less erucic acid.[5] Canola was originally a trademark name of the Rapeseed Association of Canada, and the name was a condensation of "Can" from Canada and "OLA " meaning "Oil, low acid",[6][7] but is now a generic term for edible varieties of rapeseed oil in North America and Australasia. The change in name serves to distinguish it from natural rapeseed oil, which has much higher erucic acid content."

Craig F said...

Great, now every time AJ sees one of my comments, she will think of bug farts.

The original form of rapeseed first came from China. It was a relative of the mustard plant and China made cooking oil from it before Marco Polo tool that long road.

It became a staple in Europe and the early Europeans named the Canadian variety after what they were used to. They began the hybrid process that took the Eurcloric acid out of it.

AJ Blythe said...

Craig F, hee hee, maybe so, but my students will hear... "a colleague in the US calls this bug farts" - guarantee they'll remember that part of the lesson ;)

jerrianneh said...

Orchids -- To learn how to care for two someone gave my husband. (Me taking care of his orchids is a fair trade. He does the dinner dishes and the laundry.)
Paula Dail -- For a post I was writing for the Council for Wisconsin Writers blog.
Isabel Wilkerson -- I'd just about her new book, Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents.

John Davis Frain said...

My google list for today, pretty simple.


So, it was a slow day. But hey, if you feel compelled to use some of these diabolical words for a contest, I can part with them.

KDJames said...

John, good contest strategy. I approve.

My googling today was pretty unremarkable:

Umbrella Academy
garbage disposal countertop button
does quikclot hurt
what is chutney exactly

But what I've mostly been digging around in today is a preliminary electrical/lighting rough-in layout. So. Many. Decisions.

french sojourn said...

"I really can't list what I'm researching, then words like premeditated get bandied about in court."

I don't remember where i originally read this, but thought you guys might get a chuckle out of it.

Kregger said...

If you Bandaid premeditated, doesn’t that simply stop the bleeding?
Enquiring minds are ant to know.

Joseph S. said...

I googled "How to pronounce Kamala Harris" seconds before checking in.
I'll have troubles with it for awhile. First, that Tucker Carlson fiasco made me realize her name is not pronounced the way I expected; second, to me Kamala has since my younger days was always Kamala the Ugandan Giant.

Other recent searches:
ashe juniper tree fungus
Kelsey Wallace
ethanol ethyl alcohol
Chicago looting
WKRP turkeys youtube
Yordan Alvarez

and because I'm reading Paultette Jiles' "Simon the Fiddler" words like

bodhran -My inaccurate definition: Musical instrument related to a tambourine

banditti - the definition at first didn't fit the context. I thought the author used the wrong word until I gave it more thought. And then it was great. Speaking of cacti, she wrote: "others standing crowded together, holding up flat hands like dark green banditti in a play." I'm going to use that line in my next email of Texas Hill Country pictures.

Eighth of January - (a song played in the 1800s - maybe before - you'll recognize it under another name - check it out)