Thursday, August 15, 2019

Call for Vacation post entries

The Reef has spoken and you are not of one mind.
Which is better than not being of sound mind.
(Although, the jury is still out on that!)

So, send me your favorite pet pics.
Or if you have a pair of pets, two.
If you run a horse rescue spa and rehab, send as many as you want.

Include his/her name!
Tell us how they came to live with you.
And of course, any nicknames you use.
Her Grace and Sleekness, the Duchess of Yowl also says to include any titles. (she does not mean books)

Send to JetReidLiterary@gmail (add the .com of course)
I'll let you know I've gotten it.

I'd like to start with folks who lurk; this is a great chance for us to meet you, say hello, and let you dip your toe in the comment pool.

Of course I want to hear from the active commenters too.

If you don't have a pet, you can still participate of course!
Send a picture of your plants!

Don't have plants?
Send a picture of your view!

In other words, it's pretty open.
Fire away.


E.M. Goldsmith said...

Oh yes, lurkers do come out and let us say hello to you and your furry or scaled or feathered or leafy or spiked friends. We are friendly despite occasional rodent-wheel explosions.

Tammy said...

sorry, how do I put a picture in the comment? I tried email but it said it was full.

Craig F said...


Once you open an email you will find a heading marked INSERT somewhere. Hit that and it will give you a list of files to dig through. Pick what you want.

With some systems you just double click on the photo to insert it. Some others make you select a photo and hit a button to insert. Some are mixture of the two systems, like mine. I think that has to do with when the file was created.

Hope that is what you mean.

Mine are off. Hopefully Amy will be able to see the cats with the southern accent this time.

Kristin Owens said...

I preemptively ask everyone's forgiveness for the maudlin post I just sent to Janet for her consideration. It's been an emotional week. All good though.

Katja said...

OK, guidelines read. Again I'm not eligible, ha ;).

No pet. No plants. Sh*t view (against a wall that has been Pollocked by English monster seagulls... - nobody wants to see THAT).

I've got a Canadian bear and a Canadian polar bear. But they're not alive. Still, they're very special (travelled through Alberta, British Columbia and from the American West Coast to the East Coast on TRAINS; then across the Atlantic on a big ship).

And I've got a cat mug I have for English teatime. That's all.

Next time please ask for dishes. And toilet paper pattern ;). Thank you.

And have a GREAT holiday! Will be cheering on the real pets.

Katja said...

P.S. I will be expecting to see Craig's orchids!!!!!!!!! YAAASSS.

Lennon Faris said...

"Send a picture of your view! In other words, it's pretty open"

Katja, anything you see regularly, including dishes etc. could be considered "your view," right?

Lurkers, you'd better de-lurk because some of us have an endless supply of pets - I mean, pet pictures.

Heather Wardell said...

Katja, please send your polar bear! If that doesn't count as a pet AND a view, I don't know what does! :)

Adele said...

No pets, nothing earth-shattering in the view, but I do have an African Violet that I was given in March and it isn't dead yet. Yes, I left it out in full sun for a week or two and its leaves burnt, but last night I cut them off and when I also cut off all the dead flowers there were lots of little tiny leaves just ready to burst up and out! There's a metaphor for courage in there, but I'm too busy to dig it out.

Megan V said...

Yes! Lurkers!

Come out come out wherever you are! :)

CynthiaMc said...

I can't remember what pet pictures I've sent in the past and I'm too tired to think about it so I will enjoy everyone else's.

Vacation. Looking it up...

One thing is for sure. I am going to have to write my best seller and buy my freedom before corporate world kills me.

I don't even have time for theatre any more.

Have a wonderful, relaxing, fabulous, fun time!

Cecy H said...

Hello! I've commented a couple of times but tend to be one of life's lurkers.

I can't figure out how to post pictures either - I can't see anything about email - but it's probably just as well because I have no pets and my garden is a bit of a wilderness (although I like it a bit jungly). The apples on my weird-shaped apple tree are looking nice this year & I'd post a picture, if I could. The tomatoes are doing less well, but we still got more than last year, which is to say more than one.

Adele, glad to hear about the African violet. I have a streptocarpus which I'm hoping will revive, although I've propagated a couple of tiny plants from it so not all is lost.

NLiu said...

I am looking forward to seeing alllll the pets! And the plants! And the views!

And Katja, your toilet paper pattern comment made me laugh so much.

Kate Kading said...

Lurker here. This blog is amazing! And now I get to see pet pics? Life MADE.