Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Dennis Hopper!

Dennis Hopper!
If you look closely, you'll see my grand frog, Dennis Hopper. My son acquired him when his older tree frog, Sigmund Freug, was showing signs of loneliness and wouldn't eat his crickets. He was getting so thin his ribbits showed. Now they're warm (actually room-temperature) friends.

-- Ink Stained Wench**

Hiatus update: I am up to my eyeballs in a word by word, line by line edit project with a client. As I'm sure all of you know, something like this is all-consuming. I've not been able to tackle it with full force until I had this extra time. So, thank you for providing content right now.

First night with the AC unit installed and running last night. It was lovely. It's not unbearably hot yet but it's hard to work when you're sticking to the keyboard.

Still no cooking gas. I'm on a first name basis with the bodega delivery dude. He might be my date to the office Christmas party the way things are going. What do you tip for something like that?

**who was Ink Stained WRETCH 
for many a mention until she finally, 
kindly, gently pointed out the error.


nightsmusic said...

What a great picture of a fun pet! I used to keep frogs when I was a child, but not for long and then I'd let them go. Lucky you! And I love the names. :)

I remember the whole wretch/wench thing. Sometimes, it's easy for a wench to feel like a wretch when writing ;)

InkStainedWench said...

Thanks, nightsmusic!

Ha ha! Ink Stained Wretch is nothing compared to Wrench, or the worst, Retch!

Dena Pawling said...

>>First night with the AC unit installed

Thankfully it appears that a defenestration was not involved!

Love the frog. My oldest had a toad for several years. I inherited it when he joined the navy. Lived for quite a while thereafter. Now we have a turtle.

Glad the hiatus is doing its job. With AC! Now if you can only get the gas on, it will be perfect. (There’s no requirement to actually USE the gas. Delivery is good too. But choices are the best.)

Janet Reid said...

I wish I had pictures of the installation.
Of course it involved deadlifting 32pounds out of the box. Then lifting it on to the window casement, then placing it properly on the sill.

All while standing ON the electrical cord just in case gravity decided to attend the party in a big way.

Gravity was busy elsewhere that night.

I just ordered a new, larger AC unit for the living room.
I plan to invite large strong handome men to my home to celebrate its arrival. And installation.

(My super has never once mentioned the AC unit on the ground under my third floor window. Maybe upstairs got blamed?)

Lennon Faris said...

Um... normal residents install their own window AC units? in NYC?!

Cute lil Dennis Hopper!

Janet Reid said...

Hey, who you callin' normal???

Donnaeve said...

Great names for the froglets! :)

I remember that whole Ink Stained Wretch thing too. I mean it's true, writing can be a wretched. Many a word has been glossed over, but I think that one won the internet for the day.

Except . . . vomment. There was that winning oops word which actually suited many of us out here at the time, courtesy of our own Diane Major.

Craig F said...

Cute frog, but in Florida there are politics about tree frogs. We used to have little green tree frogs, we also had Tropical Geckos and four kinds of skinks.

Then the Grey, or Cuban, tree frog invaded and all of those other cuties disappeared.

One lady made a ton of money by dressing the grey kind up in Victorian clothes and making a name on the interweb. The big mouth of the grey frogs looks like a smile.

She refused to use any of her money to remediate the situation, so now there are politics in tree frogs.

Damned things croak also sounds like a duck call and they are more numerous than Cicadas.

P.S.: I have made grilled cheese sandwiches with a hardware torch. Don't ask why. The torches are also good for toasting the tops of Creme Brulee.

Beth Carpenter said...

Hi, Dennis Hopper! This takes me back to my childhood days, and makes me smile.

Katja said...

I don't no anything about wretch and wench. Must be for longtime Reefers. Really long time, I mean, cause I've been here for over 3 years now, I believe.

I don't mean to be mean, but as I understand it... if the cooking gas stays off, the delivery man will definitely go to the Christmas party with Janet. I would love it - a boyfriend for Janet and a wedding invite to NYC for everyone, no?!

Defenestration, Dena, what is THAT?? I'll have to consult my translation tool...
I have a guess first: De for "taking something off". Fenestre is very close to fenĂȘtre, French for window.
Maybe it means taking a window out. Yeah, that's what you do with ACs, right? When they look like microwaves stuck to a window from the outside.

*goes to check translation tool*

Lovely frog, funny name!

Katja said...



Janet Reid said...

Defenestrate: to remove via the window.
Defenestration: throwing someone out the window.

What Dena is referring to is the removal of my previous AC unit.
I was pulling it IN to the apartment. Instead it went OUT the window and fell three stories to the ground.

It made a crash that I can hear to this day.

Thankfully, nothing was underneath.

A recurring fear of NYers is falling AC units.

Katja said...

Oh, thanks for the explanation, Janet. Fiancé didn't really work as a translation tool. He said stripping off.

Google translate gave me zero German words, but two examples. Yours - throwing someone out the window - and then "the action of dismissing someone from a position of power or authority". Similar to throwing someone away/getting rid of = "you're fired", maybe?!

The latter promptly made me think of someone in your country...

I do hope everything will be fine with your AC unit!

Dena Pawling said...

I just ordered a new, larger AC unit for the living room.
I plan to invite large strong handome men to my home to celebrate its arrival. And installation.

Sounds like a job for Idris Elba.

Lennon Faris said...

...and by 'normal,' clearly I meant to say 'terrifying, shark-like.'

I googled 'death by falling AC units in NYC' earlier, and surprisingly enough, it doesn't seem to be a statistic.

NLiu said...

Oh Dennis, what big eyes you have!

When we get storms where I live, they paste notices telling everyone to check their AC units are securely attached to the buildings. I still don't go out.

I've lost a washing pole plus washing out the window before (long story) and was incredibly thankful it got blown into a nearby pond thanks to the sail-like qualities of damp cotton, rather than it braining the neighbours or destroying their car, lying directly under the window. Never again!

Janet and the delivery man - snappily ever after? We can but wait with [shark-]baited breath. (Unless Idris Elba turns up to install the new AC, of course. Then it'll be so long and thanks for all the sushi.)

I can't believe you looked up that statistic, Lennon! Ha!