Thursday, December 17, 2015

WHERE will you find it?

If you do not know WHERE you are going to find the time or WHERE you're going to to find the place, or WHERE you'll find the holiday spirit for that

last minute,
"oh my gosh I love it, you shouldn't have, don't even hope to get this back ever"gift

for the last someone on your list, the person
so grumpy,
so persnickitey
so over the top shoes-too-tight
such that the Grinch himself tips his chapeau in homage,

well, here you go.

Every WHERE in the world is here. This will delight the grumpiest of grumps, the snicketiest of pursers, and be as perfect as a bunny slipper on the little toe of life.

PS: buy a magnifier with this too! You don't need it but you'll want it.

PPS buy one for yourself too. You deserve it.


Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Pernickety me loves you choices.
I have bought them all.

angie Brooksby-Arcangioli said...

I'm loving these gift guide posts. I craved this book since someone mentioned Vargic's literature map here on the blog. Who first mentioned it? Was it Julie M. Weathers or QOTKU her almighty highness, I honestly can't remember.

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Hey Reiders, I’m breaking the rules. Please let me share yesterday’s magical moment.

Ten minutes before I left for work yesterday I jumped on FB and checked out a post made by the husband of a dear friend and family member by marriage. The piece he posted was written three years ago, shortly after the Sandy Hook tragedy, and two years before the young writer’s own death. A hell of a writer, her words were very powerful. She quoted, DEAR SUGAR in part, and not having a clue who or what DEAR SUGAR was I read, remembered and was deeply moved.
Mere minutes before I had to leave, I jumped over here. My breath caught, my heart raced, there it was, DEAR SUGAR.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in messages, some subtle and some in-your-face, some thump-head and kick-in-the-ass-to-get-your-attention messages. This was all of them.

On the way to work yesterday, and all day long, all I thought about was DEAR SUGAR. Last night I bought the Kindle version because I simply could not wait to read what had been presented to me as a magical moment. I am a third of the way through and it is one of the most amazing books I have read.

Janet, I wanted you know that yesterday you were part of some greater plan, one which continues to prove to me, there are no coincidences, simply communications cast out there for us to either dismiss as pure chance or embrace as signs.

Thank you for recommending it.

nightsmusic said...

2N's, synchronicity. An amazing thing :)

The books today look like great fun but I fear no one would really appreciate them but me. Sometimes, I think I live with a bunch of heathens. I however, would enjoy any of them so on my wish list they've gone :)

Lucie Witt said...

2N's, thank you for sharing that story.

xnye said...

All of you have contributed to my well-being.Thank you.I intend to read Dear Sugar very soon. And 2Ns I don't believe in coincidence either.

Colin Smith said...

2Ns: Rules? There are no rules--only italics... ;)

Thanks for sharing your story.

This book has me by the intrigues. Next time at my local brick-and-mortar I need to take a look at it. Book Depository and Amazon just don't seem to do it justice judging by the video.

E.M. Goldsmith said...

I want this- coolest thing ever. I am getting like 5. Perfect gift for anyone with the smallest modicum of curiosity. Wow, what great gift guides and what great stories and comments from all you guys. 2Ns, thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Am new here. Already loving it with Vargic's Miscellany and Dear Sugar recommendations. Thx. On my way over to the bookstore!

Donnaeve said...

I paused it on the Stereotype map, mesmerized by the accuracy. In my own home state? NASCAR, KKK, and, bet you didn't know this, Christmas trees. Yep, NC is second only to Oregon for growing/selling Christmas trees.

I love this book.

Very cool on your magical moment, 2N's. DEAR SUGAR is on my wishlist with today's book.

I'm on a Ron Rash kick too. I gave myself an early present and bought three of his books the other day.

Patchi said...

Not sure if you already saw (or have) this, but I think Santa should bring us all our own shark:

Colin Smith said...

Donna Marie: Welcome Welcome Welcome!! It's always nice to see a new face among not-so-new faces. :)

Colin Smith said...

Patchi's link:

Dena Pawling said...

Great recommendation.

Here's a similar book that I thought looked interesting also

I need more bookshelves.

E.M. Goldsmith said...

Welcome, Donna Marie. This is a fantastic bunch and Janet truly is the Queen of the Known Universe. Regardless of where you are as a writer, this blog makes everything better. Even when you are recovering from the Martian Death Flu.

Colin Smith said...

Dena's link:

MC said...

Just bought 2 copies! Thank you, thank you, for this recommendation!

Stacy said...

I didn't know you could make wishlists on Book Depository. Abandoning Amazon.

Karen McCoy said...

Thank you 2N's. I need to hear that today!

Cindy C said...

I love all these recommendation! Thanks for sharing.

2Ns thank you for sharing your story. And I admire you for being receptive to the greater plan.

DLM said...

I bought three of Vargic's beautiful atlases, one of which is for a friend I have not been able to spend time with since April. Now, I miss her and her husband - and I want to see them before 2016 ...

... but the greedy, grubby little selfish kid in my heart kind of wants to be able to keep that third book.

Fortunately, my birthday is early in the year. One hopes SOMEONE will take the hint and get this for me.

Anonymous said...


I agree about the coincidences. My dad sent me a box of books he bought at an auction about a year after Mirinda died. They were mostly old books on the history of the old west and Montana, since he knew that was my weakness. There was another book in there that was totally unlike him, but I read it. It may not be correct, but it got my head straight. I called him later and thanked him again for the books and particularly that little paperback. He said he didn't send it.

"It was in the box with the history books."

"No idea how it got in there. It wasn't when I looked at the lot."


The map book is fascinating. I'm up to my ears in books and have ordered more due to various lists floating around. I ordered two copies of Sugar. Someone put up the list of 32 top fantasy novels. How could I resist THE DINOSAUR LORDS?

Of course, GRR Martin's A KNIGHT OF SEVEN KINGDOMS also caught my attention.

Brian McClellan's POWDER MAGE series is already on my tbr list.

Snoopy's Guide To The Writing Life as said before is on order.

Now, Mr. Colin, we need to talk.

"There are no rules--only italics..."

Stop poking the shark!

I must not italicize. Italic is the mind-killer. Italic is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my italics. I will permit them to pass over me and through me. And when they have gone past I will turn the inner eye to see their path. Where the italic has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

Forgive me Mr. Herbert.

Aside from Colin poking the shark, y'all make me so happy I'm thinking about hiring someone to help me enjoy this place. Thank you.

Colin Smith said...

Yeah, I know Julie... but I've been so quiet here in my post-Carkoon Slush Pile exile of exiles, I was afraid people might be developing sympathy for me. Just reminding y'all why I'm here... ;)

Unknown said...

This is going on my wish list.

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Hey Colin, I like welcoming new faces too but what's that you said about "not so new faces".

I beg your pardon. Are you saying my face is not so new?

Damn young'uns.

Colin Smith said...

2Ns: "New" is such a... relative term... :)

DLM said...

Isn't there some period of time through which every cell in our bodies regenerates - like every year or two we're literally made out of new materials, basically?

< a href="">Oh, seven years.< /a>

So our faces are always new.

DLM said...

Oh for cryin' out loud, screw it. Sorry for the repeats.

Colin Smith said...

Fixing Diane's link:

Oh, seven years.

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Ha, the only new face I could get is that which is created by a doctor, a some hefty drugs and waiting six weeks for the swelling to go down. Even then, it would be attached to a body that looks a lot like a melted beige candle with a quite a few soot spots.

nightsmusic said...


You and I must be blood sisters! That's the best description of me I've ever seen LOL!

Unknown said...

I am also enjoying these gift ideas.

Here is something my husband got me a few weeks ago:

"Aqua Notes - Waterproof Notepad 40 Sheet Mountable Pad"

on Amazon. It's ten bucks and I can't say how many creative ideas it's kept from 'going down the drain' (that is their cute motto.) I am still ridiculously stoked about it and wanted to share for anyone still reading the comments :)

Anonymous said...

Donna Marie,

Welcome! The water is warm and mostly inviting. We don't worry about shark attacks much. She's usually too busy chomping on Colin and a few other n'er do wells.


Janet Reid said...


Lady Bronc Riders.

That is all.

angie Brooksby-Arcangioli said...

I can't wait to read Lady Bronc Riders.

Diane, Supposedly brain and nerve cells don't regenerate. My husband is a genetic scientist and we often discuss this, or he does, and I daydream of the next party.