Sunday, February 09, 2020

This just blows my mind

A poem from the collection Whereas, by Layli Long Soldier

It literally never crossed my mind to write a poem like this.

What have you seen recently that just boggled your mind?


Lennon Faris said...

For 24 hours I had the strongest craving for Cassano's. I finally drove 20 min each way in the snow to get it. I am now staring at this 2/3-devoured cheese pizza and its salty crispy deliciousness is STILL boggling my mind.

Hang on, did you mean something literary?

Anyway, happy Sunday, all.

AJ Blythe said...

I love that! I am not a poet and I often don't understand poetry, but that is brilliant.

"The Spirit of the Pumpkins" by Yayoi Kusama is an art piece on display at the National Gallery of Australia at the moment. Totally incredible, but mind boggling. The use of mirrors totally throws you (if you do follow the link, inside the interior room are the pumpkins at the top of the screen which are completely encased in mirrors).

I haven't stopped thinking about the piece since I saw it last year.

Theresa said...

This is very cool, a great example of how to successfully break the rules.

Brenda said...

Chuck Pahlaniuk’s Consider This: Postcards from the tour. A fan shot him with live mice.

Katja said...

Lennon, you should have picked me up on your way. More for the snow than the pizza. I'm still waiting but it's not coming. The snow, I mean. We have storm Ciara instead.
Hope you enjoyed that pizza!!

Harlan boggles my mind. Harlan Coben and his plotting. Why am I even still THINKING of writing?!
Boy, oh boy.
And.. um.. I emailed him today. I know, I'm crazy. I've also written to Barack Obama once. Oh well.

KMK said...

Roger Kahn's BOYS OF SUMMER. Re-reading after word of his death, and the fact that pitchers and catchers report this week. DAMN, that man could write! I've always liked baseball writing more than actual baseball, and that's Kahn and Frank Deford's fault. Lord love and rest them both.

Yvonne Osborne said...


Alyssa R said...

The sky. If I think about how big it is, I start thinking about how huge our galaxy is, and how tiny compared to the entire universe. Then I start wondering how the universe began. And then I have to go read this blog or my library book before my brain explodes.

Craig F said...

I had thought that the state of the world had blunted my sense of wonder.

Then I helped Kathy set up her decorative artists booth at the State Fair. I wandered around a bit and saw some spectacular art work. The wood work in another section blew me away. As a glorified wood worker myself, some of those works were out of this world.

This is not the only place with incredibly talented people.

Miles O'Neal said...

Austin area drivers. Running red lights is becoming really common. And if you honk or yell (as a pedestrian) at them, they get really POd. One guy slammed on his breaks and tried to back into me.