Sunday, July 12, 2020


Intern Ty

Bad Advice by John McIntyre

Intern Ty and I are lolling about on the couch.
We take breaks to read the essays in Bad Advice by John McIntyre to each other.

What are you doing on the summer Sunday?


Lisa Bodenheim said...

I'm fixing plots holes and adding layers to my story (woohoo, it's been a while since I've been this productive with my MS). I've already drowned a number of those dratted Japanese beetles feeding on our green bean plants, morning glories and roses and lilacs and you get the idea. And I emailed a thank you to Merriam-Webster for their openness to updating the definition of racism as it had "not been revised in decades."

Beth Carpenter said...

That looks like a great book! I've added it to my TBR list.

My first draft word count is now at 127% and still not done. I'm determined to finish the last two scenes today. Usually, I write short and then go back to flesh out the story, but my mind has been so scattered lately that I just rambled.

So, fingers crossed, today is the end of draft one and I can start figuring how to cut, streamline, drop in foreshadowing, tidy up the motivations, and try to piece this ragbag into a quilt.

Laura Stegman said...
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Laura Stegman said...
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Laura Stegman said...

Hoping to come closer to finishing the last of four chapters I've been working on for weeks, worried they would never work out. The fact that I've gotten to this point MUST SOMEHOW encourage me the next time I hit a wall and think, "Surely I can't write after all." Right????
(sorry for the deletions/repost)

Theresa said...

Ty looks very much like our late, beloved George (named for Curious George).

Working on a book review between bouts of cleaning and packing. We decided to move to be closer to our son and his family. Found a house already and have a closing date, but still have to sell the place we have. But no stress at all here!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday. The weather is beautiful here.

Claire Bobrow said...

Ty's ears are cute, but his eyes say: "I mean business." I wouldn't tangle with him over grammar questions :-)

My Sunday morning has been wall-to-wall webinars. First, one about mentor texts, then a triple book launch hosted by Dana Kaye (thank you, Janet!). Now it's time for a breather in the garden before doing the chores.

Craig F said...

Ty has that intense, you are not petting me look.

I had a conference call with a company in South Africa at 0430 this morning. Then i said to hell with it and loaded up a boat to try a new fishing fly.

At one point I had a 2 1/2 foot long gator playing with me. He kept trying to grab the fish I was catching and chasing after them when I tossed them back. He was like a puppy.

Coming back I had to push through some hyacinths and spooked a diving duck and her brood. The duckling all went straight in front of me. I stopped and watched them for a while. It was great.

Nightmusic: Sorry I missed you post yesterday. I think you are too worried by the lack of Monarchs in your area.

We had a very early and very hot spring. That would have started the Monarchs migration north early. If I remember right, you had a late season snow storm. That would have caused the Monarchs to settle a little further south. This year is probably an anomaly.

Clare I can send you some milkweed seed if you want to try to get some Monarchs in your yard.

Dena Pawling said...

My "final" [hahaha, lololol] draft is out with CPs. I'll get their comments, finish, and be ready to query! Yay! This weekend I'm working on my query and ... the dreaded synopsis. Ugh. But at least I'm still on track to begin querying in September/October!

It's 102 degrees here, down from 103 yesterday. I HATE summer.

Claire Bobrow said...

Craig: thanks so much for your lovely offer of milkweed seeds! However, I already have some and sowed them back in March. The two surviving plants are growing - slooooowly - and I'm not sure a Monarch will find them this year, but fingers crossed. In the meantime, we are "overly blessed" with Cabbage Whites.

E.M. Goldsmith said...

I vacuumed. And went a plundering on the high seas. I make a darn fine pirate. Probably going to be an essential worker one day soon, pirates that is.

nightsmusic said...

Intern Ty is a very handsome guy! I wouldn't mind discussing essays with him either. :)

Craig, I don't seem to be the only one who has seen a drastic shift in the butterfly population on a whole this year. I belong to a couple of groups and states south of us are reporting the same lack of butterflies. Today, I had my first visitation by a monarch that stayed more than a couple minutes. She's been in the yard most of the day but is gone now, or at least found a safe place for the night. I'm hoping my milkweed have eggs on a lot of them. I won't look until tomorrow though in case she comes back.

And like Craig, I have at least a hundred milkweed plants and will gladly send seeds to whoever would like them. Just let me know.

Kregger said...

I went sailing. The wind sucked, but it was better than a day at work.

NLiu said...

Manning (womanning?) the query trenches for the first time ever! I'm waiting for replies and keeping very busy so I don't think about it too much.

I also wanted to leave a comment about the gorgeous and magnificent monarch yesterday, but my internet wasn't cooperating. So glad he/she survived and is winging happily about somewhere!

My parents are involved in rare butterfly conservation and I have happy childhood memories of doing butterfly surveys and helping out at fundraising events. It breaks my heart a little bit more every summer when they tell me the latest survey data. The hotter climate is playing havock with the butterflies' breeding season, killing their symbiotic insect friends, frazzling their food plants and making parasites boom. And wildfires aren't helping. Did I mention the butterflies are tiny and perfect and look like fairies? It feels like magic is dying.

BUT your monarch made me very happy! So thank you, Nightsmusic!

BrianH said...

I want to hear about the pirating, E.M.! I was on a scientific cruise a few years ago, during which we had a pirate drill as prep in case someone tried to board the ship...looking for samples of the mud that accumulates on the seafloor? I think the pirates would have been very disappointed with us.

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

Ty looks a good, serious intern!

Did general writing stuff today. Submitted some stories, finally came up with a title for one of the stories I wrote this week (I wrote two! stories! this week), some working on Run With the Hunted 3. Took the puppy for a good walk.