Sunday, April 08, 2018

New post at QueryShark today

chomp chomp!


KariV said...

And it's a fantastic query! Great example of writing that allows room for the reader to intuit. The stakes are clearly there, but it's not spelled out. It's subtle. And no cliches.

I'm now inspired to go draft a query that conveys the same levels of stakes and tension so clearly and suscinctly. Thus the value of Query Shark!

Steve Stubbs said...

I must have been thinking about your comment when I was sleeping last night that, "If you want to see writers in a snarl, bring up passes on a requested full without any feedback offered at all. Writers will spontaneously combust in front of you."

Here are some suggestions for stock rejection letters:

Thank you for your writing. At least that's what I think it is. Whatever it is, it's a pass.

I must have developed an uncontrollable tic. As soon as I saw your manuscript, my fingers pressed the Delete key.

Sorry, I tried three times to read your manuscript. But my eyes keep de-focussing by the middle of the second page.

Your manuscript is a great cure for insomnia. But I am afraid of being accused of practicing medicine without a license.

I must have developed Tourette's. Every time I think about your manuscript I start cursing.

Your manuscript is so bad it's funny. Everybody here is laughing. Unfortunately, editors won't see the humor.

Your writing gives the word "pass" a whole new meaning.

I have been thinking about your writing career. What I have been thinking about it is, it's time for retirement.

Amy Johnson said...

Wow, what an example! I. Must. Read. That. Book.

Beth Carpenter said...

It does sound like one of those stories you read all night because you must find out what's happening.

BTW, Craig, regarding a comment yesterday, I THINK QoE refers to Elizabeth, the Queen of England, which is only a small part of the Known Universe.

Adele said...

Steve, one more for your list: I can't recall the writer's name, but this was told to me as a true story:
"I'm sorry, but I can't use this paper. It has been written on."

Craig F said...

One of these days I will have written my millionth query and hope I can come up with something along those lines. Something exciting and different. I already have the subtle part almost down.

Some day.

Beth: Perchance you are right. My Queen did not shower me in effusive thanks for being the first kid on the block to notice it. I admit I was a tired puppy yesterday. Stayed up way to late Friday and got up way too early Saturday so I could pick up a friend at the airport.

I had just come off of the roof when I wrote the comment. Had to blow all of the oak catkins off, in case the cold front didn't wimp out. It did. That was fine because today was an annual fishing engagement.

The shrimp pattern flies I spent half of Friday night tying were awesome, even though they were tied together with Easter basket grass, doll hair and part of a drinking straw.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great query. My interest is piqued and I'd definitely read this, even though domestic suspense isn't my favourite genre these days (didn't we use to call that a psychological thriller? add me to the list of those confused by genre classifications).

Good job, #304, congratulations!

John Davis Frain said...


some of the best friends you'll ever have are friends you pick up from the airport. Count yourself lucky!

Craig F said...

Thank you, John, I don't go to the airport to pick anyone other than true friends. The rest of them look at me as strangely as I some mornings look at that weirdo in the mirror.

Panda in Chief said...

Great query! I would read that book for sure!