Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Query Question: Revision after sending the query

I was convinced I was 100% done with a manuscript and started querying it. Then, after sending out several queries, I had an irresistible bolt of inspiration that would significantly change the main character's goal and require big edits... I know this is frowned upon, but the changes have to be made. What do I do if an agent wants to see a partial or full based on an outdated synopsis? 

The Gods of Inspiration and Revision are pranksters of the first order. They LOVE to visit about three minutes after you hit SEND on a full.

I can't count the number of queriers who've written to me in this same quandry.

Here's what to do:

You do NOT withdraw the query.  You've got time to revise the manuscript while you wait for the glacial responses to come in.

When agents do request fulls, you include a note that says just what you told me: you revised significantly betwixt Query and Full.

And don't worry. It's better to send your best work even if it's different from the query.

The worst thing that can happen is they say no. Get used to that one, writer friend. It's going to be a part of your daily life from now on. (But those yesses make up for that, oh indeed they do!)


Anonymous said...

Oh yes they do. I can still ride that high, like an old work horse. And, I got it TWO years ago.

Lance said...

I have those moments just sending ms out to readers. Can't imagine what will happen once I start to query.

Sunday Reflections or Stumbling Towards Happiness by Bill Holland said...

Good to know. Thank you! I thought I was done with my novel until a friend read it for me and said "wouldn't it make more sense if you did this?".....now I do believe I have some revisions to make. LOL Oh well, I want it to be my best.