Friday, January 24, 2014

Leave the whisky, take the cannoli

I've had some terrific assistants.

I've had some terrific colleagues.

I've had three who've been both.  One is now setting land speed records in her own literary agency; the other is setting the world on fire in a publisher's marketing department.

The third is leaving today to become a full-fledged, no more putting up with the Shark, agent.

Brooks Sherman swims off to The Bent Agency on Monday and to say he will be missed is to say I might like a snort every now and then.

Brooks is one of the funniest guys I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He's also got impeccable taste in books. He is unfortunately woefully ignorant of good music (harrumph) and fails to appreciate  The Parent Trap is a great movie, but he can be forgiven these things if only cause he found Otter.

 I love Otter.

There's a lot I'm going to miss about not having Brooks in the office. Maybe I can use this to build a trap (salted with whisky not cookies of course) to get him back.

If you queried Brooks here at FPLM, and have not heard back, you should query him at The Bent Agency. By phone of course. I had his number specially installed:  212- TOR-MENT


Unknown said...

Which Parent Trap -- I or II? Oops, probably showing my age. Time for a snort.

Remember the minister in Parent Trap I who loved his bourbon? Almost my favorite part of the movie.

Of course, now you get to groom another sharkette to help gobble us up.

LynnRodz said...

It's a sharkawful day! Why is it, I can feel your sadness through your prose? (Have a drink, you'll feel better–or worse!)

All the best, Brooks!

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

The picture looks as if you cleaned out my attic, not the cookies though, they 'neva' would have made it up there.

Anonymous said...

I suppose he can be happy you didn't go with 1-212-CEE-MENT.

Good luck to him in his new adventures!

No'll be circling someone in the shark cage soon.

Colin Smith said...

I don't doubt that amidst the sadness, you feel very proud of Brooks, and pleased with yourself having prepared another to leave the nest and fly on his own. And well you should be!

All the best to you Brooks! And congratulations. :)

jack welling said...

Otter is on pre-order for me. Has been for months, thanks to you.

Now, back to the mayhem.

Joyce Tremel said...

Janet, you should be very proud that your minions have turned out so well. Good luck to Brooks!

Kitty said...

There is no "Parent Trap I." There is "Parent Trap" and a wretched ripoff.

Unknown said...

May your heart be filled with only the space of distance. Bask in the moments of the past only seeing that the future is brighter for knowing each other.

For sadness is something you feel only when those who have touched your heart so deeply leave. That is a gift.

And he can thank you for me bugging him now and again.

JeffO said...

What the heck is Otter trying to catch??? Best of luck to Brooks!

Bill Scott said...

Spread your fins and swim, B. Sherman.

Best of luck.

Bill Plante said...

What a boss.

Unknown said...

It may be a dismal day in the depths of the Shark Pool, but I know you must be taking satisfaction in knowing you have help to increase the Agent Pool for all us querying fools.

Best of luck to Brooks and the others for continued success.

Sophie Littlefield said...

Wishing Brooks all the best! Janet, you have the best sparkle-magnet around