Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sox Knocker Saturday! Get Carter

I  love  micropresses!

I'm particularly thrilled when they are dedicated to publishing great crime novels.  This week I heard the news that Paul Oliver is publishing a small number of books, to be distributed by the Very Amazing and Super Smart Folks at Soho Press:

The newly launched, Brooklyn-based crime and mystery fiction publisher, Syndicate Books, has announced a distribution agreement with independent publishing house Soho Press. Through the deal, select print and digital titles from Syndicate will be distributed under the imprint name, Soho Syndicate, via Soho Press’s pre-existing relationship with Random House Publishers Services.

Syndicate publisher, and sole staffer, Paul Oliver, also happens to be the director of marketing and Publicity for Soho Press, and has no plans to leave Soho with the incorporation of his new micro-publisher.

--Publishers Weekly (March 18, 2014)

You can order the book here (it pubs in September)

What knocked your sox off this week?


Kitty said...

It was originally titled Jack's Return Home. Check out the great cover.

french sojourn said...

I'm posting one of my hero's reviews...from the page you posted.

“Aristotle, when he defined tragedy, mandated that a tragic hero must fall from a great height, but Aristotle never imagined the kind of roadside motels James M. Cain could conjure up or saw the smokestacks rise in the Northern English industrial hell of Ted Lewis's Get Carter. ”

His stories had knocked my socks off many times.

Cheers Hank

Anonymous said...

That we are paying less this year in taxes (thanks to me being jobless, I imagine) and getting money BACK from the state.

That was a for sure what the fuckamoli??? moment.