Saturday, June 20, 2020


I'm sending a picture of our little rescue, Iggy. This is his expression after listening to our son perform just the trombone parts of West Side Story in our living room (since the rest of his concert band is social distancing in their own living rooms, and all concerts and H.S. musicals are cancelled.) We were very much entertained; Iggy, not so sure.--Emilya Naymark

Blog hiatus update: Progress on client manuscripts and on email! This despite a rousing game of "let's see if we can avoid throwing up with this miserable headache." For fellow migraine sufferers, I'm sure you know this game well.

Did I mention the cooking gas is off in our building and has been for a week?
It's a good excuse for ordering takeout, but god I miss grilled cheese sandwiches hot off the stove.


Lisa Bodenheim said...

Oh, Iggy! LOL. Such a sweet and telling photo.

No cooking gas for the entire building for an entire week!? Yikes. Makes me curious, why? All sorts of nefarious plots are coming to mind!

nightsmusic said...

What an adorable face! Thank you for rescuing him. And I love the comic!

Oh, Janet, I love a fresh, hot grilled cheese. I feel for you.

Beth Carpenter said...

Love the photo and the comic. Roxy loves the hose, too! Janet, sorry to hear about the migraine and no cooking gas. What's up with that?

Emma said...

Ouch to the migraine! Sorry to hear that. And no cooking gas for a week sounds pretty bad too.

Reminded me of the time my stove died on Passover and I had to figure out how to cook a seder with a chiminea (while potential home buyers were wandering through the house inspecting it).

I hope you feel better soon!

Barbara Etlin said...

Love Iggy's expression!

Echo had very specific musical taste: Mozart and Spanish guitar were his favourites. He hated music with a lot of percussion.

Joseph S. said...

Suddenly I feel like making a grilled cheese sandwich.

Speaking of food, I ventured out to pick up and eat my first German pancake from the Old German Bakery and Restaurant today for the first time since February. Man,I've missed them.

Emilya, Iggy has the right attitude.

I was a trombone player in high school. My sister told me recently she was less than enamored with my practice sessions at home. (hey -I was good!)

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

Booo to migraines. Yes to Iggy (and adopting dogs). And a great big hell yes to grilled cheese.

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

migraines and grilled cheeses, we're all on the same page there I think!

Iggy is adorable...and everybody's a critic, am I right?

Theresa said...

All I can think of is Iggy POP!

Janet, I hope your migraine has fled and that you get some grilled cheese soon.

AJ Blythe said...

Our boy used to hate it when we would practice (we've got clarinets, trumpet and piano in our household). But now he's elderly and deaf he curls up beside us when we practice, oblivious to the noise.

Emilya, lovely art work!

Lennon Faris said...

Aw, that's some jump, Iggy! Sounds like my conversations with my pets. Hopefully all migraines will be gone tomorrow.