Sunday, August 23, 2020


my new plants are seedlings!

 What are you doing from scratch these days?


Carolynnwith2Ns said... is a new seed planted in expectation of a healthy new season for harvesting a future.
Keep planting reiders, keep planting.

NLiu said...

From scratch: making kimchi. Hubble bubble!

Sharyn Ekbergh said...

I spent too much time yesterday making a gluten free pizza recipe that went in the trash. But the pesto ice cubes are good.
Ramona and I are having a nice quiet day together. She's in good form after some hairballitis. Seems to be gone.
I think I have to accept it that a great gf pizza is a bridge too far.

It is so good to have other living creatures in the household.

Melissa said...

Things from scratch:
rewrite of chapter 12**

*fun and easy

nightsmusic said...

Well, yesterday I cut all the grapes that were ripe. Today, I removed them all from the cluster vines, cleaned out the bugs, rinsed them and got them bagged in the fridge. Tomorrow, I'll run them through the fruit strainer on my Kitchenaid mixer and make jam.

Beyond that, I'm reading because it's the weekend and since I no longer work, I work around the house all week and keep my weekends clear. :)

Beth Carpenter said...

I love those colorful plant saucers. In June I found an expired jar of yeast in the pantry, which wasn't viable enough to make bread but did jump-start a batch of sourdough. Now I'm experimenting with sourdough products. My best efforts so far were bread sticks, cinnamon swirl bread, and rhubarb scones.

Brenda said...

This year? Garden. Grampa told us how to build a still out of my pressure canner, but I’m putting up beets and beans instead.

Craig F said...

Just about all that I do is built from scratch. That is the same as before the pandemic. I wanted to get away from all the preservatives in processed food.

I am also a glorified woodworker, so my designs all grow out of some weird spot in my brain.

Yesterday I did blueberry pancakes, today was blueberry muffins.

Last weekend I had half a dozen pineapples that all ripened together, so I made pineapples raisin turnovers for the neighborhood and a couple of loaves of pineapple bread.

Kae Ridwyn said...

Me? Breeding budgies. Our aviary currently stands at 12 adult birds, 2 adolescents (that we've bred) 14 babies and 10 eggs. And yes, that's a whole lot of baby chirping and male birds singing to their ladies!

Lisa Bodenheim said...

This year, I am rich in cucumbers. So plenty of creamy cucumber salad and I made a batch of refrigerator pickles which I've not done for ages. I've also been making skillets of sauteed zucchini rounds (from Mom), sliced red peppers (mine), and home ripened tomatoes (also mine).

I'm also looking forward to what I might be growing on the vines crawling all over my dead lilacs. They look like butternut squash, spaghetti squash, and I think somehow I have a...Cinderella pumpkin?! How'd that happen?

AJ Blythe said...

My spring bulbs! I planted a mix of 275 bulbs, so odds were some had to grow and flower. My anenomes are first with heaps of pretty blooms. After an icy and snowy weekend I'm thrilled that spring is just 7 days away... *happy dance*

And yesterday I made egg-free meringues for the youngest Barbarian and i) they worked and ii) were a hit. Yay!

Craig F said...

AJ did you you the aquafaba method?
Did you also get a good laugh at the bug farts?

Claire Bobrow said...

I made Choco Pan de Coco yesterday, using some leftover sourdough starter. It tasted good with coffee and took my mind off the fires for a little while...

AJ Blythe said...

Craig, yep, the aquafaba method. And yes, I did get a good laugh. If they don't remember anything else from that class, they will remember that :)

Kelli Mahan said...

I'm a holiday gift crafter and a gardener. I've been knitting sweaters, socks, ear warmers, gloves and hats; making tooled leather bags, wallets, and glasses cases; bread & butter pickles, dried tomatoes, jams and jellies (grape, cherry, plum and ALL the berries), mead and fruit wines and liquors; and some blown glass ornaments and oil dispenser bottles. Next is pies, cinnamon rolls, breads and cookies for the freezer.