Sunday, January 26, 2020

What are you looking at today?

You're going to get sick of seeing pictures of my dogs, but this one...I miss this very much. Ciine (Coon-ya) the red, was the sweetest dog ever and I miss her every day. So does Murphy. But this was their usual mode of dozing.

The picture is out my back door. I'm very fortunate to live where I do. It's beautiful, to me, all through the year but a tiny bit magical in the snow.

Ciine and Murphy!

Ciine and Murphy
What are you looking at today?

Her Grace and Sleekness and I are looking at overcast skies, but at least it's stopped raining. The Royal Balcony is chilly but fresh air feels good after a day inside.


Sharyn Ekbergh said...

I am looking at the White Mountains, as usual. Blue skies after rain last night, snow on the ground. Warm temps, warmer than normal, in the 40's.
Ramona wants a lap sit.

Craig F said...

I've been looking at the convoluted white roots of a native weed called Florida Bettony. It was the price of trying to be good citizens and buying a load of enviro-mulch from our local solid waste people.

I swear that one bloomed seed of that stuff can spread to cover five acres.

Brenda said...

I just got home from a church that is older than Canada. Lovely place, loads of children, loads of farmers.

The present day Lord left his box to shuffle forward and take communion before anyone else, dragging the weight of his castle behind him. (Or so it seemed to me.)

My grandson interrupted the message to point out that his Gramma came to see him from Canada.

When we came out we were greeted by sunshine bouncing off the lake, and the greenest green you’ve ever seen. It was lovely.

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

oh Cline :( oh Murphy <3 Why do sleeping Dobermans always seem to have SO MANY legs and paws? All of those legs.

It wasn't super cold here today so Ulrike and I went to the dog park to get our play on with her friend Nova...and the dog park was a M U D P I T. The pat-pat-pat of their running feet, and their occasional play growls, would've been a nice "dog park ASMR" video. Maybe I'll record next time. But after, Nova went home to have a bath, and Ulrike and I went and checked out the Dog Wash that one of the car washes has.

It's a little room, with treat vending and towel vending, and a machine on the wall that you feet money into and then get the water/shampoo/etc. to come out of the sprayer hose from. There's a shortish and kind of steep ramp up to a raised tub where you can secure your dog. Ulrike, after some investigation of the room in general, and some tries at the ramp (and some encouragement with Pepperoni Pizza pretzel combos) got herself up the ramp and was vaguely unhappy to be secured there. More unhappy with the water, but she put her head against me and we made do. But then, at dryer time? Nope. She tried to abandon ship, and she very loudly informed me that she was NOT HAPPY with the accommodations. So I started and stopped it a few times, kind of squeegeed a bunch of the water off her with my hands, and I didn't have another dollar for the towel vending machine, so we returned to the car and came home to towel off further (and for me to clean her collar too, wowwww)

AJ Blythe said...

More smoke. We keep thinking it has to end, but I was just outside watering the few plants that are still living and the water bombing plane flew overhead.

It's Monday morning here in Oz and a public holiday, so while the rest of my family sleep I am off to write...

CynthiaMc said...

Looking out over a pond and some mallards at a park near our house. Beautiful day for a walk. Trying out my new step tracker. It works, but I swear I'm going farther than it thinks I am.

nightsmusic said...

Awwww, thank you, Janet.

These are my pictures and though I submitted them some time ago, the one looking out on our property could have been taken today. It's been snowing on and off all day and supposed to snow all night. I doubt it will stick like the picture, but I still think it's magical. Murphy on the other hand, not so much. Because he's hairless, it takes me too long sometimes to get him bundled in his little sweater and coat and he barely makes it out the door to do his business. If looks could kill...

E.M. Goldsmith said...

I have been putting my manuscript into the proper format to answer full requests all day. While the pug has been sleeping at my feet. I wish we had snow. It's so peaceful to look at when all snug and warm inside.

Elissa M said...

In the mornings I'm looking at rolling hills adorned with juniper and tawny grasses, with snow-capped mountains looming a few miles away. When I'm not looking at a wheelbarrow and manure or my horse's ears, that is.

Later, I'm looking at sheet music, piano first, then sax. Then it's a computer screen and my WiP for a while. At some point, there's a drawing pad, pencils, and a different WiP.

There are other, less-interesting things that intrude on my view throughout the day, but overall, I'm usually looking at some pretty good stuff and thinking how lucky I am.

John Davis Frain said...

I'm looking at the final grains of sand falling in the hour glass (thank you, Julie Weathers!) and trying to decide if I should flip it once more and edit (read: rewrite) chapter 31.

Yes, let's do this! Anyone care to join? Anyone? Bueller?

Miles O'Neal said...

The usual mixture of bare trees and live oaks and evergreens. Gorgeous blue skies. Green lawns. A high in the low 70s later. And in a few minutes, the MoPac Grudge Match drive to my day job.
But also, dragons and related artwork- paintings and drawings by/from friends and fans.