Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Query: Multiple requests from a single agent

An agent requested a query + ten pages from a Twitter pitch contest a few weeks ago. The same agent then requested a partial based on completely separate contest (Pitch Wars) this weekend. This agent is currently closed for queries otherwise and I haven't heard back from her yet on the ten pages, so I assume she hasn't seen them yet.

What's the best way to approach that? Follow up on the query+10 and say "by the way, you wanted more so here it is?" Do it as a separate email entirely and pretend she doesn't have the first round? Go hide because this whole query thing is scary?

Well, you don't hide. And don't assume she'll make the connection. I've never done one of those pitch things on Twitter (my god, you guys can barely get a coherent query in 250 words, 140 characters is nutso) but my guess is that agents are looking at tweets and thinking "oh that sounds good" not "oh wait, I've seen that name before."

Send the partial (the more pages in front of her eyeballs the better) and in the cover letter mention she asked for it in both the pitch contest and the pitch war.  Clearly you've got an interesting concept to have intrigued her not once but twice.

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