Saturday, June 27, 2020

Rex and Leo!

Leo and Rex!
Have some great reading time during your hiatus, even if there are editorial comments to be done.
Attached is my photo of Leo and Rex birdwatching near my table/desk.

A female cardinal flits around the oak tree and bushes outside the window. Rex, our stripey soccer player, is ready to pounce! Leo, aka Mr. Fluffypants, is all alert for his vision of a potential toy or meal.---Lisa
What gorgeous boys!
I miss cat petting!!!

Hiatus update: oh man, it was a week! Got a lot of good things done. Not quite everything I planned, but when does that ever happen!

I took some time away this after noon to read the book on Melania Trump.  Illuminating but not all that interesting. Kind of a weird juxtaposition.

I'm hoping to tackle my backed up email this weekend.
At this point, I'm sure at least three people think I've been kidnapped by aliens.

What are you doing this weekend?


nightsmusic said...

Now that's what I call focused! Beautiful kitties :)

I'm reading Scottish police procedural/mysteries and am trying to keep up with the never ending thing that is my house/yard.

I'm glad you had a chance to read something non-work related. I sometimes wonder if I had to read for work, would I end up burned out, needing months to recoup before I could get back to it.

Theresa said...

What good boys Leo and Rex are!

Janet, I'd been curious about the book about Melania.

Another weekend at home, this one working on book promotion and the current wip. More than enough to keep me occupied.

roadkills-r-us said...

Finishing the drive back to Texas today. My wife and son and I spent the week visiting my 92 y/o dad and mom II. While Dad is doing great, we suspect he may not stay here forever. The deep south is pretty but I don’t miss the humidity. I need gills.

Linda Shantz said...

Love seeing the variety of animal friends! Furry and not-so-furry.

Being kidnapped by aliens might not be a bad thing in these times, just saying.

And what's a weekend?

french sojourn said...

What a great pair, ginger tabby's... not sure if that's what one might label them as. Because we all know cats hate being labelled.

Brenda said...

Hitting the keyboard.

Brenda said...

Scottish police procedural, nightmusic? Do tell. Ive just finished NK Jemison’s first trilogy (lovely btw) and I need something criminal to read.

nightsmusic said...

Brenda, I Loved JD Kirk's DCI Logan. A Litter of Bones is first. He loves cats, but there's a section that's very tough to read just so you know. He has a new one coming in August.

John Carson's DCI Harry McNeil was very good. He too has a new one coming out in July.

Alex Smith's DCI Kett is really good! He actually is first a YA author. He also has The Harder They Fall which is not a police procedural but both books were very good and different.

The Peat Dead by Alan Martin was great, a bit of a 'could have happened' at the end, but I liked it. It's the only one so far.

I flew through the Shetland series by Ann Cleeves.

Detective Jude Fontaine series by Anne Frasier. Also not Scottish, England is the setting, but it was so unique, I couldn't stop reading it. And if you read through the reviews of people who say it's way too far fetched to believe, they don't live in the real world where the situation Jude was in probably does exist and happens way more often than we'd like to think.

Right now, I'm starting the second in the DC Smith series, set in Norfolk. The character is a bit Poirot, part Maigret in the quirks and such. I liked the first, but not as much as some other series so I thought I'd give the second a chance. Sometimes they get better.

I have a whole queue of Scottish ones waiting to be read. I'd have them all done if it wasn't for housework and the flowerbeds and feeding my husband... *sigh*

Craig F said...

Beautiful and focused Gingers. Congrats Lisa

The Great come hell or die Reopening gave me back access to remote sections of my local river. Tried the new fly pattern I tied and the fishes liked it.

Needed to get away from the reality that Florida is falling apart. Setting huge and dubious records on the COVID front.

We have a high pressure system sitting over us like a magnifying glass over and anthill. Tied the all time hottest ever and ever record yesterday at 99F. Today will be close. With humidity gives a feels like temp between 110 and 120. Scorcher that you have to be careful with. Hoped to touch up some paint I got sloppy on, but might just float around the pool.

Lennon Faris said...

What handsome boys!

I *was* reading the Raven Boys for the first time, but my book is missing. I have other people in the house so I think I'll blame this on them.

Had a young dog come in this morning for "lying on her foot weird," and after her (normal) physical exam, we just happened to learn that the owner had watched her eat raisins the day before. I'm guessing most animal lovers here know those are highly toxic to dogs, but this poor guy did not.

Now dog's on IV fluids at the 24-hr ER. I just keep thinking, thank goodness that dog was napping in an odd position. That might have saved her life! Life is so odd.

Brenda said...

Thanks nightmusic!