Wednesday, September 25, 2019

what the hell are you DOING Janet??

Well, not writing blog posts.

I had my head in manuscripts today and forgot I hadn't prepared a post until nearly 10pm.
Rather than do something hasty and slapdash, I'll show you the new stamps I got from the PO.

Yes I am a stamp snob.
Also, pen and paper snob.

However, I'll drink any kind of vodka that's offered, and any kind of chocolate that's put in front of me.

What are you a snob about?
And what are you a non-snob about?

And I'll watch Idris Elba in anything including mime.



Mister Furkles said...


Try Rogers' Chocolates from Victoria BC. The best in North America. My wife loves them. And they are very inexpensive compared to buying islands in Fiji. They might not ship until winter but flights from LGA to YVR are only a few hundred dollars.

Me? I'm mildly allergic. I can eat milk chocolate but Rogers' nearly sent me to the ER from one small piece.

Steve Forti said...

I've got preferences about lots of things, sure. But I think the only hard snob rule is that I can't drink orange juice that's not Tropicana.

Theresa said...

I thought I'd watch Idris Elba in anything until I saw an episode of Turn Up Charlie. Better to stick to episodes of Luther and hope for Bond.

I picked up a sheet of scenic river stamps from the post office on Monday and was delighted.

Sharyn Ekbergh said...

Check out the new frog stamps! It took talk about my frog pond to finally get a smile from our new post office girl. She likes frogs too.
I loved Rio's story too.

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

I bought a book of the military working dog stamps, even though they left out one of the original modernly involved breeds (MY breed), the Doberman.

Which segues nicely into a thing I'm a snob about, dogs. Or I guess more correctly, responsible dog ownership and training. I don't care if you don't have a purebreed, I just care that you're taking care of the dog properly. I understand that not everybody will get up to their eyeballs obsessed (well I don't understand it, but it is an observable fact) but there are reasonable benchmarks that can be more easily fulfilled.

I am absolutely not a snob about food. I love McDonald's, I love just melting cheese on things, I love fried things, candy corn, black licorice, liverwurst, and I'm sure other things that are VERY polarizing for people.

Oh and Idris Elba is a definite "Yes thank you" in my book. Also Leonardo DiCaprio (yes, still), though David Duchovny was my very first celebrity crush. FOX Mulder indeed.

E.M. Goldsmith said...

Coffee and tea. Can be a bit picky about whiskey and chocolate but not always. Sometimes I just want whiskey or chocolate.

Dena Pawling said...

Mister Furkles: I'm also allergic to chocolate, but ANY chocolate will require a trip to ER because I'll stop breathing. Not fun.

Congrats to Rio and JustJan!

And glad my Query Shark origin story made many of you laugh. It was fun to write.

Colin Smith said...

Stamps... you mean those things we used to use back in the day when we wrote to people with pen, paper, and envelopes? Do you collect them, or do you actually use them?

Now you mention it, I have thought about sending someone a letter just for the novelty of it. And I predict, like vinyl, this will make a comeback.

What am I snobby about? Tea. Definitely. Ice tea is an abomination. And most American hot teas are weak and flavorless. Give me PG Tips, Tetley, or Typhoo any day. Better still, a hot cup of Assam. :D

Jenn Griffin said...

I am a proud chocolate snob. (Is that redundant?) Dove's dark chocolate and Chocolove 70%.

I balance this nicely with being a reading ho'. If you put it in front of me, I will read it.

wordsmith said...

Sending and receiving actual physical paper and pen cards for thank-yous, sympathy, congratulations, etc. instead of text or email.

KariV said...

I'm a coffee snob. No coffee is better than bad coffee.

I'm also a jewelry snob. If I'm going to bother to wear it, it might as well be jewelry store grade.

I saw a vanity plate the other day that said "Blessed by God; spoiled by my husband." That *might* have been added to my Christmas list.

JulieWeathers said...

I used to search for the best stamps at the post office when I had the prison ministry. The students loved them and collected them. The people at the post office were used to me after a while and would always point out if they got in new, fun stamps like the Loony Toons stamps. Those stamps were a huge hit. I still have some.

There's Dillon's Chocolates from here in Wisconsin that makes very good candy. Who knew?

Here I thought Wisconsin was just cheese and there is excellent cheese here.

I'm a snob about hats and boots. And belt buckles, I suppose.

Fearless Reider said...

I’m an unrepentant yarn snob. I grew up on squeaky acrylic and thought that was just fine until a friend slipped me some fine merino, the gateway fiber. Now I’m up to two skeins a day of cash-merino-silk blend and it’s never enough. I’d sell my firstborn for garment-quantities of qiviut, but he won’t go quietly.

Claire Bobrow said...

I am a chocolate snob. Fortunately (or unfortunately) there's a shoebox-sized shop in my neighborhood with a great selection. The owner, a hippy of a certain age, has never steered me wrong.

Pericula Ludus said...

I'm a snob about my laptop. I've always used Macs since way before Apple was cool and now I'm stuck. Irrespective of my lamenting about the price every time I require a new one, I can't imagine having anything that's not a Macbook.
Not a snob at all about clothing. Charity shop for the win!

Kregger said...

I'm a martini snob.

Just because a bartender can chill some concoction of chocolate or fruit-infused alcohol and serve it in an up-glass does not make it a "Martini"!


put a beer in front of me, 99 times out of a hundred, I will drink it. The only beer I poured out after a few sips was a jalapeno beer from back in the nineties. It seemed like the manufacturer dumped the leftover juice from a jar of pickled jalapenos into the beer, yuck.

Irene Troy said...

Jennifer Donohue - oh boy do I relate to your "snobbism" about dogs! Like you, I don't care about breed -- although I do love my power breed dogs, particularly German Shepherds. We run an animal facilitated therapy program for at-risk kids. The program takes dogs from shelters and rehabs them so they may find good homes. Those who refuse to train their dogs or who ignore their dog's needs score very low on my like-a-meter.

I'm told I'm a food snob, but I've cooked professionally and know good food doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, merely prepared with care. I'll gladly eat at McDonald s or similar place, but they never try to pretend to be other than fast food. It's the pretending that I dislike.

Beth Carpenter said...

Tea, although not to the same degree as Colin. I'm notoriously cheap, but will pay for good teabags. And I'm highly disappointed when a rare order of pie turns out to havebad crust. I grabbed some Scoobi Doo stamps and only send them to people I like. The IRS doesn't qualify.

Colin Smith said...

BTW, while Cadbury's is the best chocolate in the world, I'm not a chocolate snob. I'll take pretty much any chocolate offered to me. Except Reeses. I'm not into the peanut butter/chocolate thing.

Unrelated: If anyone wants to try out these "stamps" of which Janet speaks, perhaps by sending chocolate to somebody, I'll gladly provide my mailing address... ;)

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

I'm a paper towel snob.

Here's bounty's worth of info.
Did you know that if every household in the US used one roll a year of paper towels made from recycled paper we'd save 555,000 trees a year?

I did my part. I bought a pack of three. I'm set for the next few years.

Just Jan said...

Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate from Finland. Because life's too short to eat inferior chocolate.

Adele said...

I'm definitely a tea snob. Not just the taste (Indian all the way), but how it's made (well, there's no point if we have to use this water) and how it's drunk (only from bone china). So much so that I will bring my own bone china mug with me on my travels, even if I'm flying, just in case the hotel tries to fob me off with pottery or worse still, styrofoam.

But yesterday I discovered I was a whole new kind of snob. Two years ago I bought a beautiful notebook - so gorgeous and wonderful that I could not find anything in my brain good enough to write in it. So it sat, loved but pristine. Then I found a worthy new project - and two weeks ago I entered handwriting heaven. The book is big (A4) with smooth, heavy cream paper that is pure joy to touch and to write on. Having bought it at a discount store, where it was the last of its kind, I did not know the regular price. But I've already used up 10 of its 120 pages, so yesterday I searched the brand on the internet, and discovered that I can replace it for ... gulp ... somewhere between $65 and $85. No more store-bought coffee for me!

Craig F said...

I am a snob about how I do things. If some things fall short, like my FF, I will strive to make it better. I don't like to be half assed about anything.

Morgan Hazelwood said...

I am definitely a chocolate snob. I'm addicted to the Lindt dark chocolate orange truffles -- so much so that I've taken to ordering a 140 truffle box every 3 months.

Unfortunately, they're only carrying the milk chocolate orange ones this fall. *siiiighs*

Now, books and movies? I'm more of an omnivore. If you can't get me excited about your novel, you clearly didn't even try. (Unless it's absurdist.)

Emma said...

Tea snob here. I brew my own mixes in a proper teapot, loose leaf, and add dried leaves and whatnots. I grow my own mint, dry it, and add that in. Tea in a styrofoam cup is an abomination and only for absolute emergencies. Maybe not even then.

Beer snob as well. I'll bring my own pint glass to parties so I don't have to drink from plastic cups. And, of course, my own beer.

What I'm NOT a snob about is reading. I'll read absolutely any genre, any length, as long as it's well written and has a compelling story. I know none of the Reiders would turn their noses up at genre fiction, but I've met waaaay too many people who smirk when I gush about the latest horror/sf/mystery/you name it I've read. Humph...

Kate Larkindale said...

I'm a total coffee snob. I won't drink instant. It's just not coffee, just some coffee-flavored substitute. And forget about tainting my black nectar with cream or sugar or milk! It has to be strong and black.

When I was in the UK in the late '90s, I couldn't get coffee made the way I wanted it to, and talked several baristas through how to make it so it was drinkable. I think I even got behind the counter at one place to demonstrate...

Lisa Bodenheim said...

A tea snob here. There's just something about brewed loose leaf tea--jade oolong, green jasmine, English breakfast--from Indigo Tea (local place in Twin Cities) that's just not the same as those little baggies.

KDJames said...

I had to really ponder this, since I'm pretty laid back about most stuff. But I'll go with baked goods. Bread, cakes, pies, cookies -- if it's not homemade, from scratch, forget it. And even then, a lot of people just aren't very good at that (my mom set a really high standard for baking, more art than skill). Some bakeries do a good job with some things, but the stuff stocked in grocery stores? Nope. Sadly, since I discovered I have issues with gluten, I can't eat even the good stuff and only rarely bake for other people now.

I'm also particular about humour in fiction, but I'm not sure I'm a snob about it so much as I have a weird sense of what's funny (it has to be smart, for starters) and a lot of what purports to be funny falls flat.

Timely post, Janet, as I've been meaning to buy stamps for a couple weeks now. I just ordered the winter berries and the birds in winter. Can you tell I'm ready for cooler temps?

Kitty said...

Hershey's chocolate.
Coffee, not tea
Perry's bittersweet sinphony ice cream

I don't like laptops; I'm strictly a desktop PC with a big mama jama monitor.

LynnRodz said...

I'm a ketchup snob, only Heinz will do. If it's not Heinz, I'd rather eat my fries like the Dutch do with mayonnaise.

I'm also a self-proclaimed lemon tart connoisseur. The best lemon tarts in Paris (besides the ones hubby makes) are from Ladurée.

Barbara Etlin said...

I don't especially care about stamps, but in 2004 after going to the Maui Writers' Conference, I bought some typically Hawaiian stamps to use when I queried the agents I met there as a subtle reminder.

I'm a pen and stationery snob, though. I prefer the blue Cross pen I bought in The Netherlands. And I have an assortment of owl notecards.

Sunnygoetze said...

I am a snob about people coming in my house and not removing their shoes. I am snob about grits, I only eat them with shrimp. I am a snob about ice cream, Breyers or Godiva only, please.

Laura Martin said...

I'm an apple snob. If it isn't a honey crisp or a fuji, it's not going to happen.