Sunday, July 14, 2013


Last week was ThrillerFest and if you thought it started Thursday and ended Saturday, you don't know the FPLM crew at all!  We started last Sunday, and then after closing the bar early Sunday morning a week later, were escorted out of town on various modes of transport including but not limited to: moped, hot air balloon, velociraptor and subway.

Last night (Saturday 7/13) was the Awards banquet and it was particular fun this year because Fabulous Patrick Lee's new book RUNNER was on every table.  It was the first look at his new series for industry pros and pals alike.

The one and only Slithery Barbara Poelle (who found not one but TWO of her stellar clients at Tfest a couple years back) dove right in.

And man oh man, did she dive in!

Then Dan Krokos, nominee for Best YA novel grabbed it when Barbara slithered off to powder her nose.  Suzie Townsend pretended not to notice but she's secretly signalling her companion in crime to make a grab.

Joanna Volpe, agent to the stars, is not one to be denied.

I'm not sure where the book actually ended up, but there was a trail of blood and some screams that SOME people think were due to Dan Krokos winning Best YA novel for FALSE MEMORY but might have actually been one of the table mates grabbing that arc.

photo: Suzie Townsend


Michael Seese said...

That is so cool. Congratulations to Dan.

Anonymous said...

The photos were great and congrats to Dan! He sure looked happy!

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Ah...may I have the leftover dessert? Is that a strawberry on his plate because I love strawberries. Oh, yeah, nice job Dan.