Thursday, April 02, 2015


While I am off praying for world peace, and awaiting the Resurrection, I hope all my very treasured blog readers will use these few days to post a link to their blog or website so you can all get to know each other.

Post the link in the comments section of THIS blog post.  Comments too, if you like. 

Have a very happy start to April, and the new spring season!


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Anonymous said...

Janet - thank you for this!
Colin - thank you for the idea!


I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that I'll be losing a lot of time today perusing blogs. Sayonara work ethic. Hello internet.

AJ Blythe said...

Oh my gosh, that is the most gorgeous photo (the bird version of 'mogwai'). Too adorable.

As Brian said, thanks to Colin for the idea, and a huge thanks to QOTKU for allowing us to hijack the blog.

This is me: AJ Blythe's Cozies

Bedtime for me now, but I look forward to checking out the links in the morning :)

Sam Hawke said...

Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend and get a chance to relax and spend some time with family or friends. Or your words on a page. :)

You can find me on FB:

Looking forward to visiting you all!

S.P. Bowers said...

Happy Easter (or holiday of choice)!

I don't comment much but love reading here every day.

SPBowers, it's just me.

And since I can't figure out how to embed a link

Unknown said...

My link doesn't show up blue. Rats.

Here it is anyway,

and good timing! I just updated it yesterday.

Yup, today is going to be an internet day. Hope everyone has a happy and healthy Easter weekend.

Kyler said...
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Lisa Bodenheim said...

Awwwww, cute fluffy owls. Happy spring, everyone! Happy April. And thank you, Janet.

Here's my facebook page: I see it looks different from Sam's. I hope the dancing robot makes it work.

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting us post on your blog madam shark!

yesterday i posted on writing with voice!

happy easter everyone!

Colin Smith said...

Thanks, Janet! I love the picture. :)

Here's mine little cyberspace home:

And for those who couldn't linkify their links:

Sam Hawke
SP Bowers
Amanda Capper
Lisa Bodenheim

If you can't linkify your link, just post your Internet location and I'll linkify them when I can. :)

Colin Smith said...

That's MY little cyberspace home. *sigh*... and here's EndlessEdits:


Unknown said...

What a lovely idea. I do read daily though I don't post comments regularly. I don't keep a blog but have bookmarked all of yours. You can find me on Twitter: @mbowords

Barbara Etlin said...

Whooo, indeed! I've been reading your blog, Janet, for a few years, but this is my first comment. The owls made me do it. Have a lovely holiday.

I'm Barb, writer of middle-grade novels, author of a SP poetry collection, owl at heart.

Here's my blog:
Owl's Quill: blog of Barbara Etlin

Kitty said...

I blogged a book of 10 of my very short stories in 2005 called Briefs and Other Unmentionables. (Actually, 8 were fiction and two were essays.) I wanted to give my mother a book of these stories for Christmas that year, and I knew that I would have to make that book myself.

I printed the stories, page by page, on 5" x 8" paper. I illustrated each story with pictures I found online. I created front and back covers and a title spine. I gave the book a table of contents and a short author bio with a picture my mother had taken of me when I was three. I meticulously stacked the pages and glued the spine by hand, using a baby toothbrush and tacky glue. Then I pressed them underneath a huge jug of kitty litter and let the book dry on the radiator for 24 hours. I did the spine and covers next, and then it was back on the radiator for several more days. I was very proud with the finished product, and I still am.

Before I mailed the book to her, my mother had a heart attack, so I gave it to her in the hospital. Her face lit up when she unwrapped it. Unfortunately, she thought I was giving her a published book of my stories. When I said no and told her what I had done, her face fell.

I thought reading the stories would take her mind off of her health for a while. I never asked her what she thought of my stories, or even if she had read them. The weeks went by with no comment from her; needless to say, I was anxious to know.
Of the ten stories, she made just one comment on a story about a woman who chose desperate measures when faced being blackmailed by a truly revolting man. "Well! I was shocked that you wrote about a woman prostituting herself. Where on earth would you ever get such an idea?" Prostituting herself wasn't even the worst thing the woman did, but that didn't bother my mother. Only the prostitution.

That was my mother's last Christmas. I was glad she got to see my stories in print, even if they hadn't been published.

Colin Smith said...

That's a lovely story, Kitty. Clearly your Mom was looking forward to seeing your work published. And even if you did "self-publish" in the most literal way, that was a lovely gift.

For those who can't make hyperlinks out of their links, here's my article on how to do that.

If that still doesn't work, it may not be your fault. Donna and I have been back-and-forth on this and there appear to be some situations where Blogger won't accept the link. As I said before, at least post your Internet location link.

Here's Barbara Etlin's

Today's was the perfect picture for you, Barbara! Welcome out from Lurkland. :)

Colin Smith said...

Oh, and a reminder: the point of this is to get to know one another, not to shamelessly promote products or try to get an agent. If you're a published writer, and your blog/website has info about your published work, then wonderful. But let us find it. Don't link straight to your Amazon page. :)

Susan Bonifant said...

Like others here, I'll be reading up today on who we are off the thread. What a generous and much appreciated invitation, Janet Reid.

Colin, I hope you have a minute to linkify my address too, and thank you very much for all you've done in your being as link-master here.

Happy Easter or other to you all.

Dena Pawling said...

Here's my blog. I write about humorous courtroom stuff, altho I've been sort of getting burned out on that topic and am actually [surprisingly] glad for the break as I do the A to Z blogging challenge, for which I'm doing "legal definitions in plain [and hopefully humorous] English". Thanks, Colin, for linking the blog challenge on your blog, altho I have no idea if I'll be able to keep up with the pace.

I'm excited to be visiting everyone's blog/site this weekend! Have a wonderful Easter.

Kitty said...

Thanks, Colin, for the compliment!

Easy hyperlinking... The easiest way for me is to start a new post on my 'dead' blog. I use the blog only to add hyperlinks. I add the link to the word/words on the HTML page, and then I copy'n'paste the entire thing.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Such a good idea! Here's the link to my blog (fingers crossed I did this correctly) -

Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

Colin Smith said...

Certainly, Susan:

And Dena's:

I hope you keep up with the challenge Dena. Your first post was fascinating (and funny), and I'm curious to see what you'll come up with for Q, X, and Z. :) If it helps, perhaps just do one legal definition per day. The challenge organizers suggest keeping the posts to 100-300 words, bearing in mind there are over 1,700 blogs listed on the sign-up, and it's likely people will pass over long blogs because they have so many others to get to.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason why you should be QOTKU. I stalk your blogs like the dedicated stalker I am, but I'm always too shy and nervous to comment. Even this comment is causing me high levels of anxiety...

Thank you for letting us get to know one another this way. Happy holidays!

The Girl With Words

D Writer said...

Hi All,

I'm reading here everyday, so the chance to share my own stuff is pretty exciting.

You can find my personal stuff at and my web magazine at

Happy Browsing!

angie Brooksby-Arcangioli said...

It's kind you you Janet to allow us to link here. The owls are so cute, I want to squeeze them.

Here is my website for everything painting/illustration related

And my Ramblings of an artist in Paris

I'm bookmarking this post for quick access to the carkoonians.

Unknown said...


Janet - My best wishes for a very happy holiday weekend. We can only hope your prayers for peace are answered.

Here is a link to my blog:

I use it as a space to post entries for contests. Today I posted the 1st 300 words of the YA novel I plan to start querying just as soon as I'm satisfied with word choice, punctuation, character depth and whole bunch of other stuff. All comments are welcome.

If you are not interested in reading my writing, (which is absolutely fine), I've also posted some of my favorite writing cartoons. I especially like the one about the Cliche Killer.

Looking forward to some blog visits today!

Colin Smith said...


Here's your link:

I hope your blog (and everyone else's) gets a lot of love over the next few days. :)

Maggie Maxwell said...

Hi there! I don't know if I've commented before here, but I come and read frequently. Wonderful advice of the most useful kind. It's a pleasure to meet y'all and I'm looking forward to spending the day reading your blogs. Thank you, Janet, for letting us share and have a wonderful Easter. :)

I can be found at The Wandering Quille.

LynnRodz said...

Hooray for Wifi!!! My blog is:

It's All Maya

Got to run and Happy Easter/Spring everyone!

Thanks, Janet, for this and for your prayers - I need them, the world needs them.

Colin Smith said...

Caryn: Yes, let's get the correct perspective: there are many here who don't write what Janet reps. It's their fault, not hers. ;)

Your link:

Caryn Caldwell said...

Happy spring!

I'm at

I'm already agented, and you don't rep what I write (or, rather, I don't write what you rep :-D), but I do live your blog for all its publishing and writing insights. Thank you for sharing your thoughts so regularly and so well!

Caryn Caldwell said...


Exactly my point! Unfortunately, I was typing on my phone screen and it wouldn't let me clarify. Have now reposted with clarification. (Pulled out my laptop for it and all. :-D)

Celia Reaves said...

Janet, your generous offer and your ADORABLE owls have turned this long-time lurker into an actual commenter. Thank you, and the blessings of the season on you and yours.

I'm working on my second novel (the first one will never see the light of day - ahem), and talking about it at my blog: I look forward to getting to know a little about all the other folks who've posted here. *waves at the multitude*

Scott said...

I don't usually post comments on this blog. But if any of you want to know what at least one lurking writer is up to, my site is at

Flowers McGrath said...

Best community vibes ever! Holiday good wishes to all and thanks to janet! This is fun! So much to explore.
How did Collin get so great at linking?

J.Q. Rose said...

From one Janet to another--Thanks for the opportunity to post our sites and meet everyone. Looking forward to hopping around cyberspace this week.

Wishing you a Happy Blessed Easter, Janet.

J.Q. Rose blog link:

Maggie Maxwell said...

Since everyone loves the owls, I thought I'd track down the link for the maker. Yes, they're dolls! Made by Marina Yamkovskaia and up for sale here. There are so many cute ones, they're worth a look. :)

french sojourn said...

I comment on occasion, to the dismay of quite a few regulars...and below is my blog. It's about moving to France.

My posts are feast or famine. Lately they are the latter as I am in the process or restoring an old land rover four door.

Cheers all, Hank.

Thanks yet again QOTKU. Be well.

Unknown said...

How fun! Great to spend a little bit of time getting to know fellow readers. I keep a book blog over at

Dena Pawling said...

Well Colin, as an attorney who is paid to write and talk (as I sit thru boring calendar call waiting for the judge to get to my case which is #41 out of 44), there are just SO MANY fun definitions out there! Today's post does have fewer than yesterday's, so maybe I'm learning....

But C has a lot again. I'll have to pare them down :)

There are so many blogs here already. I'm gonna have a fun weekend. Thanks to the brave lurkers who have given us a chance to visit your blogs, as well as those whose names I recognize. Happy Easter to all.

Adib Khorram said...

This is cool. I don't post that often but I read every day. Everyone seems so familiar with each other, it can be quite daunting to insert oneself into a discussion.

I'm at I blog about books and wine and tea and things. I wouldn't say I review things so much (generally if I like something a lot I become incoherent) but I try to at least talk about those things which gave me THE FEELS.

Karen McCoy said...

Thanks for linkifying, Colin!

And those have to be the cutest owls I've ever seen (they are owls, aren't they?)

Here are my spaces on the interwebs. The first blog is my own, and the second is a group blog I'm in.

The Writer Librarian

Operation Awesome

And here is my website (still in its infancy stages)

Side question: The "the" in "The Writer Librarian" is important because there's a blogspot address with '' which is very much not me and hasn't be updated in about 7 years. However, with the permanency of Google, I don't see a way to rectify this problem...thoughts?

Colin Smith said...

Adib: Hello Adib!! Don't feel intimidated by those of us who are, shall we say, a little more verbose in the comments. That's how we got to know each other: sharing and inserting ourselves into conversations. There's no etiquette about not doing that here. It's not like you're squeezing yourself between people, spilling their drinks, and loudly proclaiming your two-cents'-worth on whatever they were talking about. :) If people want to dialog privately, there's always e-mail.

JulieWeathers said...

Well, I know what I'm going to be doing today. Thank you, Miss Janet. Thanks to all the shiver for sharing.

This is me and my thoughts on higher education.

JulieWeathers said...

Once again, I hope y'all have a blessed Easter holiday.

I love the owls, aren't they precious? They remind me of tribbles.

I don't know how many of you have horses in your stories, but I have a couple of posts about horse information for writers on the blog also. Nothing as cute as those owls, though.

Christina Seine said...

Wowsers! This is awesome!

I'm here:

Over the next few days I'll add everybody's links to the Carkoon Pinterest board. I'm just going down the list of comments, so if I miss anybody, let me know!

Thank you Janet, and Happy Easter!

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Come on over boys and girls. Just click on the pretty blue letters and you can chose my blog or my blog. I have two.
I'm on my way to visiting some of you guys, fill the ice bucket, I like my lima bean juice cold. I can't believe I said that, ugh.

Lilly Faye Poodle said...

Bless Janet, even when she isn't here, she's still helping us.

I'll be leaving my paw prints all over your blogs this weekend, and I hope you'll visit me at:

A Poodle Looks at Life

Back to dyeing East eggs with Frank...

Nyxie Lin said...

Thank you for doing this, Janet! I've been following your blog for awhile, though I'm just a silent reader :)

My debut novel's coming out in 2016, so I thought I'd better grab the chance and post something here!

So this is me:

REJourneys said...

I adore the picture. They look like very happy owls.

Here's my newly launched blog: Rejourneys

Thank you so much for the opportunity and the community. You guys are great!

(And thank you Colin for the "How-to" for posting a link.)

Colin Smith said...

Christina: I was considering compiling everyone's links into one comment on Sunday night, but the Carkoon Pintrest board is probably a better place for them all. I'll continue to linkify people's links here (if they need it), but I'll leave the final big list of links in your hands, if that's okay?

Colin Smith said...

More lovely links: AND

Kate Larkindale said...

If anyone would like to visit me, here's my little neck of the woods. What a great idea to encourage us to socialize away from here!
Fiction and Film

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit of a lurker here, but a long-time admirer of all the more 'chummy' aspects of Ms. Reid's writing.
Thank you for the opportunity to learn and laugh.


Kay Kauffman said...

This is a fantastic idea! Thank you!

I don't comment often, but I do read each and every informative post. My blog is called Suddenly they all died. The end.

Colin Smith said...

Kay: Was your blog title by any chance inspired by A GAME OF THRONES? ;)

Kay Kauffman said...

Colin: As a matter of fact, it wasn't. It was inspired by a short story a friend and I co-wrote in high school, long before I'd ever heard of the illustrious Mr. Martin. :)

Kregger said...

My ex-wife used to love owls.
When she ran off with one, I bought a shotgun. I haven't heard whoo from either in ages.
My blog
Thinly disguised passive-aggressive writing to promote my inclusion into various anthologies.

Colin do your magic.

Christina Seine said...

Colin, no problem! We all so appreciate your mad linkification skills. As a matter of fact, I believe your new title should be Colin the Linkinator! Which should come in quite handy if you ever decide to take up professional wrestling. =D

So far I am current with all links up through my first comment. I'll add the rest today, God willing and the creek don't rise. Pinterest did give me trouble with a few websites, so if somehow I've missed one, mea culpa and please let me know. All of the pins that link to blogs or websites of Janet's minions are titled "Carkoon Characters" and then the name, or nom de plume, of the owner.

Colin Smith said...

Kay: A very short story by the sound of it! ;) I've only read the first GoT book and I haven't seen any of the TV series, but if what I've read is how he proceeds with his characters, that title pretty much sums it up. :)

Here you go, kregger:

Unknown said...

I'm another 'long-time listener, first time caller' here. I love the daily bits of publishing wisdom -- and reading all the contest entries. I'm looking forward to checking out all the posted sites :D My not-as-active-as-it-should-be website is:

Kay Kauffman said...

Colin: Indeed! I just checked - it's only 671 words. I've never read the GoT books and I haven't watched the show, either, but what I've heard has given me the same impression. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm coming in rather late here... but then, I've only been lately commenting on Janet's blog.

Thank you, Janet! This is great.

I've only skimmed the comments so far - I'll be visiting everyone's blogs over the next few days.

My home on the interwebz is

BJ Muntain

Thanks to Donna for checking it out earlier this week, and helping me get it up to speed for public consumption!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and a few side notes.

Kitty, your story makes me want to give you (((hugs))).

Karen, regarding the old website of that name: the only thing I can think to do is contact Blogger and ask them. I don't know their policies on unused blogs/blog names, though. Can't hurt to ask, right? If that doesn't work, well, you're not the first (and probably the last) who have had to put a 'the' in front of their name for a site or other name.

I forgot to mention - you can also follow me on Twitter at @BJMuntain.

Thanks again, Janet, and I hope you and everyone have a wonderful, blessed Easter.

Here in Saskatchewan, Canada, nature pulled it's biggest April Fool's joke in years - we actually had spring weather in March! Whoo! We often don't get spring until May. And then today, I look out the window, and everything is white again. And my furnace - which decided to work while it was warm outside - has once more given up.

Hope everyone else is having a better spring day!

Anonymous said...

Umm... sorry. Karen, I meant 'probably NOT the last'.

I'm out of coffee. Send help.

Stephen Parrish said...

Thank you, Janet, for all you do.

I edit an online literary journal and am always on the lookout for short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction:

In addition I recently founded a new site that publishes everything the first one doesn't: reviews, interviews, etc.:

If you submit to the first, I'll read it. If you submit to the second, an equally nice editor named Camille will read it. We hope to see you at one, the other, or both.

Stephen Parrish

Les Edgerton said...

Thanks, Janet! My website is and my blog is

I offer advice on how to compose effective kidnap notes...

JulieWeathers said...


I will add you as a facebook friend when I get my author page set up.

Steve Forti said...

Here's a wave from an avid reader, but only an occasional commenter. I don't keep a blog anymore, but if I did, I'm sure it would just be a bunch of random head smashes against the keyboard as toddlers scream and climb in the background.

But I do enjoy the discussion, and will try to poke my head out of the shadows more often.

Judy Moore said...

This is me:
I've just sat quietly for the last year, learning from all the information Janet so generously shares.

Bonnie Shaljean said...

I adore the baby owls! They bring back wonderful memories of my mother, whose would-have-been birthday is in a few days. Owls were her favourite creatures, and our house was always full of them (not live ones). How she would love those two fuzzy little 'uns.

Wishing you a beautiful, peaceful Easter, Janet - and everyone else too.

Anonymous said...

I'm at or same site, two domain names.

Good to know, I have plenty to read this weekend.

Happy Bunny Day.

Colin Smith said...

More links! AND OR

And let me also note that Ms. Shark, QOTKU herself, has been known to drop in on commenter blogs from time to time. So make sure you dust this weekend, because you never know... :)

Anonymous said...

Some things happened today that prevented me from dropping in earlier, but I'm here now, and all ya'll have to do is click on my name you can visit my blog. (Trying to save our busy Colin some work!)

I'm also on Twitter and my handle is @wordstogobuy.

Get it? :)

BIG THANK YOU to Ms. Janet for opening up the doors so to speak.

BJ - I finally got off that doggone game. LOL!

I'll be visiting all of you soon - if I haven't already!

**Those itty bitty owls! Squuuueeee!!!**

John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur said...

For what it's worth – This blog started as a report on our family's move from Oregon to the Caribbean. Now it's a little of everything, and I admit I post only sporadically. I'm in the middle of moving it from blogger to Wordpress, but if anyone actually cares, you can see it at:

It's name was originally Island Time, because we were in the Virgin islands. We've moved to New Orleans, so it's Bayou Time. for now.

Karen McCoy said...

BjMuntain: Sending coffee. And help in the form of more coffee. And following you on Twitter.

Thanks for the great advice! I'll see what I can dig up...

Colin Smith said...

Look at you, Donna, linking your blog to your Blogger name! :)

Here's Mr. Chumbucket's:

Amy Schaefer said...

Yikes. 73 comments ahead of me. Well, I'll post anyway. Carolynn has already dropped by, and it is always nice to hear from you all.

Sailing Papillon

My blog follows our family travels from the Chesapeake to the South Pacific. I've been quiet lately; this should inspire me to get moving again.

Megan Sayer said...

I LOVE this idea! I don't comment, but I do read every day (and have a chuckle). Better than the morning newspaper, and more informative, that's for sure. Lovely to click through and see the "homes" of the names that have become familiar.
And for what it's worth, this is me:
See ya round the traps! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

AJ Blythe said...

Got up this morning to a cold and gloomy (soon to be wet) day so looking forward to checking out everyone's personal corner of cyberspace.

Apologies to those on FB because I'm not, so I won't be able to visit :(

Have painting to do today, so will intersperse architraves with blogs.

Sam Hawke said...

Thanks Colin! What would we do without our linkmaster extraordinaire?

Lizzie said...

I'm on Twitter. @LizzieAwrites

Karen McCoy said...

Wait, we can thank John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur for "Talk Like a Pirate" day?

This blog community never ceases to amaze!

Lisa Bodenheim said...

wow, lots of pages to visit during the weekend! yay.

And yes, thank you Colin, for being the Linkenator.

Anonymous said...

Hey Colin, just so happens, my name here has been linkable the ENTIRE time. Maybe you originally Googled me to find my blog?

I have to know, when you did...was I dead? Incarcerated?

Anonymous said...

Dang - meant to say, Colin, thank you for sharing it the way you did!

Unknown said...

I'm more of a lurker here than a commenter, but this is my blog anyways: (no idea how to linkify it)

and I look forward to checking out all of these new blogs :) Hopefully that will prod me to be more verbose :D

Unknown said...

Also Hi Megan! I had no idea we were fellow lurkers! We'll have to meet up again some time soon :)

John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur said...

Karen McCoy – Yeah, that's me. Although the webwench hasn't updated the site in a while.

Colin Smith said...

Yay, more links!

Donna: I don't think I ever noticed... or maybe that's how I found your blog the first time and then promptly forgot. Which happens. Especially when you get to my goldfish... um... something... what was I saying?

Unknown said...

Thanks Colin! (Really have to get my act together and find out how to do this stuff for myself)

Maggie Maxwell said...

John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur - You're the man behind the best pirate holiday? No kidding! My senior class picture ended up on Talk Like A Pirate Day and I shamelessly dressed up for it, plastic cutlass and all. It's a pleasure to meet you!

Maggie Maxwell said...

W.R. Gingell: It's easy to embed a link once you know the HTML code. < a href="link here">Text here< /a>

Just remove the extra spaces and replace the link and text with your own desired options.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Maggie!
Still at baby steps in my html, though I can make small changes in my blog (copy and paste, mainly :D )
I should remember that one now :)

(sorry if this comment goes through twice, my internet is being weird)

Maggie Maxwell said...

Not a problem, W.R! Happy to help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the coffee help, Karen!

As blog is my witness (well, this blog, anyway) I will never run out of coffee again!

Good luck with Blogger :)

Colin Smith said...

For anyone else that wants to know the secret of hyperlinking, see Maggie's explanation, or my article here: My Article

Stephen G Parks said...

I don’t often post here, but when I do, like now, I’m late to the game. But that’s part and parcel for living in Malaysia.

I just amalgamated three websites - one I hand-coded and two blogs - into a Drupal site that should be easier to maintain and add features to later. Launched it quietly a week ago, haven’t told anyone yet, so this is perfect timing for me.

If you wish, please feel free to browse and if you see any problems or errors, feel free to laugh (um, no. 'Please tell me.' That's what I meant to say. yeah...):

Thanks for this Janet! Great idea.


ps - Colin, I don't know how you're getting the links to work here. Janet's form won't allow me to put http: inside the href="" (Error message: Your HTML cannot be accepted: Reference "“http:" is not allowed). I do know how to code, I swear. ;-(

Colin Smith said...

Stephen: Hello! As Donna and I discovered when experimenting with this a while ago, Blogger can be a bit quirky with links, and I'm not 100% sure why it works for most of us but not for some others. I have no doubt you know what you're doing. Blogger just doesn't like you for some reason. I use WordPress, so I have no problem blaming Blogger for your problems (and world hunger, global warming, whatever else) :)

Anonymous said...

Er, I should mention that my blog frequently contains profanity, in case that offends anyone. Then again, it might be a draw for some of you. The post in October is not an exception to this tendency. At all.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! Oh Blogger, I truly despise you for being so predictable. My first comment didn't show up. Here, I'll re-create it:

I rarely comment over here because Blogger hates me (the feeling is mutual) and seems intent on making things difficult for me.

But I've been reading and being entertained/educated by this blog for . . . well, a very long time. And since I always do as instructed--

My blog is here

If anyone is interested in reading a "scary" story that turned out to be pretty funny, go click on the sidebar link to October 2014. Other than that one, most of my recent posts aren't really all that entertaining. Some people read them anyway. Some people defy explanation.

Heading back to lurkerdom. Hope you all have a lovely Easter, if you celebrate that holiday. Or a fantastic weekend, if you don't.

Colin Smith said...

kdjames: I think people who are offended by profanity have long ago abandoned this blog. When Janet gets on a rant... well... talk about the air turning blue... ;)

And unless someone beat me to it, this is comment #100!! :D

french sojourn said...

Just wanted to give Colin a shout out. Nice work with the links. It's very thoughtful of you.

If possible could you or Christina Seine post a link of the Pinterest site if it happens...for some reason I went to Pinterest and tried to link in with my Facebook site and now the world knows I like miniature Owls. *facepalm*

Cheers Hank

Kurt Dinan said...

Hi everyone!

I pretty much give 90% credit to The Shark and the commenters on this board for my successful query letter which led to an agent and the sale of my novel. So thank you, all!

My blog detailing that journey and a bunch of other writer-y stuff is at

Unknown said...

Wow, this is great. There are so many fantastic blogs on here… I’ll be reading all weekend! Fun!

Addicted to Words

Martha Reynolds said...

Thank you!

I blog at

S.P. Bowers said...

Thanks Colin for making those links!

Colin Smith said...

Absolutely my pleasure to help out with the links!

Here's the Pinterest board for the Carkoon branch office:

And some more links:

If I've missed anyone's link, please re-post to remind me. :)

Unknown said...

Oh fun!

My blog (and podcast) can be found at

Anonymous said...

Hello other blogsters! I always love seeing your comments. I'm at

Nice to meet you all.

Writer of Wrongs said...

Hi All,

I've enjoyed surfing the new links! I'm the Writer of Wrongs, you can see my real identity at:

Happy Easter!

Lilac said...

What an amazing post, Janet: thank you so much. And it is so good to see you again.:-)

I still have to clean my apartment for Passover (helpppp!), and I'll probably be offline until Saturday. Then I will try to visit as many of you as I can during the rest of the weekend. You are welcome to visit me on FB. Although I don't have an author page (yet), sometimes I use my timeline to share my thoughts and feelings. I usually start with the words: beloved friends.

If you type Lilac Rose Shoshani on FB, I believe you will reach my timeline. Have a wonderful holiday. :-)

Colin Smith said...

More links!
And here's the lovely Lilac Shoshani's FB page

S.D.King said...

Humble as it may be, here's mine:

Lilac said...

Colin, thank you so much. :D

Cheyenne said...

Happy Easter, Janet, and to all you fine, friendly folks commenting (and lurking)! I'm mostly a lurker, myself, and have posted incognito (once) :). May you all have a peaceful and wonderful weekend!

Ryan Neely said...

Well ... as I attempt to transition from my past life into this new life of writing, what I have to offer is my previous life's work. Here it is: Ahr Neely Photography

Colin Smith said...

I know a lot of people like to go by their initials, but I feel awkward addressing people by those initials. If I ever met J.K. Rowling, I'd sooner call her Joanne, or Jo, or Your Highness, than JK.

I say that to say thanks to S.D. King for sharing her first name! :)

Kathleea said... Look under tab that says BLOG. 😊

Unknown said...

Hmmm For some reason it didn't link, I'll try again. :-D

Thanks for the great chance to post our info! You can find me (and my work) here:



Colin Smith said... or go directly to Kathleen's blog!

And you may be one of the lucky few that Blogger won't let link, :)

Panda in Chief said...

Although I rarely comment, I am a devoted reader of your blog, Janet. My writing genre (panda satire) is not within your scope as an agent, oh, though I wish it were!
(Insert various sucking up comments here.)

Despite that, I learn new and useful things with every post. Should anyone need a break from serious thrillers and fiction, they can find the world of panda satire here:

ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) said...

I post a mostly regular "Saturday Summation" where I collect and comment on some notable writing or reading articles/blogs from the previous week. Now I know to link to this post, too, for tomorrow. I also post an occasional mid-week thing about writing or reading stuff.

It'll All Work Out

Colin Smith said...

miz "b": Hey, Janet said query her whatever...! ;)

Look, I'm already exiled to Carkoon--how much worse can it get?

I'm going to regret I said that, aren't I... :O

Unknown said...

Thanks for the opportunity!! I'm looking forward to reading many of these blogs!!! My website and blog is at or
FB at

Colin Smith said...

Hello, Jean! and/or FB:

Karen McCoy said...

Holy Smokes! 125 comments!

John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur, I saw a bumper sticker this morning that said "To err is human, to arrrgh is pirate."

Amy Makechnie said...

Fun idea! So good to kindof "meet" all of you!

Unknown said...

You are the best Ms Shark. I'm mostly a lurker but post now and again just like my friend Spesh Bowers, Hi! Spesh! Anyway, I hope Colin Smith is still reading and can linkify my blog and Facebook page! Thanks Colin in advance. Hope the weather at Carkoon is as beautiful as it is in sunny California!

My blog: http://reluctant
My Facebook page:

Thanks Ms.Janet!

Colin Smith said...

Hello, Amy!

And Debra!

Blog: http://reluctant

Brenda Buchanan said...

So many great links here! Thank you for this gift, Janet, today and every day. I wish you a blessed Easter.

Like many others who have posted in the last day I lurk more than I talk on this backblog, but am a faithful daily reader. I know good advice when I hear it and Ms. Janet's is second to none.

Here's a link to my website:

Come on over and say hello!

Sarah Meral said...

I've never posted before, but think this is a great post to say hello :)

I'm a law student from Germany and not a writer, but I enjoy learning about the craft of writing.

Like Julie W. I'm a member of the Compuserve Book and Writers forum (Hi Julie!) and through that I met lots of writers for whom I beta read. Some of them are published, some not, but I love being part of the writing process in different stages and to learn new things.

I've been reading this blog regularly for a while now and am fascinated by the world of writing and publishing.

I don't have a blog, but am on twitter:

Thank you Janet for your wonderful blog and thank you to all the commenters for sharing your experiences and stories :)

Carrie Nichols said...

I only lurk here because I write contemporary romance and I know you don't represent that, plus I am currently working on a revise and resubmit for an agent who took the time to call me after my submission.

But I do enjoy your blog and advice. My website is:

Writer of Wrongs said...

Colin, dear, sweet, deluded, Colin. What could be worse than Carkoon? Where else can guests enjoy a steady diet of lima beans and awaken to the mournful questions of fluffy owls?

Carkoon: A veritable paradise, populated by only the finest denizens. A quirky lot for whom grammatical guffaws become bloodsport. A place where weregild is exacted for infractions of syntax.

Nay. Think not of places worse-- for there are hells to be found--rather enjoy respite in a magical land of our own making.

Where all is linkified.

Colin Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colin Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colin Smith said...

Ah, the paradise that is Carkoon, where you have to wait for the second sunset to visit the oasis or you'll burn your feet on the sand. The only planet where Dena's Legal Services is next door to Naughty Nancy's Illegal Services. Where the ROUSs come to hide, and the droids come for a vacation...

Yup, it's a magical place alright. Straight out of Dante... :)



And let's see if Sarah's Twitter link works:

Writer of Wrongs said...

How could I have forgotten the ROUS? Beatrice will point them out to the uninitiated.

Ah, here's my stop: Ninth ring, treachery.

Phyllis E said...

Great idea. Thanks for doing this. Happy Easter and/or Passover to all.

You can find me at

JulieWeathers said...


"And let me also note that Ms. Shark, QOTKU herself, has been known to drop in on commenter blogs from time to time. So make sure you dust this weekend, because you never know... :)"

I would be surprised if she does this weekend with it being a very holy time, but I could be wrong. I'm not even sure I will make it to all the blogs. wow. I am trying, though.


Jed Cullan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jed Cullan said...

Colin's idea was brilliant. Going through all the blogs and comments might take me all weekend, but I will do it.

My blog is:

I also hang out on twitter: @JedCullan

For some reason I couldn't insert the links. And I followed Colin's blog post about how to do it. I blame the Zombie hedgehogs.

Colin Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colin Smith said...

Mo linx!

And I blame Blogger, Jed. :) and @JedCullan on Twitter

Julie: Oh, I'm sure she won't come visiting this weekend, which is why it's a good time to dust and clean. Who knows where she might travel next week...? :)

Jed Cullan said...

Just read Kitty's post about her book and her mum. Reminded me of something with my gran.

My gran used to love showing off my stories and articles and would take the magazines around to her neighbours and boast like crazy. It got a tad embarrassing, to say the least.

But I loved my gran, and she was always there for me, and always believed in me. Which is more than I can say for the rest of my family.

As a thank you, I had written an article that would name her and thank her. I thought she would be chuffed to bits. It would come out in the magazine's Christmas edition in 2002. Now, you have to write these things months in advance, so it was finished and sent in to the mag in August. I kept it a secret. I wanted her to be surprised when she received her copy.

However, in November, two weeks before publication, she fell ill and went into hospital, and then died the following week, never having read the article dedicated to her, and naming her in it as well.

So, basically, if you need to thank someone for being there for you, and supporting you, then don't wait. Stuff happens. If you love them, tell them. Don't wait. Tell them now.

Jed Cullan said...

Thanks for sorting out the links, Colin. Blogger is difficult at times.

Dena Pawling said...

"The only planet where Dena's Legal Services is next door to Naughty Nancy's Illegal Services."


Now if only I practiced criminal defense. After all, location, location, location.

Hollie Sessoms said...

Lurker here!

*comes out of the shadows*

*retreats back to shadows*

Colin Smith said...

Hello, Hollie!

Here's a tip for those who are trying to make their own links but having trouble. Try the full address with the "http://" at the beginning. I think sometimes Blogger gets confused if that's not there.

I was just thinking, accounting for my deleted comments, we're currently at about 145. I bet Janet's glad she's not doing a WiR this Sunday! :)

Stephen G Parks said...

Hey Colin, thanks for linkifying my site for me. Blogger does in fact hate me.

Enjoy the beautiful sunsets in Carkoon. Thanks again.


Michael Seese said...

Sorry for being behind the times:

Unknown said...

Violet Ingram, Author
Death by High Heels

Sarah Meral said...

Thank you Colin for the link to twitter. I've found your blog post on how to link only after I posted :)

E.Maree said...

Oh my gosh, I'm late to this party!

I'm a Scottish urban fantasy writer, and my website is here, Twitter over here.

Writer of Wrongs said...

Jed, the zombie hedgehogs are Carkoon's Rodents of Unusual Size. Like gremlins, they have a nasty habit of messing with computers and people during the night.

I'd advise against petting them.

Kate Higgins said...

Kate Higgins here and my blog; sadly out of date but pure me:

I make things. I write. I make stuff up. I illustrate. I make a mess. I am fascinated by potential. I am passionately curious. I believe in now. When I'm creating and I lose all track of time. And I wouldn't have it any other's who I am.

Eileen said...

I’m a linkless lurker who comments occasionally, but I wanted to take a second to say hello and thanks to all of you who keep me well informed and thoroughly entertained.

Colin Smith said...

Catching up on links. Hey, it's Saturday, my day to lie in, and I'm NOT a morning person!

Sarah: You are very welcome. I hope my little tutorial serves you well in the future. :)

Emma!! Good to see you!! :D

Hello, Kate!

Eileen--you can share a Twitter account, or a FB page if you have one that you don't mind us seeing. If not, that's okay. Thanks for saying hi! :)

Deniz Bevan said...

What an awesome idea! I blog about reading, writing, and our move to Geneva at The Girdle of Melian:

Sarah Meral said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah Meral said...

Hi Deniz :)

Trying out Colin’s explanation on how to link, hope it works this time.

Deniz blog

Jessica Wilding said...

I usually just lurk rather than comment, but here's a link to my blog:

It's mostly about what I'm reading and how my writing is going.

Unknown said...

Bear with me, please, I’m new to all this, having just been ‘redirected’ by Janet. I do have a blog: I set up to talk about my first novel, Much Ado about Music. I found blogging so much fun that I continued on random things as I think of them.
I wish you all a pleasant Easter weekend and for Janet to find the resurrection.
Gerry P

Suzan Teall Headley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suzan Teall Headley said...

I'm a little late to the party, but here's the link to my blog (or I should say, my dog's blog):

Suzan Headley

Have a blessed Easter!

Colin Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colin Smith said...

Welcome into the light, lurker Jessica! Nice to see you. :)

And you Gerald. As she does with all of us, Janet pointed you in the right direction. :) Well, most of the time, anyway. I'm sure this spell on Carkoon is good for me, but I would much prefer FPLM-Paradise... ;)

Anonymous said...

Blessed Ishtar to all in this fertile season of bunnies, eggs and rebirth-renewal. My writing and editing blog is at

Dig my happy hippie inspirational blog at

Special shoutout to our dear QueryShark whose teeth marks can still be felt on my scalp but whose suggestions resulted in a revamped query and fresh pitch that led to finding a publisher for my novel "More Than You Think You Know." Don't fear the chum bucket. It's bloody good!

Colin Smith said...

Here's Cyndi's blog:

Congrats on getting your novel published! :)

Deniz Bevan said...

Thanks Sarah!
I usually use aadam Heine's example ( but can't seem to manage the copy paste easily on the iPad, especially with baby in lap!

Sarah Meral said...

You're welcome Deniz!

I guessed you were on the ipad, so I thought I link it for and I could try out how to link at the same time :D

AJ Blythe said...

Meant to add, I am trying to visit everyone in the Shark Tank, but it's a rather large tank! I think I'm about 3/4 of the way there. Apologies if I miss anyone.

Colin Smith said...

I've just gone through all the links here and I missed one:

Sorry, Kurt!

Unknown said...


I enjoy your every blog: entertaining, and useful.

Shouldn't the cute picture of the owls be


Can you guess--a former English teacher who thinks he's funny7.

Ed Kelly

Colin Smith said...

OK, so I've compiled all these links into one single page of links right here:

I put in on my web site for convenience. It's not linked anywhere on my blog or website--you have to know the link to get there.

If anyone wants me to remove their name/website/blog/FB page from the list, just tell me and I will. A link to my email address is on my Blogger profile.

I'll continue to add to the list as more links appear here.

Colin Smith said...

Oh, and cmw = Carkoon's Most Wanted. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Colin! This is great - and I'm sure it took you most of the day.

You rock.

Colin Smith said...

bj: Actually, it didn't take too long--an hour or so at the most. But I thought that might be more helpful to people, especially if they haven't got time to get to everyone today.

Thanks for the compliment, anyway. :)

Lisa Bodenheim said...

Thank you for the list Colin. Extremely helpful with all of the names we have here.

Lisa Bodenheim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JEN Garrett said...

I blog at my website

JEN Garrett

Sorry to post my link late. Guess I missed the opportunity to be on the one page list.

Colin Smith said...

Not at all, JEN! I'll try to keep the list updated over the weekend.

Picks by Pat said...

Thanks Janet. Your blog has been a tremendous resource for me.

I use my blog to review fiction (mostly crime and thrillers) and writers who have inspired me. You can find it at

Have a great weekend!

Colin Smith said...

You've been added to the list too. :)

Megan V said...

Here's my haphazard attempt at a blog. I haven't found my niche yet, so I'm doing the unthinkable and posting (very infrequently) about writing.

AJ Blythe said...

Thanks, Colin. I'm totally losing track of where I have been and where I still have to go (I can read maps - truly!) so your page will be very useful!

Maggie Maxwell said...

You rock, Colin! Thanks! And happy Easter, everyone. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for this opportunity. I will attempt to follow up as many facebook and blogs as possible. is my facebook if you could like me I'll like back is my blog and website.
Happy Easter

Unknown said...

Cool idea, Janet and Colin. Lots of new people to stalk - oops, follow. ;-)

My book review site:

Mix of true crime, travel stories, quirky facts for writers, and Detective Kerrian's thoughts:

Sherry Howard said...


Facebook Sherry Hyberger Howard

Twitter @SherLHoward

I'm excited to find everybody at all my hangouts!

Gabe said...

I post lots of useless crap and some weird short fiction. But hey, I figure my good site design makes up for some of it.


Colin Smith said...

I've updated the list. Here are the latest: AND AND

Hurrying off to a church covered dish lunch. Will check back later! :)

Panda in Chief said...

Hey, Colin Smith, thanks for postifying my website address! I'm having fun reading everyone's comments, and wish that I could take a vacation to Carkoon and through back a few adult bevreges with everyone.

Blogger makes me nuts, so often it deletes my comments and of course I mostly forget to copy my wisdom in case it does.

Janet will come home to find all of us on her couch, her liquor cabinet empty and cuppycake wrappers strewn all over her office. Such is the risk when you hang with writers. (And pandas)

DLM said...

When Janet said she was taking the week away, I did too and have not been in to see the festivities. I'm habitually late to this blog in any case, but I'm to be found as follows:
On Twitter at @DianeLMajor

DLM said...

Hm, just put up my (habitually late) comment and jumped through recaptcha's hoop, but nothing.
Twitter: @DianeLMajor

wolfman141 said...

I am very new to blogging. I am allergic to the idea of writing my opinions on a regular basis. (I don't mind speaking my opinions, tho!) Anyway, I finally bit the bagel, but mostly by posting other people's items of interest that relate to either the topic of my sci-fi novel or about writing. Here's my link. Please let me know what you think: There are lots of articles I posted, including a link to Janet's indispensable blog.

Colin Smith said...

miz "b": You don't want to vacation in Carkoon. If you want a vacation, talk to Amy at FPLM-Paradise. If you're visiting Carkoon, it's because you found yourself on the receiving end of the Wrath of QOTKU... 8-O

Here's Diane's Twitter account:


She already linkified her blog, but I'll add both to the list.

Hello, wolfman141! All the best to you on your blogging adventure! :)

Colin Smith said...

Diane: It seems comment moderation is on, so your comment may not appear immediately.

Here's your blog--apparently something went awry with your link:

Sam Hawke said...

Wow, this is quite a list!! Perfect excuse for avoiding the work I am meant to be doing. Working my way through, having lots of fun meeting you all.

I posted my FB page earlier - but I realise a number of people don't have FB so my blog is at I hesitated to link it before because it's a bit casually sweary at times. So, sorry about that. :)

Oh and I'm on twitter at @samhawkewrites

Happy Easter!

Yamile said...

woah, Janet, what a generous invitation! I love the writing community. It's one of the best things about this writing insanity. I'm a long time reader/lurker of the blog. I'm an Argentine but have lived in Utah half of my life, so I guess I can start calling myself a Utahn too. I'm currently pursuing an MFA at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and although I write a genre Janet doesn't represent, Janet is still my dream agent.
my blog is YamileSMendez

Yamile said...

Ok, I can't add the link: my bog is

Joanne Roberts said...

Here's my kidlit blog.

'Hope to see you there. Thanks, all.

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